Talaash US Box Office: Best screen average

Update: Boxofficemojo has adjusted the figures of Talaash. We have updated the same. The screen average remains the best for the weekend.

Talaash released in US theatres last week to an ‘extra ordinary’ over the 3 day weekend, recording the second highest single day business in history (after My Name Is Khan).

In it’s first 3 days, Talaash released on 172 screens collected $1,638,706 (Rs 9.01 crores). The film had the best screen average ($9,527) for any film last weekend.

In comparison with a few other releases this year..

  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan on 161 screens collected $1,283,585 (Rs 7.05 crores)  - screen average of $7,973.
  • Ek Tha Tiger on 120 screens collected $1,139,340 (Rs 6.27 crores) – screen average $9,494.
  • Agneepath on 132 screens collected $1,140,464 (Rs 6.27 crores) – screen average $8,640

Talaash Box Office US
Talaash United States Box Office Collections

Source: Box office Mojo



  • Where r 3.6 billion srkian? Forget Talash even Agnipath & Tiger had better average than Jthj.never mind still our king is more than Tom cruise in the world.

  • srry i think it has already has beaten mnik weekend also single day release acc to boxofficemojo sat is $735k mnik was $733k and sunday it is $765k where as mnik was $763k

  • Don 2 collected 37 cr(overseas) in its weekend….so chill guys talaash will never be able to touch that…nd jab tak hai jaan was a non weekend release..tats why weekend collections were effected…srk is the overseas king

  • In reality,aamir khan is the king khan.srk is king khan for his fans only.only aamir khan’s movies raises the level of bollywood.

  • Rajendra Yes You’re RIGHT.
    JTHJ first 3 days was totally Non Holiday while Talaash 1st 3 days was Totally HOLIDAY.

    PS-Fri-Sun is Weekend Holiday for USA unlike India which has only Sat-Sun…

  • @sachin
    SRK is much better than Aamir.
    SRK-5 Blockbuster and 2 ATBB.
    Aamir-Zero Blockbuster and 3 ATBB.

    Lol what says?
    SRK-16 Blockbuster include 9 ATBB.
    Aamir-1 ATBB which is only 3 Idiots…

    Yes Aamir is King Khan according to you…

  • Hello Indicine, dont compare to JTHJ which was released Non Holiday in US.

    Talaash is rocking in US due to after 3 Idiots success which is currently Hold highest Grosser in USA($6.2 million) but Talaash wont even beat MNIK($4.2 million),Don 2($3.7M) and maybe JTHJ($3.1M running).

  • srk is far away than aamir khan..but ths time gud job aamir..srk ko hum ne king nhe bnaya dewaano!!us mein kuch dm hy isley usy log king kehty hain.

  • Now all salman fans will sing the name of amir,becoz they dnt have salman movie,for which they r hear to bark,n by the way talaash is a
    Holiday release,where jthj was nt holiday release,u must thanks to holiday otherwise no movie wud be standing close to jthj

  • @indicine.. u r wrong dude.. talaash has the highest single day collection record.. jus check boxofffice mojo.. mnik single day record is $763966 whereas talaash sunday is $765000. so it has already broken the record.. n tallassh weekend collection is also higher than mnik..
    opening weekend of talaash==$198300 n mnik==$1944027

    so chekc before wriitng anythn…

    n 1 thn.. ett was also relesed during non holiday in usa ( wednesday)).. n it still managed to create better average per theatre than jthj…

    hahahha.. poor srk fans….

  • aaa1 just wash ur face properly,becoz u dnt have anything to say thats y comparing collection of mnik n 3 idiots by a small margin

  • do you eve know jthj sneaked into top 10 at us box office…and created records in pakistan, germany and even braked hollywood records at new zealand
    hahaha so pls don’t underestimate srk at overseas boxoffice my friends…

  • please stop fighting guys…
    srk is strong at international markets… no one can even touch his records at overseas…

  • SRK is far ahead in Overseas.
    His Overseas Record is Mindblowing.
    16 Blockbuster & 9 ATBB.

    Aamir have 1 ATBB(3 Idiots) & 1 BB(Fanaa)
    And Sallu have only 1 ATBB(HAHK).

    So SRK’s hater,please keep BARKING.

  • @bikash
    Sallu & SRK much better than Aamir in India.
    Sallu with 3 atbb,5 bb.
    SRK with 2 atbb,5 bb.
    Aamir with ZERO bb and 3 atbb.

  • @azam….jthj released in tuesday in USA and so its first three days was non-holiday. So donot compare talaash with jthj.

  • JTHJ made 1.9 in 6 day weekend and made 1.2 on Fri Sat Sun
    ETT made 1.5 in 5 day weekend and made 1.1 on Fi St Sun
    Agneepath made 1.2 in 4 day weekend and made 1.1 on Fri Sat Sun

    Talaash made 1.9 in 3 days

  • Mink- 215 crore worldwide
    ra.one- 271 crore worldwide
    don 2- 238 crore worldwide
    jthj- 221 crore worldwide(still running)
    SRK is the first actor in india to give 4 back to back 200 crore worldwide grosser. SRK rocks.

  • Hahaha ett is even bigger than JTHJ per screen/average…what happen to 3.6 billion self proclaimed king fans who is even bigger than tom cruise and micheal jackson..dont worry jthj is still the highest grossing film in youtube

  • @ saurav don’t give false info…who told u mnik 215 raone 271 etc….
    so if u increase worldwide collection by false figures then here are salman’s figures:-

    ready :-200 crore

    dabangg :- 240 crore

    bodyguard :- 295 crore

    ett :- 320crore(this is true fig by boi)

    real worldwide fig of srk’s:-

    mnik 200 cr
    raone 202 cr
    don2 206 cr
    jthj acc to taran :- india nett:- 119 cr lifetime expected overseas 75 crores expected …so worldwide:-233 crore

    jthj acc to boi :- 105 crore india lifetime nett total overseas expected 70 crores ..worldwide gross:- 210 crore…

    so plz don’t fool people with with ur foolish figures….becoz there is no big fool than u on this website!!!

    hahaha! salman ka jalwa sab taraf aur srk ka halwa sab taraf!!!

  • Haha Srk fans started to give excuses in overseas collections too . . Dis shows Srk is loosin his popularity in overseas too. . Haha poor Srk and his fans. .

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