Tamasha Day 1 (Friday) Box Office Collections

Tamasha has collected around Rs 10-11 crore (early estimate) on its opening day at the box office, which is good when you consider the fact that both the trailer and music received a mixed response.

However, the audience that watch Ranbir Kapoor films on Day 1 has dropped quite significantly in the last few years. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani collected Rs 19 crore on Day 1 (non-holiday Friday), Besharam collected Rs 21 crore (holiday) and even Roy, where Ranbir was seen in a special appearance, collected Rs 10.4 crore on its opening day at the box office.

Tamasha, which released on 2000 screens across the country, was mainly targeted at the multiplex audience and it’s here where it got a wide release. Single-screen release was limited to a select few theatres only and the film has performed poorly here.

Saturday will now be extremely important for the film, as it’s on this day that such films show major escalation in business. The growth has to be in the 30-40% range if the film has to have any chance of recovering its investment.



  • Mostly getting positive reviews, so expecting it will do good over the weekend. Lets see, whether it will be clean hit or not.

  • Dilwale is night mare for some who can’t diegest the fact Dilwale is going to beat pk, 1st day 24-28cr weekned 90-100cr LT 350cr plus

  • @Amit 120cr in 3to 4 days collection of Dilwale n yes BM do 180cr more the PRDP as per trade o sorry it did 400cr too much fun

  • @Indicine, you are saying his audience are decreasing and after that you are making it look like it is increasing(from 19 to 20 and 10 to 11) and also there is no mention of Bombay Velvet??
    During SIB release, you were constantly talking about flop of Brothers and here it looks like you have officially removed BV from his list of movies

  • wow what a movie. loved ranbir and deepika acting and chemistry. hope rk and dp will win best actors award this year. if this movie flop then bollywood doesn’t deserve good movies. crap movies like ce,hpn, dhoom3 and kick crossing 200cr and class movies like omg,baby,holiday,special and drishyam struggle to cross 100cr. hoping Akki will get national award for baby

  • @ashish how can a film that garnish over 203 crore under perform and overseas 300 and more created more than 5 records plus broke 3 idiots. Where did you go to school to learn maths you need to go back facts staring you in face and you talking stupid
    Man go get a life

  • Ranbir ne same movie bar bar banate rehta h..ya tu copy ya fir uska phle movie m Kia Hua dance ! Actings..etc are same in continuously .should try to make some new story’s..new things .new concepts.then movie may be hitt ..👈👍

  • Prep has not even cross 170 cr…no box office site have been publishing second week collection on daily basis .producer ne figure bats diya hai ki second week ka collection 30 cr hai. Huge manipulation flop prdp

  • Guys fan to fan hote ho chahe salman ka ho ya shahrukh Ka. Ab sirf die hard fan ke hi dum pe agar box office collection chalti to Aamir ki movie highiest grosser nahi banti. Lets do reality check its quite unfair for ranbir to compare with salman khan N lets not mess with there personal life. Ranbir can do something different now and 1st thing he need to do is he need to reduce his fees marginally to make all his future projects viable. He must try genres like art house movies and low budget concept base movies. Also he can start doing supporting roles, comedy, negative roles, multistarrer and second fiddle in heroin oriented movies. He may also try production or direction as life is nothing but trial and error u have to find out what u r good at. Lets forget Tamasha cause max it can get is 65 crore life time and lets not talk about raj kumar hirani next coz its flop in the making as he is totally misfit for the role. Unfortunately Ranbir is going Abhisekh Bachchan way but than there is huge gap of talent in question of survivle. Abhisekh has guru, yuva, sarkaar, sarkaar raaj and excellent flair for comedy while ranbir is monotonous with same style of poker face acting. He is getting boring and repetative. Neways good luck Ranbir life will not stop here your career finishes here as a lead actor in bollywood but story doesnot ends here there is ao much life can offer. VARUN and Ranveer are sure to lead you from leaps and bounds from here onwards but dont get hurt and upset with me and my words ur certainly not born to be a commercially viable lead star. Your future has different calling try to find out and try ur luck. Thanks.

  • There are 2 happiest people after the back to back debacle of BV and tamasha. No need to guess, its none other than abhishek and vivek. Both would have been partying now, as after them its ranbir’s turn to join them. Their career got over after stealing salman’s ex and same has happened with ranbir now. 😂😂😂

  • Those Akshay fans bashing Ranbir now,
    SIB was a sequel to blockbuster and Brothers had Sid malhotra
    Other than these 2 has Akshay ever given 15 crore opening. never
    Ranbir has given 19 crore and 21 crore on opening day without any sequel or other star factor.
    Tamasha is a different kind of film, something which Akki will never attempt due to his acting limitations.

  • screens do nt matter,occupancy matters,tamasha opens at bellow average occupancy .ranbir’s movies dont get proper release now a days
    due to his preveous BO underperforms. no body want to watch tamasha of a 35 years old boy and girl doing 15 years old stuffs. its flop.
    weekend 32
    1st week 50
    lifetime 65

  • Watched Tamasha. It had very similarities with Brad pitt movie fight club.
    Ranbir has bipolar disorder, which is very rare in Bollywood romantic films. So kudos to Imtiaz. Cinematography is fantastic. Ranbir gives one of the best performances in his career, next to Rockstar and Barfi.
    The message of the film is dont waste your life trying to be a character in someone else’s life. You are unique and should do what you love and dont crave for others approval.
    My rating: 4/5

  • A generalised statement like sallu fans r gawwr shows ur intelligence….. Do u know salman fans???
    U know all Dr movie tastes…..

  • @ indicine, how could you publish a comment made by user about dilwale and bm or any other related topic in a article of tamasha? You should not publish a comment made by the user related to other topic.

  • @indicine how come you are avoiding posting uptodate in PRDP. Is it due to the fact that he has toppled SRK off his pedestal along with Don 2 PRDP also keep pitching at

  • Panga mat lo salman ke fans se yaar RANBIR,TUMHAREY LIYE AUR TUMHAREY FANS KE LIYE BAHOT ACHCHA HOGA,warna yahi haal hogaya HAR MOVIE KA jaisa doosrey kayi actors ka hua hai………think ranbir think !!!!

  • look what A Elite club A Lister Ranbir kapoor with top Director of Bollywood is giving 10cr opening on first day .
    Then how can a Boring movie Director SLB can Collect 10cr on day1 with a superflop actor who is worse actor than arjun kapoor,Tushar kapoor,fardeen khan ,zayed khan and Kamal R khan .
    with same heroin Deepika pappikaun .

    If tamasha fails then Bajirao mastani will also open 7-8cr on day and too large for that film

  • If it collects in double digit then it’s very good considering it released just in 2000 screens and the fact that Ranbir is going through a rough patch. I watched it yesterday in Big cinemas in Delhi and 6 pm show was almost housefull which tells you how Ranbir has still not lost his core fan base which is multiplex audience and metro youth. Everyone goes through a rough patch, these lallu fans who are barking unnecessarily must not forget that your lallu star’s rough patch lasted for more than 5 years when lallu was giving flops after flops, disasters after disasters. Your lallu at that point of time could not even ensure an opening of 1 crore and now these lallu fans are after ranbir kapoor lol. Biggest names in direction like Karan Johar has never worked with your lallu while he is directing Ranbir Kapoor in one of his most ambitious project ADHM next year. ADHM, Sanjay dutt biopic and Ayan mukherjee’s next, look at all these upcoming movies of Ranbir Kapoor and be scared, very very scared because very soon Ranbir Kapoor will dethrone your undeserving lallu star. That’s a reality check for you because your time will be up very soon starting from next Diwali’s ADHM. Get well soon lallu fans.

  • Ranbir is one fine and gr8test performer in hindi cinema in current generation but his last few didn’t work out well.eversince he confess his lady love to katrina on media, same happened to salman.when she is out of his league then he gain popularity again.sounds weird na .m talking nounsense,silly and supertitious matter but m nt a fan of this current era so nothings matter.

  • Sorry but that’s not good enough. For a film starring such big stars, Imtiaz who carries good respect. Solo release and supposedly hit jodi who like to call themselves the next SRK-Kajol, that’s an underperformance. Hope the industry wakes up and realises Ranbir isn’t as a big a star as they would like. Stop giving him big budget films

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