Teri Meri Kahaani flops at the box-office

Shahid and Priyanka’s latest release Teri Meri Kahaani has failed to make any impact at the box-office. After a slow start on it’s opening day, business stagnated without any major growth on Saturday and Sunday.

The word-of-mouth is mixed and with the release of ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ this week, the Kunal Kohli directed film will have limited screen-space at multiplexes. The film should end it’s run with lifetime business of less than 35 crores, which is the ‘worst case scenario’ according to the prediction that we made before release.

While Shahid Kapoor’s performance has been praised by one and all, his poor box-office run continues after the Mausam debacle. Infact, the collections of Teri Meri Kahaani are lower than Mausam!

Day-wise Teri Meri Kahaani Box office collection breakdown

  • Friday – 5 crores
  • Saturday – 5.25 crores
  • Sunday – 5.75 crores
  • Monday – 2.75 crores
  • Tuesday – 2.25 crores
  • Total so far – 21 crores (5 days)

Box office verdict – FLOP



  • So dissappointing this,a film released after huge promotion in india as well as abroad,failing at boxoffice…
    Shahid’s star power is decreasing for sure..

  • Bechara Shahid. Frm next time pls dont do any romantic film. Coz Romance is been defined as “ShahRukh Khan”. So Only he Can do a Romantic Film.

  • How can u possibly say its a flop?. I don’t understand…
    It’s only been 5 days since its release and it’s has collected 21 crores, if we take the overseas then it has already recovered its budget which is 30 crore..
    We hav to at least wait for a week or soo..
    Don’t judge the film now as its still running in cinemas!

  • aap sab ki himmat kaise hui tmk k baare me kuch bolne ki ye super hit movie hogi………….ok……idiots.shahid u r the best

  • I think the period shahid is going through is not very lucky for him. May be now he also choose the way Ranbir does..different and unique stories which take an offbeat path, coz shahid is also a good actor

  • We should not be surprised, I was expecting that this good film wd fail in India for sure,,, how many good films didn’t work, so never be surprised when this happens or when some bad crap films with stupid comedy n silly action would work at the box office! imagine how much ppl who worked hard on this film wd feel now, after the failure !

  • An entertainting movie.. Good music. Priyanka looks gorgeous. Dont call it a flop. Its still running

  • I expected some sort of corelation among the 3 stories. may be the couple of 1910 and1960 reunited in 2012 ( may be untimely detahs in peechle janams).. may be it could have worked..kunal.. ru listening????????

  • Plz shahrukh ki copy krna band kro shahid wrna film isi trha pitegi because shahrukh rock and nobody can take place of him

  • Ohh..dear u r wrong..till now(thrusday) it collected 54 cores and the budget of teri meri kahani is 30 cores..so frnds it is a superhit..and dnt judge any film in according to star…and it till running..

  • And say that kunal is a bad director..bcoz his directed film fanna and humtum are biggest hit in bollywood

  • @salman^ i dont understand from which angle u think he is copying shahrukh?? right nw shahrukh is also looking for 1 hit, he also facing difficulty nwadays as well as akshay kumar is giving his 2nd hit movie, 1st as solo actor after 2008. best wishesh to shahid for choosing best films n specially go for action flicks..

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