Tamasha First Week Box Office Collections

Tamasha has completed its first week run at the box office, with net box office collections of Rs 53.46 crore. The film collected Rs 38.23 crore in its first weekend, but business showed big drops during the weekdays. The collections from Monday to Thursday was just Rs 15.23 crore, which is extremely poor for a big film like Tamasha.

Most of the business for the Imtiaz Ali directed film came from a couple of major cities. The film has been liked by a small section of the audience, but has faced rejection at all other centres in India. In fact, even at places where it was performing well, business failed to hold up Tuesday onwards.

On its 2nd Friday, the occupancy have dropped by nearly 80-85% as compared to its opening day. The Ranbir Kapoor starrer will finish with lifetime business of Rs 62-63 crore, which is a little more than what Besharam collected in October 2013 and lower than Rockstar collections in 2011.

DayTamasha Box OfficeGrowth / Drop Percentage
Day 1 (Friday) 10.94 crore
Day 2 (Saturday)13.17 crore+ 20%
Day 3 (Sunday)14.12 crore+ 7%
Day 4 (Monday)5.07 crore- 64%
Day 5 (Tuesday)4.07 crore- 20%
Day 6 (Wednesday)3.32 crore- 18%
Day 7 (Thursday)2.77 crore- 16%
Day 8 (Second Friday) 1.72 crore- 38%
Day 9 (Second Saturday) 2.84 crore+ 65%
Day 10 (Second Sunday) 3.21 crore+ 13%
Net Collections61.23 crore


  • All Akki films this yearwere flops and couldn’t even cross 100 crore.Even Siddhart-Akki multistarrer Brothers was a huge flop!
    Ranbir has crossed 180 crore with one film itself. And makkhi fans compare makkhi with Ranbir Kapoor.

  • Is Akshay kumar a super star anymore!!!

    Let’s analyse.

    Akshay Kumar released four movies this year:

    1:Baby (Republic Weekend Holiday): average

    2: Gabar (Partial Holiday): some trade say its semi and here @indicine said its Hit.

    3: Brother (independence weekend): big Flop

    4:Singh is Bling: (Big Holiday): average.

    See guys, none of those movies grossed 100 cr, which became a cakewalk these days even a young actors like Varun..Akki fans always make an excuses like Khans block festive weekend and etc but when Akki got a chance for a Holiday weekend, then the result is flop or average movie.

    They say, Superstar is the one who guarantees a good opening weekend at the box office so keeping this mind let me compare Akki biggest opening day in a festive release with other movies who released same date.

    Singham Returns released independence day 2014: 33 cr

    Besheram released 2nd Oct and it collected 21 cr .

    Bang Bang (lets ignore Heider ): 27 cr and still I’m ignoring here , CE, Joker, Boss.

    SO tell me guys, why didn’t Akki even come close those figures? the answer is obvious Akki is not a superstar anymore…Every time he release his movies in a festive period, they always underperform be it Holiday, Joker, Boss, Baby, SIB, Brothers n etc.

    Btw, what I don’t like about him is his voice..any time he uses his voice and plays a gangster, the result is a 120 minute yawn of a performance like once upon a time dobara.
    His performances in Special 26, Baby and Holiday is really solidified but he doesn’t give a particularly a memorable performances in either. Lets just say it was a fluke.

    -The other thing that I always heard from Makkians is, Akki has more fan following than Ranbir, Ajay and even Hrithik..well, if thats true then Why Akki is struggling at the box office??! Huh???

    Lets all accept that Akki has lost his stardom even if he ever tasted of superstardom . Akki will always remembered as a one year wonder 2007-2008.

    Do I need to say more? Guess No but if we take a look at his upcoming movies, none of them except Housefull are looking 100 cr film so I think next year will be another 2015 for Akki.

    The difference between Akshay Kumar and other Super stars is that the later (super stars) have something the former doesn’t have; a sense of self awareness about not their presence but they are altruistic, while Akshay screams about the money before he even reads the script. What an a greedy actor.

    Fun facts:

    His last superhit was Rowdy Rathore 2012.

    -After five attempts, he is still looking his first 100 cr movie after Holiday which was released 2014.

    -never gave a 100 cr movie with out a remake or multiple starter.

    I really don’t understand why @indicine are praising him all the time?!! He hasn’t done anything a brigade of other actors could as well or alot better.

  • wait for dilwale the negativity will be much higher even i told all my freinds to not watch dilwale and all Salmaniacs will do the same don,t take panga with salmaniacs.

  • Don’t worry.. SRK(Sir Ranbir Kapoor) will be back humongously with SRK-Hirani next…!!
    400cr for sure <3 love you SRK(Sir Ranbir Kapoor)

  • Only 1 Word ?FLOP’
    Consecutive 4th FLOP for Ranbir, Congrats…They Already Celebrate Failure Party…LoL !!

  • No matter what will be the verdict of Tamasha, Ranbir is still a bigger star than Akshay Kumar so keep calm guys.

  • Ranbir has given 3 back to back flops, but still there is no manipulation in the box office collection of Tamasha……atlist we have to appreciate that…..

  • RK is definitely going through the rough phase of his career. Whatever film he is choosing falling flat on ground. Otherwise a film with Imtiaaz + Deepika was supposed to be a game changer for him. Though I dont like him, but I want him to rise so that overrated khans can be flashed out. Its only Hrithik now. We need more and more real good actors.

  • Just coming out of cine in mauritius.4 persons watchng it.the good part is that there was more privacy to me n my gf.i request rk to continue making such movies.thx again

  • Why’s there so much of hatred for Ranbir.He’s a humble guy,fine actor and have been part of some really good movies.This is just a dark phase which shall pass very soon
    JJ is unpredictable but ADHM and Sanjay’s biopic are directed by the best and biggest directors of bollywood so there’s nothing to worry for Rk’s fans

  • Rk fans are telling rk is superstar and challenging even Salman after tamasha-fail he will not able to stay in top 10
    Too much fun

  • Not every 100 crore movies is a hit we cant just hope every film need to cross over the magical figure 100 crores to be a success come on guys see the budget then make the analysis

  • @rummii hrithik or whatever can never match khans they don,t have fan following like khans khans are famous even in backwards village where as no one knows hrithik on village area sono one canmatch their fan following for atleast 10years and forget about present actors may be some one who debut later but impossible for present actors so go n sleep.

  • Remember ranbir kapoor fan@ – ranbir is king of flops & disaster

    Besharam – disaster
    Roy – flop
    Bombay Velvet – disaster
    Tamasha – flop

    akshay kumar has 4 blockbuster & 3 all time blockbuster while ranbir kapoor has nothing.

  • @Akshay Kumar fan
    Akki kumar gave 19 back to back flops after Dil Toh Pagal Hai in 1997. Is there any doubt who is king of flops?
    Makkhi has 3 all time blockbusters? Which?

  • Tamasha has flopped at the boxoffice and some idiots are barking over Akki!!

    Some Fun Facts:::

    The Biggest Non holiday hits (Films which did’nt had a single holiday)

    Rowdy Rathore
    ABCD 2
    Where are the so called Superstars??
    Only Salman’s Ready is there..

    Everyone knows PRDP would have struggled badly if it had’nt got the 4-day festive weekend.
    Same with RaOne,Bang Bang.

    Even though i m a HR fan but the truth is Hrithik’s ZNMD opened to a poor response,it collected some 7crs on opening day,even less than Sunny Leone’s Jism 2 that year and it had a multistar cast with Katrina,Farhan n Abhay Deol.

    Forget 100crs,Ajay Devgn is yet to cross 80crs without Rohit Shetty and Festive releases.

    This year has been a very bad one for the industry,only the films with superstrong content have been able to do well.
    And even this year Akki’s all films have crossed 80crs.3 of his films are successes of 4.Brothers was’nt accepted by multiplex as well as his mass audience and the costs were on the higher side too,hence it flopped.
    So people targeting Akki should shut their mouths up!

  • Can see my guys using different ids.Ranbir roxx,ranbir fan,sir ranbir kapoor.Guys dis is none other than some buddha,i mean sambuddha.I would not like to comment on him personally.Such guys dont deserve any importance.Now he compared all the movies now its my turn
    Akshay is megastar,legend n i do nt need to explain dis
    From 1991 to 1996 he gave big hits like khiladi,kkk,sabse bada khiladi,main khiladi tu anari,mohra,yeh dillagi,suhaag.He hit a rough patch during 1997 to 1999.But den came back with jaanwar,sangharsh.He has huge hits namely hera pheri,dhadkan,ajnabee,andaaz,aitraaz,msk,khakee,waqt hamara hai,waqt race against time,garam masala,bhagam bhag,heyy baby,bhool bhulaiya,welcome,namastey london,sik,de dana dan,housefull 1n 2,rowdy rathore,omg,k786,s26,holiday,baby,gib n sib
    If he can give 88 cr with krrish n shruti hasan on non-holiday n clash with timepaas 2…avengers n piku with no open weeks n competition from ipl den it is highly commendable.Yes brothers n ouatimd were big flops n unexpected but dis happens.
    Now come to ranbir.What he has,who is he?Anjana anjani,rocket singh,saawaria,roy,bv,tamasha n besharam r big flops.Yjhd was a hit so even kumar gaurav had one huge blockbuster namely love story.But who he is?Half of ranbir films r disasters n dey compare with man like akki!!who has millions of fans.Cant find more than 5-10 rk fans on twitter.Kaha kaha se aa jate hai.Muh dhoke aao pehle! lol

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