Talaash US Box Office: Best screen average

Update: Boxofficemojo has adjusted the figures of Talaash. We have updated the same. The screen average remains the best for the weekend.

Talaash released in US theatres last week to an ‘extra ordinary’ over the 3 day weekend, recording the second highest single day business in history (after My Name Is Khan).

In it’s first 3 days, Talaash released on 172 screens collected $1,638,706 (Rs 9.01 crores). The film had the best screen average ($9,527) for any film last weekend.

In comparison with a few other releases this year..

  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan on 161 screens collected $1,283,585 (Rs 7.05 crores)  - screen average of $7,973.
  • Ek Tha Tiger on 120 screens collected $1,139,340 (Rs 6.27 crores) – screen average $9,494.
  • Agneepath on 132 screens collected $1,140,464 (Rs 6.27 crores) – screen average $8,640

Talaash Box Office US
Talaash United States Box Office Collections

Source: Box office Mojo



  • @uroxs
    sos budget 85crs
    jthj budget 60crs
    sos india 105 CRS lifetime expected HIT
    jthj india 123 CRS lifetime expected SUPER HIT
    overseas jthj 90 CRS expected
    son overseas 18 cr max expected.
    sos india+overseas = jthj india collections= 123 crs
    forget about jthj overseas.
    Now how can u say SOS is better?????????????

  • fact….. why r u barking man….. MNIK has crossed 3idiots in its 2nd phase taking its collection to 140 crores while 3idiots business after 2nd phase iz 135 crores…………

  • @tejas nop i like all 3khans movie and i like them.those who r talking about aamir nd salman are also vry bad but i igned him dnt knw why i jst i advised u..u respect me in my previous coments..but if u thnk i m mediator thn ok i wil nver told u anythng

  • Jitendar ..haha srk is zero in action.imagine salman in don2 or even action joke ra.one with all holiday release and 3d tickets..he would have blast boxoffice open..you cant comapre don2 and ETT which of the same action(no remake,no item song)..even if you remove the EID day of 33cr it will still be bigger than all srk movies

  • And also anybody can make JTHJ hit even ranbir can make JTHJ a bigger hit with all the promotions and favour going towards it

  • just see boi star ranking in overseas after releasing of only 1 movie aamir is at 2nd palce…salman is at 5 after releasing 7 movies…the who campare aamir wid salman and srk.. jst of no. of film release… and till now 3 idiots is on top with 385crs world wide business.. only movie cross 300 crs…

    BoxOfficeIndia.Com Star Power Ranking OVERSEAS 01/03/12
    RankLast Month Star Release Count Points Weekly Points Change
    1 1 Shahrukh Khan 6 695.00 -15.00
    2 2 Aamir Khan 1 110.00 -10.00
    3 3 Hrithik Roshan 3 -8.00 +57.00
    4 4 Saif Ali Khan 3 -114.00 -1.50
    5 5 Salman Khan 7 -105.00 +23.50
    6 6 Ranbir Kapoor 4 -184.50 +3.80
    7 7 Shahid Kapoor 3 -229.20 +10.40
    9 9 John Abraham 3 -430.00 +2.00
    8 8 Imran Khan 6 -437.00 -19.00
    10 10 Akshay Kumar 10 -481.10 +7.90

  • @khan and @nakul 3 idiots worldwide 385 crore n mnik is 200 crore… so pls don’t compare 3 idiots with mnik…srk max all time worldwide grossers is don2 206 crore…n aamir release only 1 movie in a year….nd don2 and raone in 2011… n ra one is on diwali holiday…

  • Can any srkian tell me that if only srk power matters in overseas then why he has only 21 hits in ovetseas out of 51 films.the fact is NRI likes romantic movie & srk has been doing same genre films for 20 years n so he got more success there.And all srkian pls visit boi that again confirmed salman is the biggest kban.why boi doez nt value overseas? Coz overseas is only 15% of Bollywud.

  • for first time am wrong in my judgement, watching a film online is really a mistake because it’s really different when we see the same film on a big screen.

    I saw it today on a big screen and yeah.. I loved the film.. it’s a thriller mystery film! a very good cinematography, very good direction.. a good script and performance by the cast, probably it won’t be so convincing for some audience specially in the last 15 minutes.. but for me.. every thing is possible!

  • All 4 films have differnt weekends days talaash 3 days , jthj 6 days, ett 5 days and agneepath 4 days.
    Two films have approx 3 hour timing and 2 films have 2 hour and 20 min . This is a ridiculous comparison. Please don’t post scrap and waste article

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