Talaash Total Collections – Prediction

Sunday special! Film critic and trade analyst Joginder Tuteja answers 5 questions from Indicine readers. A few more questions will be answered tomorrow, so stay tuned for Part 2!

Now that ‘Talaash’ has released, what do you think will be the total collections? Please give prediction based on your views on the film. – Veena

  • ‘Talaash’ should comfortably cross the 90 crore mark and may just scrape through the 100 crores milestone as well. However ‘Ghajini’ record of 115 crores is safe. At single screens especially (where it is anyways on the lower side), it would face huge competition from ‘Khiladi 786’ which is red hot currently.

Is Priyanka Chopra doing the biopic of Mary Kom? What are her other upcoming movies in 2013? – Vinod

  • Well, till the time Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Priyanka Chopra make an official statement, all that you read has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Nothing can be confirmed as yet. The only films of Priyanka that are expected in 2013 are ‘Krrish 3’, ‘Zanjeer’ remake and ‘Gunday’. ‘Milan Talkies’ may arrive in 2013 or early 2014.

How much ‘Krrish3’ will lose at the Box Office if ‘Ragini MMS 2’ will release alongside it? Considering the ‘Sunny Leone’/sex factor, do you think it’ll have an impact? – Shreya Singh

  • Come on, now! :-)

What is the reaction to opening seven minutes sequence of RGV’s ‘Attacks of 26/11’? – Rahul Dutta

  • It has been seven long years since the release of ‘Sarkar’ (2005) that a Ram Gopal Varma product has seen such all-around positivism for itself. Though ‘picture abhi baaki hai’, it can be comfortably stated that the film would take the best opening for a RGV film since ‘Sarkar Raj’ (2008). That’s saying a lost since the maverick filmmaker has made 10 films in the interim period.

Since last few years, super hit movies like ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabangg’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Ready’ etc., which have been brainless comedies or action masala, have turned out to be the first choice for the people. What will be the future for good movies (appreciated by critics)? Is there any hope that people will like them also and they would be in 100 crore club? – Yasin M

  • Good movies are those which are seen and liked by audience, and not just critic! So to answer one part of the query, a critic isn’t someone who decides whether a film is good or bad. Coming to your point around future of ‘good movies’. For you, a ‘Wanted’ or ‘Dabangg’ may not be good. Fair enough from your standpoint. Going by that and trying to understand ‘your taste’, I assume that you may be referring to films like ‘Kahaani’, ‘Vicky Donor’, ‘OMG Oh My God’, ‘Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara’ as good. That’s fair as well. With last couple of these films almost entering the 100 crore club, the future for ‘good movies’ is secure!

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  • I think people in india only prefers masala movies bcs they only want entertainment tats why only masala movies doing great business..if like my view then like or dislike

  • i really want talaash to cross 120 crores !!!

    really hats off to aamir khan for such a wonderful film!

    talaash is india’s answer to inception..

  • Super movie.Only amir,srk,hrithik,ranbir give gud film others only give brineless comedy or remake of tamil film.

  • srk fans think watevr srk do is class..coming to a film like OSO,main hoon na r crappy films…remember lyrics lik dard-e-disco…yuck..srk formula havin 5heriones in 1 song lik rab ne,oso r to pull mass audience shw taste of srk fans…

  • super movie!!!!

    only salman , aamir, hritik, ajay , akshay , ranbir etc can deliver paisa vasool movies!! others actors just say jab tak hai jaan…& audience reacts “jab tak hai jaan mai ye films fir nahi dekhunga”!!!

  • super movie!!!!

    only salman , aamir, hritik, ajay , akshay , ranbir etc can deliver paisa vasool movies!! others actors just say jab tak hai jaan & do unofficial holly wood remakes..& audience reacts “jab tak hai jaan mai ye films fir nahi dekhunga”!!!

  • super movie!!!!

    only salman , aamir, hritik, ajay , akshay , ranbir etc can deliver paisa vasool movies!! others actors just say jab tak hai jaan & do unofficial holly wood remakes..& audience reacts to that film as “jab tak hai jaan mai ye films fir nahi dekhunga”!!!

  • @Aashkaran Srk Ko Apne Ghar Lekr Jaa Aur Tu Khud Ek Movie Direct Kr Aur Khud Deki Aur Apne Dosto Ko Bhi Dikha Lekin Hume Mat Chaat.
    Only In My Word Salman Khan Is The Pure Hero. NO KISSING SCENE. NO CHEAP SCENE.

  • a new record for salman khan!!!

    he is the only actor in bollywood to deliver highest grossing films for 3 consecutive years!!!
    2010:- dabangg
    2011:- bodyguard, ready
    2012:- dabangg 2(probably the highest grosser of this year), ett

    no other bollywood actor has done it till now!! not even amitaabh bachhan & rajesh khanna!!

    salute to the biggest rockstar!!

  • @ Tejas

    You right. No one has remakes after remakes of proven regional Blockbusters. Only Sallu did.

    Thats a big insult. He is exposing regional blockbusters to wider audiences. Nothing new. Akki has also learned that trick too.

    SRK is still the king. Kiddy Ra.One. 125 crores. MNIK 75 crores. DON-2 hollywoodish thriller 108 crores. Now JTHJ tear jerker 3 hrs musical 120 crores.

    Thats awesome range. Every genre clearing 100 crores safely except MNIK. Even Aamir cannot do that.

    Finally, SRK is doing Sallu type MASALA romantic comedy CHENNAI EXPRESS.

  • Fate loves fearless and audience loves fearless Dabanng. Welcome Chulbul Pandey, shatter all records.

    That also means, maximum audience likes your films.

  • @ khan only ready & bodyguard were remakes ….& everybody knows that seeing success of dabangg & ett they are being remade in other languages!!!

    talking abt remakes….ur srk is no different …he has actually done unofficial hollywood remakes!!

    also don2 & ett belong to same genre!! both released on holiday weekends… but you can see the difference in collections….

    talking about genre…
    dabangg:- action

    bodyguard:- romantic(promoted as action)

    ready:- comedy

    ett:- hollywoodish action

    dabangg 2 :- action…
    so here too different genres but the films have not only crossed 100 crores but have become the highest grossers…

    u said something abt aamir…well i guarantee that it will definitely beat ur so called hit film don2!!

    & u can see overseas collection of talaash just 1 crore less than what jthj had collected in its 1st 3 days!!(20 crore)

    hahaha ab srk kahi ka nahi raha!!

  • @ AKSHAY Real Fan

    Sallu is all MASALA or Remake or MASALA Remake both. also, stupid Item Number inserted.

    Do not insult hollywood by calling ETT “hollywood” Its still a action MASALA. If any movie that came close to Hollywood “action” is Sci-Fi superhero actioner called Ra.One.

    ETT hasnt even come close to action presented by Hong Kong films or Korean films. Its B grade version of Korean films.

    Dabanng-2 is NOT Action or even Adventure. Its FULL MASALA.

    Sallu = Masala & only Masala & nothing else. Also helped by cheap Item Number.

    KICK = Next Sallu south Re-make is again MASALA.

    SHER KHAN = another MASALA

    Last time Sallu tried NON-masala was VEER. It was SUPER FLOP. Collected 43 crores

    Last time Sallu tried NON-masala was YUVRAAJ. SUPER FLOP.

    Last time Sallu tried NON-Masala was Main or Mrs Khanna. SUPER FLOP.

  • @ Tejas

    Ra.One: An experimental Sci-Fi Superhero project that collected 125+ crores (incl. south BO collection)

    Don-2: Much closer to Hollywoodish thriller than Bollywood with tons of English dialogues. 106 Crores

    JTHJ: 3+ Hrs tear jerker rona dhona romance in the current era of 2 hrs only MASALA entertainment era. Despite Mumbai Bandh, business loss, competition from full MASALA film SOS. non-SOLO release.
    118+ crores

    3 consecuitive 105+ crores in 3 totally different Genre with 2 movies running 3 Hrs in length.

    None of the 3 are regional blockbusters.

    Shah Rukh Khan is still King Khan. Sallu “remake masala” khan is easily emulated by Akki & Ajay & even Hrithik “Agneepath remake” Roshan.

    SRK is one & only. Often immitated but never duplicated !! Only true king of Bollywood.

  • Mr.Tuteja, Barfi, a hugely critically acclaimed movie entered 100cr club..cant u remember that??? and i also agree with the question.. most of the time brainless comedies as the person mentioned are entering the 100cr club.. glad that films like barfi, omg, kahaani, ev did so well at bo

  • @ khan

    well u are now talikng ridiculous!!!

    don2 close to hollywood action all scenes copy from hollywood films …including that one frm which ur buddha falls down from building….same to same as mi4 ghost protocol!!

    also …’masala films ‘ this not a certain genre….idiot…this tag is given by media…..
    known genre are:-
    action, romance, comedy, suspense, thriller & horror….
    from now plz speak sensibly!

  • tejas@ MI4 was release a week before don2.so how can u say that a building scene was copied???srk nd salman r gud actors.repect all actor

  • @tejas agar srk buddha hai toh tera salman kal paida hua hai?
    Kitna nonsense bakte ho yaar it shows ur thinking.
    Agar JTHJ 3hr ki boring movie hai toh SOS (South remake) masala movie haar kyun gayi. Even SoS Got 350 screens in week 2 phir bhi no growth.
    For ur kind info
    DON 2 & MI4 were released in same month how can then the scences be copied?

  • Talaash k biche me koi bhi sensible dekhne wala pehchan sakta hai k
    boring movie
    waiting for bhai 21st Dec

  • @ radha …well i’m sry…ur right mi4 released a week before don2…but u can’t deny that srk’s latest is a copy!jthj is copy of end of an affair….also challa tune is also of copy of old hollywood song!
    @ badshah & other idiotic srk fans….now i under stand why u call ur star as srk:- he is “super remake khan”!! hahaha

    @ baadshah…well salman & shahrukh are of same age …but salman still looks a lot hotter than srk….infact ‘peoples’ last year named him sexiest man alive!(shahrukh was not in top ten)! also in many polls being held by various magzines…salman tops as the sexiest person!..
    so i think u got ur answer!

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