Tamasha First Look – Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

Here is the first glimpse into Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone’s look from their upcoming film ‘Tamasha’ directed by Imtiaz Ali.

After three back-to-back disasters in ‘Besharam’, ‘Roy’ (extended special appearance) and this year’s biggest disaster ‘Bombay Velvet’, Ranbir will be looking to make a strong comeback with ’Tamasha’ later this year.

The on-screen couple were last seen together in the 2013 blockbuster ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’.

What do you think of their look in ‘Tamasha’? Tell us in the comments section below.

Tamasha Still - Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor

Tamasha Still – Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor



  • Unlike RKs Roy our Queen did 3 ott item songs for Irrfan Khans Billu FAN- billu has to go down as a Queen film

  • It’s just a pic not a tease or trailer buh still looks okayyy umm kind of I guess?.
    Yeah Deepika could be factor and I think if ranbir puts his past behind and rediscover himself, it can do wel but just well nothing xtra ordinary.
    Still adore Ranveer much much more than Rhanbir. Well wish d movie luck!

  • Both are not my favorites. Still best of luck for them, this should be at least a Hit as both have youth fan following !!!!!!!!!

  • Aamir is such best actor but ghatiya person he has insult of Hindu gods in Pk . Bhagwan Shiv image he has insulted . If Aamir make films on Love Jihad , Muslim Madarsa . In madarsa makes only terrorist . Then his fim film be criticized by Muslim community . Diff between Pk & Baahubali is that without insult of god u can make good film . When Prabhas lifted Bhagwan Shiv it was outstanding moment for Hindu people .

  • Buahahaha .@zeher funny
    Bt I was just being honest .
    I was not trying to pull Amir hrithik down .
    It was a serious cmnt ..!
    My opinion .

  • Hey friends. I noticed one thing about this @Rew1. Why he is bringing akki in all of his comments. Now I have a doubt that akki has done something very bad to him.

  • @Mahesh
    bhajaan..Umm yeah Tanx kind of buh I don’t think I am comfortable with the last statement telling @sunny cheche shd u call me?? Pls,no. Their other users here that reply me by eida saying @aisha iqbal well said,I agree with u, or no you are wrong @aisha iqbal. Am sure same with him. Am okay with those and reply them back by saying thanks or give them my reason if they think am wrong. ofcourse He as every right to say may be Akki is in the top earners list Akki is 2500 crores box ofc machine and yes I won’t argue as long as he dosent attack my icon. Same I would say Ajay is d 1st Bollywood star to buy a plane or Ajay is d 1st Indian to own a masserati quatroppotte car and yes he will agree as long as I don’t jump in and say NO!! So it’s not always we argue…beside he is my friend? but not always?? . So pls Just free us. Hope u understand. But sure u can correct me where I go wrong. Ants, tanx.

  • @aisha iqbal oh oh oh my my heck!!!!$$$$ are you reali sure ajay not only the 1st Indian as yu said but u mean he owns a Masseratti Quaatz????????????????? Damn if that’s true I salute this guy!!! Whaaat!! I swear if you look at ajay you would never even dream to think he has one!,not his looks cos personally I find him very dashing and smart I meant his simplicity. @aisha I am a car freak!!! Sorry that’s why am so inquisitive. These are cars that even on special orders a public figure cannot be guaranteed to have I knew of Aamir Bmw sport 2015 only 3 people including our prime minister!! Wow!,these are cars world celebs like Kerry perry Lionel MESSSIII Cameran Diaz 50 cents!! Gwen stefani Mario balloteli and I think brandy Cooper all drive! Am impressed really really impressed. 1st Indian wow… Ajay the slow poison rocks!! his private plane news was a stunner but masseratti QUATTROPRTE is a shocker!!!!!! Akhir bhai aur dost hai humara, won be mere jaisa Hanuman ka bakt hai!! Yup from a BHAJRAANGI BHAIJAN FAN!! the present Mega star!!!!

  • Tamasha should do well becaos Ranbir is trying to arrange his career again so I believing he is going to do well with Deepika in this movie.

  • No chance for tamasha to be in top 5. I just don’t see how Ranbir can do his magic he did in late 2000s. Am watching the movie only bacaoz of Deepika!, bass.

  • I hope Bb won’t affect brothers. If it dosent be sure of a new 200 crore movie for Akshay and 2nd lead bacha Siddhart. Nothing front of king of Bollywood!
    2. @aishaiqbhal/// wow thank you for the update. Ajay no matter I don’t like him much I must say he has Swags!! 1st Indian? Respect??? my dream car I swear

  • @ akki is king – i agree with you but aamir didn’t write screenplay so you can’t blame only on him. but as you can see it was writer’s vision. instead of showing pk’s god they could show find god through your own religion. don’t read your books blindly but use your mind that what we can do good in today’s time.
    and you cant expact that our bollywood can make a good movie on hindu religion today because the don’t read ramaayan, mahabharat, puraan. if they don’t understand religion what we can expact more than this kind of movies.

  • @aisha iqbal. That’s nice of u. I don’t know what @Mahesh problem is! Why can’t he talk by himself?? Anyways you forgot to add somethn?

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  • @ zeher early age of Ajay looks so old , his persnality was aweful but akki looks so younger . Akki Sir has most looking handsome his affairs with Rekha , Ravina Tandon , Shilpa , Ayesha Julka , Pooja Batra all these actress are most popular .

  • @ yuvraj if u want to make good film on god then why not like Oh My God . This is not good way to make film of Pk . If Aamir want to expose on any film Tradition why not on Muslim .

  • @aman
    Tanx but I ddnt say it for publicity my icon dosent like publicity much but I don’t know u just typed wat I knew.
    Lol,Yeah of course I know of z class,I don’t have to mention that it wil seem as if those who call him “bheekari” or no earnings or lack of style may think twice next time,very sure many musthave googled it and saw wit their eyes.
    @zeher… no ansa pls. People tend to forget the BIG FIGHT BETWEEN MORE POPULAR KARISHMA and RAVEENA for whooo?? I heard a little about Ash, they did quite some movies and back then they were rumours. No smoke without fire. Of recent Superstar Kangana?? Felt sorry for her. Ajay plays his game well period!!
    So those looking for immoral talks of married men and think it’s cool calling affair names are just out of words just to bash Ajay. Let them shout…someone will comment now I now after mine .!! With anoda irrelevant excuse or topic… let’s c how frustrated they are…

  • @ Akki is king – I feel they want explore omg but they failed due to made it more comercially. modern thinking – they only want teach us but they don’t want learn from us.
    he will not make a movie based on love zihaad and other muslim tradition because he doesnt want loose his muslim fanbase.

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