Tevar Box Office Collections in India

Tevar has collected Rs 25.68 crore in 4 days at the domestic box office in India. The film is the first failure of 2014 and should finish it’s first week with net box office collections of around Rs 33-34 crore.

The audience in cities have started rejected action-masala films, which has resulted in Tevar collecting poorly at multiplexes. The occupancy was low throughout the weekend and Monday was no different.

Tevar Box Office Collections

Tevar Box Office Collections

The film has gone tax free in the state of UP, which will give a small boost to Tevar in the state.

This week there are quite a few films lined up for release. Alone is expected to take a fairly good start, Messenger Of God is unlikely to release as the film hasn’t been passed by the censor board and there is a big Tamil release (Shankar’s I) scheduled to release too.

Even in the best case scenario from here on, Tevar will finish with lifetime collections of around 45 crore.

  • Friday – 7.05 cr
  • Saturday – 7.12 cr
  • Sunday – 8 cr
  • Monday – 3.51 cr
  • Total Collections – 25.68 cr


  • @trust me hilarious conversation.
    @challa and @babaji yes I is looking very grand and fantastic movie.
    I thoroughly enjoyed ROBOT even yesterday I was watching robot I always feel that Robot is best vfx made film from India which I had scene.No offence to anyone but Bollywood need to work harder to natch a movie like robot because its had everything a superstar like Rajni,beautiful heroine Aish,high budget, talented director Shankar plus the great content what good or bad effect can be of a robot.
    I think ‘I’ will be a landmark film and its review were good like robot than I will definitely watch this movie if it release in my city.
    Nayak and Robot only two film I had seen of Shankar and loved both.

  • @Trust me eagerly waiting for the second part of the conversations
    @Sky@Babaji I hope the films gets a proper release all over India since it’s a quite a risky project which needs to be supported.The lead actor of the movie has put an tremendous amount of effort for his role.He has apparently lost more than 30 kilos of weight for a particular character

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  • Tever lifetime Collention will be around 32-38 it will collect less than 40 cores .

    Baby will do lifetime of 50-60 of the CONENT is good very good then it can across to 55-65cores

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