Talaash Saturday Collections (Day 2)

Talaash has collected Rs 15-15.5 cr nett on Saturday, as per early estimates. The film showed decent growth in business on Day 2, after a good start on Friday (Rs 14.52 cr nett).

While single screens continued to under perform, the average occupancy at multiplexes in cities was around 80-90%.

In 2 days, Talaash has collected Rs 30 cr nett (approx). The film should end it’s first 3 day weekend close to the 50 crore mark.

The word-of-mouth isn’t quite the same as 3 Idiots or Ghajini, as both were universally accepted films. But given the genre of Talaash and the unrealistically high expectations that each Aamir Khan release carries, the response was expected to be mixed.

Note: Day 2 actuals will be updated on this page in sometime. Stay tuned.



  • I stil dont understand that person who died in the beginning, was he murdered or it was an accident
    I think weekend wud b 47crs n final verdict wud b hit because of k786

  • Talaash is blockbuster in overseas…..usa saturday business of talaash is best ever for any bollywood movie…………:P

  • Yesterday, I convinced 6 of my friends, who were keen on watching JTHJ for the 1st and 2nd times, to watch Talaash. I was confident that it will be a worthwhile watch. Sadly, they all ended up complaining how bad the film was, & I had to pay them back their ticket moneys X_X

  • these srk fans are so much pathetic …just like their actor..
    they are comparing two films of different genre wid each other…
    see don2 action- thriller genre & jthj romance genre & talaash suspense genre….
    now idiot fans u know what action films collections are (ett :199 cr) & ur old star’s don2 :- 106 cr :-p….talking about romantic genre ….well titanic released almost 15 years ago in india & worldwide….but it is still the 4th highest hollywood grosser 55cr in india….so the romance genre is also equivalent to action….
    & jthj collection 102 crore!! hahaha

    also some idiot commented that don2 released on non holiday weekend….mr.idiot don2 released on christmas weekend & did just 106 cr…..btw u know the collections of ghajini & 3i which released during christmas & 3,4 yrs before don2….

    speaking about talaash it is a masterpiece & i’m sure it will beat the collection of the biggest crap of 2012 : jthj!!!

  • Where are those idiots who says aamir as overseas king??..
    Taran has again tweeted and made corrections..
    @taran_adarsh Correction: #MINIK holds the record forhighest collections in a single day in USA. Sat $ $733,416,Sun $ $763,966 from 120 locations.

    >talaash-250 locations.
    >JTHJ–190 locations.
    >DON2–165 locations
    >MNIK-120 locations.

  • talaash is a masterpiece…
    but still k786 will rock…k786 lifetime collection will be:- 1000 crores ‘GRASS ‘ collection:- 500 crores!

  • Amir Khan is the one of the best actor in Bollywood & when he returns with Talaash, it must be a Blockbuster of the year, because he gave to people, when they wants. . .

  • Dabaang + ETT +don2 + JTHJaan = 3 IDIOTS in collection.

    TALAASH is a masterpiece,, SRK and Salmans fans cant understand, Perfectionist calibre

  • SRK lifetime collection + Ra- one JTH JAAN = 3 Idiots.

    reality & perfection only can expect from Mr . PERFECTION , what human being can do…..Other

    Khans By stunts only can fool people time-pass dibbas ….

  • @rahul : r u out of your mind or something?Agneepath made more than any Ajay film this year and hence Hrithik>Ajay for 2012! @Rajesh : Hrithik/Aamir don’t have guts?A typical statement from a fan of an actor who irritates the audience with 5 senseless movies in a year and whose yet to give the top grosser of the year in his entire 21 year career!!

  • where the hell is it showing low collections? on a non holiday weekend it will earn more then 45 crores and people are saying its low haha

  • Tell salman , srk , Hrithik & akki to release and make as much as possible before Hurricane Dhoom 3 arrives next year because that movie will make 300 crores in India itself.

  • talaash rocks….!!!!!
    day 1 : 14.52 cr
    day 2 : 16.37 cr
    day 3 : 19.22 cr
    total weekend : 50.11 cr (domestic)
    plus 16-18 crores overseas……!!!!!
    ratings : all over 3.5…..
    its a great movie…..not a stupid film like ett which no one liked…..and even jthj worked only on the name of srk….this film has got positive reviews from everyone……only those who didnt understand the climax didint like the movie…..just go and watch movies such as sixth sense, fight club, mechanist etc….all are based on same concept and all are greatest movies of all times
    amir khan is the best actor in bollywood…..and if u want too much grossings then wait for dhoom 3…..it will make 500 crores…..amir rocks….!!!!!!!!

  • star power only! if this movie was signed by let’s say Abhishek Bachchan or Saif Ali Khan and also they gave the best performance.. it’d have been a super flop for sure.. crazy Aamir Khan’s fan will love whatever he offers on a dish!

    I saw it yesterday online.. nothing special about this film.. I would say that Karina’s Heroine is a much better film than Talaash.

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