Teen Patti Box office Verdict

The opening business of Teen Patti has re-affirmed the fact that Amitabh Bachchan is no longer the crowd-puller he once was, infact barely a few years ago his films managed to open to decent, if not good numbers.

Teen Patti sadly hasn’t even managed a face-saving opening at the Indian box office. The film opened to less than 20% collections at multiplexes, while single screen business was terrible right through the weekend. Monday onwards the film just collapsed almost everywhere and many shows at multiplexes were canceled due to lack of audience.

Is it the over-dose of Bachchan films (Rann released just a few weeks ago) or is it the budget that is killing his films?  Well, its the combination of both. Teen Patti was initially planned on a budget of 12 crores, but the film soon went over-budget and cost the producers more than 25 crores to make (including print and marketing). Theatrically the film is unlikely to cross the 10 crore mark, resulting in due losses for all – producers, distributors and exhibitors.

Box office verdict – Disaster



  • disappointed for MR BACHAN!
    he is the greatest superstar of all times and really deserves some better scripts.

  • KCK and Teen Patti Opening Weekend Collection:
    Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 03-Mar-2010, 03:10 IST

    This Friday two movies Karthik Calling Karthik and Teen Patti got released. Both movies were not expected to open remarkably well but due to good promotion and novel subject taken by the directors of both movies decent opening was expected.

    Karthik Calling Karthik opened with 25 – 30 % occupancy in morning shows. However, in the afternoon shows business picked up and evening shows were even better. Positive word of mouth made 1st day in business in the range of 50 – 55 %.

    Monday is a holiday (Holi).So, good business can be expected. Looking at the collections of first weekend it looks like 1st week would finish around 16-17 cr.

    First weekend Collection are as follows:

    Friday 2.75 cr
    Saturday 3.25 cr
    Sunday 4 cr
    Total 10 cr

    Teen Patti opening was very dull morning shows were in the range of 10 – 15 % and increment in improvement wasn’t enough in the evening shows. 1st weekend was near to 3 cr which is very poor. It looks like movie will get 4 – 4.5 cr in 1st week and it will wrap up 7- 8 cr as life time business.

    First weekend Collection are as follows:

    Friday 97 lakh
    Saturday 1 cr
    Sunday 1 cr
    Total 3 cr

  • newman, aditya and unknown…………..

    look like u people r battling out over bhobi ghat and TMK……naturally entertainer films get better opening…………if aamir’s bhobi ghat opened better then wow……….aamir u will be king forever…….

    and SRK,Hritick,Aksheya,Salman all will say to Aamir “jahapana, tosi great ho, tofa kobul karo(get naked)”

    interesting isn’t it………..

  • but to be frank , Amitabh is still the baap in terms of acting and versatility whether his films work or not he has done tremendous jobs in all the movies except aag and alladin. i hated him in these 2 movies

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