Talaash will release on November 30th – Aamir Khan

Denying all rumours that have been circulating recently, Aamir Khan has confirmed that Talaash will release on November 30th.

“I would like to clarify that Talaash is releasing as planned on November 30th. Over the last few weeks I have noticed that there have been some attempts to spread rumours about the film. Clearly someone is not very happy with the way it is progressing, and I can assure that that someone is not anyone from our team.”

Aamir also denied any rift between the makers “Reema (Kagti), Farhan (Akhtar), Ritesh (Sidhwani) and I are very happy with the way Talaash has turned out”

There you go, final confirmation from Aamir Khan himself!



  • Talaash is going to ROCK BIGTIME!!

    Complete package of quality content and box office material! This one will be the only huge hit which will have great content, great actors and superb box office performance. Unlike other hits which break records but have no quality to speak of.

    Aamir Khan is BACK in full form to blow away audiences like he always used to!

    As for so-called clashes, well RNBDJ vs Ghajini – REMEMBER? :D It is others who need to fear Aamir Khan. Not Aamir who needs to fear others. It’s never prudent to release your film against Ace Khan’s film!

    Aamir is not just an actor here, but also producer. And might of AK the star and AK the producer will sweep audiences off their feet! Bring it on!!!

    Thank God he cleared all rumours. Poor desperate haters can keep spreading lies. But nothing can stop Talaash!!

  • in my opinion this film is surely flop coz of these factors:

    1) talaash is postponed many times , and this increases the bad word of mouth and also decreases the interest on it.

    2) it is releasing date is occupied with big films.

    3) obviously whether aamir agree or deny but there is conflict between the makers.

    4) the pressure on talaash is great coz it is releasing after the failure of dhobi ghat and supper success of 3 idiots.

    5) it depends on it is first week collections , if the first week is not huge it is chances of growing up is small becouse of the release of KHILAD786 in december 7 and dabangg2 in december 20.

    GOOD LUCK GUYZ……….!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @ Husseinou This movie Is All time Blockbuster Because Aamir Is god of bollywood Aur God Kuchh bhi kar sakta hai ‘understand!

  • dhobighat 8 cr budget ka film and it collected more dan 14 cr.phir bhi dhobighat was an experimental art house cinema and aamir did a cameo..yeh illiterate ppl kab samjega?

  • waiting 4 talaash since 3 years.plz aamir aur intejar mat karao.we want 2 see u in big screen.love u.

  • salman is a way smaller in quality than two other khans but when its up two other khans and farhan on one side and yashraj himself on srk side i will keep my fingers crossed for this one

  • @ Emperor khan Sallu vs Blockbuster khan (aamir khan) 2000 – 2012 movie {Salman khan – All time blockbuster – 1 , Blockbuster – 3 , Super hit – 3 , hit – 1 , [Above average , Average , Below average] – 7 , Flop – 14} {Aamir khan – All time blockbuster – 2 , Super hit – 2 , Hit – 2 , [Above average , Average , Below average] – 3 , Flop – 1}

  • just this confirmation from Aamir has created so much buzz..imagining what ll happen wen the theatrical trailer comes out! AK back after 3 years…this film ll surely beat every other film this year..no matter wat! Aamir rulzzz

  • Aamir Beta kuch bhi kar lo Talaash ke liye public Talaaste rah jaoge. 3 idiot to dur ki baat hai ,Talaash to Ghajini ka bhi record nahi tod payegi.

  • Papa,, lagta hai tu lallu ka chamcha hai. Talaash will be blockbuster..
    Why lallu and srk’s chamche most Jealousy for aamir khan.. We all know aamir is great person.. He very good work in his show ‘SATYAMEV JAYTE’ And haklu srk KKR se sirf paise kama raha hai not social work n lallu to hai hi bad boy

  • Haters Just keep ur mouth shut..Let’s just wait and watch, who will win the bet….JO JEETA WOHI SIKANDAR, JO HAARA WOH KAALA BANDAR

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