Aamir Khan movies in 2010

Unlike the last couple of years, Aamir Khan has no commercial entertainers lined up for release in 2010. But the brand name that Aamir has created in the last few years is such, that even films produced under his banner carry huge expectations.

Here are all the films lined up for release in 2010, with Aamir Khan either as the actor or producer. 

  • Peepli Live – Produced under Aamir’s banner Aamir Khan Productions and directed by first time director Anusha Rizvi, Peepli Live is about the innumerable suicides by farmers in rural India. For more on the film click here
  • Delhi Belly – Imran Khan, nephew of Aamir, couldn’t really re-create the magic of his debut Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, with any of his last few films. Delhi Belly a romantic comedy directed by Abhinay Deo, is expected to resurrect his career. Also starring Shenaz Treasurywala, Vir Das, and Vijay Raaz, Delhi Belly also has Aamir Khan in a special appearance.
  • Dhobi Ghat – And finally the last release is yet another Aamir Khan Production. This time, a film that features the man himself in a lead role along with Jaane Tu star Prateik Babbar. The movie is directed by Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao who makes her directorial debut.

Which movie are looking forward to the most? Comments and votes below

Which Aamir Khan film in 2010 are you looking forward to the most?

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    • dhobi ghat will be much better.but other movies will be below average.and SRK RA 1 will be very much better than dhobi ghat.i hope that RA1 and DHOBI GHAT will release an the same day.i.e.25 december.

    • All of them r low budget films.so not much hope with these films commercially except dhobi ghat.but those films will be highly critically acclaimed.and dhobi ghat can be a safe hit also…..:)

    • Off course Dhobi Ghat. Cant expect a huge BO success out of it…but it is always a delight to watch Aamir…who is yet again taking on a new Avatar (a painter).

      The man takes 360 degreee turn in the roles he plays and this is the best part. the “SURPRISE” element. You can hate him or like him…but you can never say that “he is only good for this or that type of roles”.

      Hope this upcoming surprise is as pleasent as the previews three (TZP, Ghajini & 3i)

    • indicine r u sure that Aamir is playing lead role in Dhobi Ghat ?
      according to my sources he has a small role like SRK’s Billu or DGM.
      i think delhi belly could be watchable.

    • Yaar nauman.. you never say who your sources are lol.. Aamir himself said he is playing the main lead in Dhobi ghat… ;-)

    • Suniel
      you are right i did mistake, that was delhi belly. in delhi belly aamir has cameo. and in dhobi ghat he has main lead. but i dont think so movie will release this year. all eid, diwali , x mas has already booked
      Chhoti eid , Salman , Dabang
      dilwali ajay ,golmaal 3
      bakra eid akshay , patiala house
      x mas akshay , tees maar khan
      when aamir will release dhobhi ghat ??

    • Peepli Live should come first in the next 3 months.. Delhi Belly is expected to release in August / September.. Dhobi Ghat will release late this year..

      If Aamir does decide to release Dhobi Ghat on December 25th, then we might have a 2007 like scenario when TZP clashed with Welcome.. Since, Tees Maar Khan is releasing on 24th December.

    • hay nauman!
      why are you worried about aamir’s film release date?
      you should worried about other actors who are releasing their films with aamir.
      you are saying that aamir wouldn’t release his film on christmas because of tees mar khan.
      yaar great joke really!
      you think people will prefer akshay’s film over aamir’s film.
      i think if dhobi ghat releases on 25 dec then tees mar khan will hardly find any space to breathe bcz dhobi ghat will be far more better than tmk.
      good luck to farah and akshay.

      • Aditya, don’t think so. If Dhobi Ghat and Tees Maar Khan clash, TMK will open better.. Like mentioned above it will be a TZP – Welcome like scenario.. Welcome opened better and grossed more, but TZP due to its low costs, was a Blockbuster.. But if you go purely by star power.. if a commercial Akki film and a commercial Aamir film clash.. Akshay has no chance..! Forget Akshay, doubt any star would survive an Aamir Khan film right now.

    • even if all of above movies are low budget films ,huge box office success can be expected because of aamir khan factor

      i completely agree with you that no star can challange aamir’s star power .
      but how can you say that tees mar khan will open better as akshay has failed to impress anyone with his last few films?
      when welcome released akshay was fresh from 3 superhits and that’s why it got better opening than TZP.

    • Yes, i m totally agree with indicine.though dhobi ghat has no hype compereing to tees maar khan or any other biggie, it can give tough competition 2 any film.Cause every aamir film has the surprise factor.so i thing it can be another tzp.n tees maar khan can be another welcome.but aamir khan is a hurricane at this moment…..:)

    • adityanagpal,
      i didnt say that Aamir cant release movie this year. i mentioned that all holidays are already reserved and all movies can release this year. but dhobi ghat is still in news and i dont think so it will release this year.
      and right now aamir is not shooting any movie due to death of his father. And he is very slow and lazy to complete a movie and when he has 2 movies delhi belly n dhoobi ghat then he will become more slow and choosy.
      He has star power , box office power and he can release his movie in any date but clash always goes wrong. so now every one wants to avoide clash , just like housefull vs kites , Sajid changed his movies releasing date.
      and do u think that Amir wont give any flop now ???
      he can , even he will give sooner or later. After Singh is Kinng industry was thinking can akki gives any flop ? but he did and 2 movies in a raw.

    • unknown!
      how can you say that tees mar khan has is more hyped than dhobi ghat?
      i haven’t heard about tees mar khan as much as i have heard about dhobi ghat.
      just wait for release of dhobi ghat,hype will surely come with it.

    • nauman!
      akki has made only one dimensional films after singh is king and that is why he has suffered at box office.
      but that’s not the case with aamir.he always gives something different.
      there is a very little chance of aamir giving a flop unless the film is extremely bad.

    • @adityan,i meant dhobi ghat is a classy film n tmk is an entertainer.a good entertainer is loved by all(single screen/multiplex/overseas).for ex – ghajini,3idiots,welcome….etc.but a good classy film does good in multiplex n overseas only.for ex – tzp,cdi….etc.thats y indicine told tmk will open big…..:)

    • indicine
      atithi tum kab jaoge
      is bakwas crap movie , story stuck after 30 min and 2nd half is very dull. it wont reach till 20 cr life time, ajay’s another flop after LD, But Golmaal 3 is hit , so he will be back

    • But if the clash is between aamir n akki commercial film than akshay will easily loose the battle.even srk n hrithik can’t go close to aamir in commercial film at the moment…..:)

    • till now tees maar khan will be releasing on christmas……..nd there is also news that the director of yamla pagla deewana( 3 deols) is slated to release on christmas……so till now it TMK vs YPD

    • Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge Movie Review
      Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 04-Mar-2010, 02:30 IST

      Director: Ashwani Dhir
      Star Cast: Ajay Devgan, Konkona Sen Sharma, Paresh Rawal, Satish Kaushik
      Genre: Comedy, Social
      Running Time: 120 mins

      Comedy masala movies have been always the first choice of Hindi movie lovers. There are two types of comedy movies.

      1) First one is the loud slapstick type, which lacks proper storyline just time pass –
      David Dhawan or Priyadarshan type of movies.

      2) Second type is light-hearted one, which comprises of good music, decent and witty
      humour like some movies of Aziz Mirza.

      This weekend another movie hot with Comic Flare has released lets see Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge belongs to category 1 or 2 of comedy movies.

      Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is the story of Puneet (Ajay Devgan) and Munmun (Konkana Sen Sharma), a happily married couple with a 6 years old son living in Mumbai their lives take an interesting turn when a distant relative, Chachaji (Paresh Rawal), turns up unannounced at their doorstep from a far off village. He starts troubling Puneet and Munmun.From there onwards how this couple tries to get rid of Chachaji and what problems they have to cater in this process movie is all about that.

      Strong Points of the movie:

      · Paresh Rawal ones again has proved himself that he is one of the finest comedy actors of Bollywood at present.

      · Few well executed comic scenes.

      · Ajay and Konkana’s performances especially Konkana is superb.

      · Ajay and Konkana’s husband wife chemistry is brilliant.

      · Two songs, Parody of bedi jalae le (Omkara) is mind blowing and lyrics are
      very funny. Second song Atithi tum kab jao ge is another well made song which
      is good to hear in Cinema.

      Hilarious Scenes:

      · First scene of the movie when Ajay narrates the story to Satish Kaushik.

      · Entry of Paresh is hilarious.

      · All scenes between Paresh Rawal and Kaam wali bai.

      · At Mahurat when Paresh asks to Kalia “Kitne Aadmi The” is the most funniest scene
      of the movie.

      Negative Points:

      · Basic problem of the movie is its screenplay. It has decent and gripping initial half
      an hour. But later on movie drags and and becomes predictable.

      · Post interval half has nothing great to offer. Comic sequences and good music
      is missing in the second half. Writer has mainly focused on the character of
      Paresh Rawal.

      · Needless show of religious activity sequences.

      · Director fails to explore the positive side of Paresh’s character, especially in the
      last scene.

      · Lack of romance between the lead pair and predictability of the story.

      · Ajay’s arrestment sequence wasn’t required in the movie. Director has just tried to complete the running time of the movie.

      Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge is funny in some parts especially the first half is entertaining but in the second half it drags. It can open well at box office due to success of Ajay’s last two comedies (Golmaal Returns and All The Best) but it will be difficult to sustain the business during the weekdays.


      Atithi has to go from cinema halls without any impact

      2 / 5 XX

    • Suniel ,
      i know most of critics liked it and every one gave it more than 3 stars. but friendly speaking this movie hasn’t good screen play , story line is good but tempo is very slow , no twist , no good romantic number , no romance , and durantion is also not good enough. duration is less than 2 hrs near to 117 min. movie doesn’t pick . Runs in a same track lots of unnecessary scenes like Hotel scene , Ajay and konkana’s jail scene. i don’t know how they gave 3 or 3.5 star.
      alteast you can laugh in DDD , All the Best , Golaam returns , but here except some funny scenes, nothing.

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