Tevar First Day Collections: Early Estimate

Tevar has just completed a poor first day at the box office. The film took a below average start in the morning and failed to pick up noon onwards. As per early estimates, the film has collected around 6.25 crore, which is way below-the-mark for a film released on 2900 screens across India.

Estimates based on collections from select centres suggest that the film has collected around 2.1-2.2 crore in Mumbai, 1.25 crore in Delhi/UP, 37 lakhs in Rajasthan. South India was disastrous, the film is a washout in Tamilnadu/Kerala, Mysore was equally bad at less than 20 lakhs.

The theatrical rights of Tevar was sold to Eros International for Rs 48 crore (excluding marketing and release costs). The film has to collect around 90 crore, but the opening that the film has taken suggests that it might find it difficult to cross the 50 crore mark.

The Arjun Kapoor starrer has to show tremendous growth in business on Saturday, which is difficult because the response at multiplexes has been poor. Films targeted at the masses usually don’t show much growth on Saturday.

Apart from the historic success of PK, the bad phase for the industry continues with the first release of 2015 facing an uphill task at the box office.



  • Tevar is a decent entertainer…..Waiting For Baby……Have really high hopes from it….I really hope that people go in numbers to see it

  • ThiS time ARJUN KAPOOR FAN will cry but do remember one more Fan who will breake the record of arjuns crying is ranbir fan..cause ranbi4 fan is predicted all ranbir movies veryyyyyyyyy highlyyyy as if salman & SRK both in the film

  • It will drop on saturday.It is a bad film.i said arjun kapoor is a side role actor.
    Actors whom arjun kapoor fan has abused badly are salman,ajay,akki,emraan,shahid so tevar 1st day is less than kick,action jackson,holiday,ghanchakkar,haider. Get this . Ur arjun kapoor has given 6cr day on 3000 screens.

  • multiplex peoples are fools who gives 15 to 20 time business to multiplex oriented movies but i like those who entertain mass by their movies. hope tevar will do atleast 60 crore.

  • Thats because people are no more interested in mindless movies. still these dumb producers and directors like sajid, farah, rohit shetty, prabhu deva and many others who make masala movies will never improve. but, audiesnce have started to improve and hope all next masala movies keep floping so the producers will get some lesson and will come to the road.

  • Now what should I say to @Sambudha!!!
    He insults ajay,Akki,Hrithik and Salman every time..

    Now I can thrash him here,but I don’t want to..

    Ajay Devgn’s pathetic looking Action Jackson with not so popular songs opened with 11crs and so does akki’s crap looking Entertainment.
    But our Sambudha still thinks his Arjun Kapoor is a bigger star than these two.

  • EROS again. After disastrous 2014 they started 2015 with another flop and losing project tevar. In 2014 they started with Flop jai ho and average Nenokkadine. Eros becoming a panuati for films.

  • Tevar released after a biggest blockbuster Pk. Peoples already expend their money (320cr till date) to see big film Pk. So people will not see any big film till 50days to 70days.
    Its mean upcoming films will not collect heathdy amount.
    Upcoming films in danger

  • It wont pick up in South. This movie has been made in all South Indian languages (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada. Not sure about Malayalam). I have seen this movie in all 3 languages and the main pull for this movie is the “Hero”. Arjun Kapoor is not a hero material. Saw him in 2 states. He comes across as a dumb head and nobody will take him seriously in a mass movie.

    I dont think he would ever become a movie star if he was not a son of a producer. Arjun Kapoor is not in the league of Ranbir & co….

  • Tevar is just rated 4.1 on imdb,so it is not being loved too..will fall freely from monday matter how much a bengali idiot console himself..
    Verdict: flop

  • @kshitij I hv nvr insulted hrithik,akki ajay or anyone in my life.just bcz chips r down currently it doesnt mean u can get away by saying rubbish about me.and I nvr said arjun is a bigger star than akki ajay but all I said if fanny and tevar had worked then arjun would hv been very close to beating them

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