Tevar Box Office Collections in India

Tevar has collected Rs 25.68 crore in 4 days at the domestic box office in India. The film is the first failure of 2014 and should finish it’s first week with net box office collections of around Rs 33-34 crore.

The audience in cities have started rejected action-masala films, which has resulted in Tevar collecting poorly at multiplexes. The occupancy was low throughout the weekend and Monday was no different.

Tevar Box Office Collections

Tevar Box Office Collections

The film has gone tax free in the state of UP, which will give a small boost to Tevar in the state.

This week there are quite a few films lined up for release. Alone is expected to take a fairly good start, Messenger Of God is unlikely to release as the film hasn’t been passed by the censor board and there is a big Tamil release (Shankar’s I) scheduled to release too.

Even in the best case scenario from here on, Tevar will finish with lifetime collections of around 45 crore.

  • Friday – 7.05 cr
  • Saturday – 7.12 cr
  • Sunday – 8 cr
  • Monday – 3.51 cr
  • Total Collections – 25.68 cr


  • Tevar is trending way better than hny.
    Tevar friday- 7cr
    and monday- 3.5cr.
    only 50% drop.
    hny friday- 36cr
    and monday- 15cr.
    More than 60% drop.

  • @indicine 45cr too much.Finish with 35cr lifetime and disaster verdict.Arjun kapoor is flop actor with side role supporting actor.
    Only looking forward alone ,baby.

  • I expected film to collect around 45 cr lifetime. It may collect few more. Its good that people r rejecting mindless masala movies.

  • Eagerly waiting for I. Its vfx is looking way better than unofficial hollywood remakes like ra one, k3 etc.

  • Im hoping some buddha mukherjee takes his tevar along with his youngistan nonsense back with him to Bengal….

    First failure of 2015….

  • Not only was Arjun Kapoor unable to find fanny last year but he even couldn’t get his Tevar right for this movie…. His attitude to his craft is shocking…,

  • tever will break Avataar record in next week .As per Arjun kapoor fan

    this film is good answer to Deshdrohi ,Rgv ki aag ,joker , happy new year .

  • I thought it was too good to be true when I saw Tevar was releasing in between two well named movies like UGLY and ALONE….

    How ironic that the ugly arjun kapoor is now feeling all alone after his tevar failed to strike the right chord with audiences down south…!

  • tevar failure should make arjun more careful while selecting his upcoming films.but the best moment of tevar for me was arjuns entry in the film that made everyone in the theatre clap and whistle.such reactions r only seen during entry sequences of superstars but I was pleased to see similar thing happening for arjun

    arjun is here to stay and he will surely become a great superstar one day.all the best arjun.I m going to b always with u no matter wat ups and downs happen in ur carrer

  • Is anyone surprised? Arjun and Sonakshi are way overhyped by the industry in the real world i promise you they are not that popular!!

  • Feeling sad for Arjun Kapoor,as the movie is not up to the mark and also it sold a very high price.Still I am happy he tried and tasted two films which initially not his cup of tea.Finding fanny and 2 states.I wish he will come back strongly but also improve his acting skills.
    And Sonskshi Sinha what you are doing.Same stuff again and again.Except Lootera every film is masala.Now these hardcore masala is going down rapidly what will you do.Better try your luck in south if you wanna keep torturing us.
    Learn something from Alia bhatt who challenged herself with second film like highway and than a mature performance in 2 states.

  • Youngistaan having habit of getting overshadowed by alia , ritesh deshmuk, deepika .. And manoj bajpayi overshadowed arjun

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