Tevar Box Office Opening

TevarTevar has taken a poor opening at the box office on Friday. While mass centres were below average (considering the genre of the film), multiplexes in cities opened very poorly. The occupancy of Tevar, at select multiplexes that we tracked, was lower than Aamir Khan’s PK which is in its 4th week today.

With around 2900 screens, Eros International have given Tevar the widest release for a solo-film starring Arjun Kapoor. In fact, the screen-count is slightly higher than a film like Gunday also starring Ranveer Singh.

Tevar has to pick up quite significantly at multiplexes if it has to record decent opening day collections.

In comparison to Arjun’s last few films, the opening is way lower than films like Gunday and 2 States, which was expected because the pre-release buzz was considerably lower than those two films.



  • Disappointing !!
    thats why according to me, doing an out an out masala flick so early in his career wasn’t quite a good decision.

  • The predictions of the bengali idiot for Tevar have been growing no its actually decreasing with each hour… 48 hrs ago it was 130cr,b24 hrs ago it was 90cr, 6hrs ago before first show it was 75cr and 30 min after first show it was 50cr… then 10 mins after first review it was 40cr… At this rate come midnight his predictions for lifetime may be in the single digits….

  • TEVAR is your boring Bollywood masala movie which lacks imagination. The film runs on a thin plot on an accidental rivalry between Mathura ka goonda and Agra ka launda. Mathura ka goonda is Vijender Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) whose brother is apparently the Home Minister. So he has a license to do what he wants. Agra ka launda is Pintoo (Arjun Kapoor) a Kabaddi player par excellence.
    Vijender pressurizes Radhika Mishra (Sonakshi Sinha) to marry her. He sees her at a function and decides he likes her. Harassed after her brother is killed, she tries to run away from Mathura to Delhi when Vijender stops her. Pintoo too is on his way home after attending a wedding in Mathura. When he sees Vijender dragging Radhika, he socks him not knowing who he is. All hell breaks loose.
    From then on, Pintoo vows to Radhika that he will see her safe off the country to the US where she plans to go.
    This is just about the plot. In between you have fight, lots of it, SINGHAM and WANTED style. A one man army, Pintoo goes about decimating his rivals with his bare fists.
    Until the time Vijender terrorizes the girl, the film looks bad; after that it spirals downward showcasing just fights, fights and more fights.
    The film is excruciatingly long apart from having some inane scenes. Like for example, why does Pintoo not take the help of his father who is a Superintendent of Police in Agra? Strange!
    Films like TEVAR did well in the 80s. I guess, the Kapoors tried to reinvent the magic of TEZAAB but went horribly wrong.
    Tevar Review Rating :
    1/5 stars
    Watch it with disprin or saradon because of pain and migraine which will be thrown to you by Arjun kapoor and company.

  • Could the first day of Tevar be lower than PKs 4th friday figure….?

    I wont bet on it ok what the hell I bet if Tevar beats PK today then I will listen to the Superman song in its entirety without covering my earholes with my hands- ok I will listen to that crap twice in a row…

  • @arjun kapoor fan. Not looking good for u. Atleast it should perform in the mass centres inorder for it to stay afloat let alone putting on respectable numbers on the first day.

  • masala film should get good opening to become hit or above average but looking at the opening even average is looking difficult reviews are also poor i think it will be flop or below average at best.

  • My colleagues gave me a ticket of tevar but after they forced me 100 times i refused them, bcoz my mind has been stuck after watched many kind of these masala entertainer movies like action jackson tevar boss etc etc…….. my prediction for tevar maximum 40 crore a flop for fat-arjun and fat-sonakshi

    I am eagerly waiting for Ba By . . .

  • Tevar budget is very high as far as promotional cost of 4 month long promotion, item songs, etc … It will not recover its screen cost.Its an epic disaster of sorts.Lo lo salman ka tribute..
    It had everything solo release,item songs,salman tribute,rap party song,extravagant promotion.
    It is not disaster due to non-actor arjun but is disaster due to our bhojpuri bhai tribute.

  • Feeling Sad for Our Innocent Arjun Kapoor Fan. But don’t worry bro. Youngistaan has so many interesting projects in 2015.

  • Why are everybody blaming masala? Action jackson opened to 10cr response. Everybody note people don’t want to watch stupid actor arjun kapoor. Film had high buzz,promotion more than action jackson.

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  • Sum Ppl on Dis Page r comparing Akki with Ajay nd even the Admin…Big LOL. nd they r talking like hrithik is bigger then Khiladi..LOL.. Well Jitni hits hrithik ne apne pure 15 saal k carrer m Di h , utni Akki ne 2 saal mein..2007 1994 =10 hits !! Nd ek krish 3 k dum pe hrithik gnta bda star h !! Akshay is most popular star of Bollywood..His nicknames nd his Story of bein a waiter nd His Movies R most popular in Bollywood..biggest Entertainer of Bollywood..just wait 4 a big release of Akki…He will prove once again y he is The biggest Khiladi of Bollywood

  • @nipun you are the most chameleon person i have ever seen. You r supporting the guy who brought down srk after PK release.How come person who always abuse other actors is innocent? I am hating hr now due to you.Hoping mohenjadaro flop.
    Waiting for baby.akki rox on 23 jan.

  • Arjun kapoor is extremely overrated. I hope this movie fails to cross 15 crores lifetime BO. This guy doesn’t look good in supporting roles let alone leading role.

  • Akki says that they are only two superstar whom he admire Salaman khan nd Hrithik Roshan. Nd akki’s fan says that akki is nt bbigger than Hrithik.

    Please stop this fan war. Hrithik is best dancing superstar nd akki is best action superstar in our bollywood. We all love both. Both are bigger. Please stop this fan war.

  • @noam

    What are you harking on about now…

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  • from the promo itself Arjun singh just didn’t suit the tapoori street hero, he sounds like too modern guy college kid trying act in masala film lol

  • Disappointing to see the response for tevar but shocked to know that pk is doing better than tevar in it’s 4th week 😱 .
    arjun kapoor has not yet developed himself in bollywood , should have not done this very early in his career . I saw the movie , arjun kapoor gave his best but the performance of sonakshi is very bad . Really disappointed . Eagerly waiting for akki’s baby _/\_

  • Ajinkya, you hate Hro due to me! Lol. I have been observing your comments. You are a Hrithikhater from many days. No need to blame me if you don’t like Hrithik.

  • @noam hey long time bro .. good to see you, navin uncle has been pretty decent all this while, maybe thats because his partner ‘kambli11’ hasn’t been around for quite some while 😝 he’s too busy figuring out grammatical errors after graduating from bhojpur.

  • if tevar fails I promise to everybody to quit indicine forever and stop this youngistaan movement bcz ever since started full on support of youngistaan,(post humpty sharma release) all our films hv failed and now tevars future is being looked upon with uncertainty.

    I blv the bad luck which I carry in my life has passed upon youngistaan so bfr my ranbir also starts giving flops bcz of my bad luck ithink I should quit so that they regain their luck and restart their good work

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