Talaash Saturday Collections (Day 2)

Talaash has collected Rs 15-15.5 cr nett on Saturday, as per early estimates. The film showed decent growth in business on Day 2, after a good start on Friday (Rs 14.52 cr nett).

While single screens continued to under perform, the average occupancy at multiplexes in cities was around 80-90%.

In 2 days, Talaash has collected Rs 30 cr nett (approx). The film should end it’s first 3 day weekend close to the 50 crore mark.

The word-of-mouth isn’t quite the same as 3 Idiots or Ghajini, as both were universally accepted films. But given the genre of Talaash and the unrealistically high expectations that each Aamir Khan release carries, the response was expected to be mixed.

Note: Day 2 actuals will be updated on this page in sometime. Stay tuned.



  • Like I Mentioned in other threads.

    Fri = < or = 14 crores
    Sat = < or = 15 crores
    Sun should be 15 to 16 crores at best.

    Thats 45 crores week end total. This tells us one thing. "CONTENT IS THE KING".

    3 IDIOTS didnt just had "masala" that masses craves, it had "CONTENT" that both multiplexes classes & single screen masses craves. 3 IDIOTS had that nostalgic college pranks and theme ala MUNNA BHAI MBBS & a reason why it connected with everyone & resulted in repeat viewing on single screens & multiplexes hence 200+ Crores BO collection despite non-EID release.

    TALAASH dont have that & masses oriented KHILADI786 will eat into TALAASH 2nd weekend collection BO collection easily.

  • Amir lost all respect after seeing this movie..he is not a perfectionist at all..this movie is not a 10 percent as ghajini nd 3 idiots when compared..very boring nd outdated film..

  • BOI collection shows:

    FRI = 12.5 crores
    SAT = 14 crores at best

    only 26-27 crores so far which is NOT based on “early estimates” as sent out by producers. It might be ACTUAL collection.

    Sunday actual could be another 14-15 crores because WOM is not good, thats 40-41 Crores actual 1st weekend collection.

    Aamir’s Talaash is only 2 hour movie unlike JTHJ 3+ hr running length that means It had many more shows in multiplexes than JTHJ.

    This clearly raises questions of Aamir’s star value.

  • Amir given flop movie to the audience with a gap of 3 years..same thing happened when hrithik gave kites with a gap of 2.5 years..both actors dont have guts to give a movie once in a year…

  • it is 14.5 cr …and 2 day bussiness is 27 cr…….after sunday talash will be finished AND REST IN PEACE…verdict ..flop

  • Its good collection for that kind film good work from aamir. Karena rani both good work best film of the year aamir rocks

  • Talaash is under performing, Aamir’s Movie was expected to do much better than wat it is doin. Now its looking very uncertain to touch 100 crores at BO!. Now Salman khan will end this year with two Blockbuster with Dabangg and ETT.

  • Buss. of Cin. BOC also reports:

    Fri Day 1: 12.8 crores NET as “ACTUAL” collection not “early estimates” prediction of 14.5 crores.

    Sat Day 2 should be around 13-14 “ACTUAL” net at best.

    Main question is. Can Aamir carry Talaash like SRK carried Ra.One & Don-2 both non-masses mixed reviews above clear water into 100 crores territory.

    The answer is NO!. Aamir also needs MASALA oriented “3-idiots” like content. How does that make Aamir different from Salman or Akki.

  • har movie 3idiots jesi nahi hoti…..talash will run on power of multiplexes only….after weekend..mass centres will show fall day by day and in 2nd week..khiladi will capture screens and collections too….will not get 120cr+…….average movie…
    wait for 21dec…..tsunami is coming….

  • he is superflop star nonsense fellow.
    this is c grade movie nothing better hardly
    collect 60cr not beyond it ..
    dabangg 2 will be sureshot atbb 250-260cr
    150cr overseas.
    total ww 550cr gross
    unbreakable record till sherkhan.
    akki shoks bhai jaan roxx

  • talaash is rocking man!!!

    according to boi,boxofficday,buisnessof cinema, wikipedia two week collections of jthj = 100 cr….so now since talaash has received excellent response from multiplexes…jthj will definitely not cross lifetime of don2…..with each release of srk his movie collection is on a decline!!!!

    raone 118 cr> don2>106 cr> jthj 103 cr probably> chennai express less than 100 cr!!!
    ha ha ha!!

  • its proved that salman is bigger khan than two showoff khans
    15.50jthj +14.5talaash = 30cr
    ett bhaijaan 33cr
    still two movies total has not equal to bhaijaan
    even some srk fans has reason for screens so see it 2500+ 2500 same jthj n talaash.
    ett has 3400
    huge diff 5000 scree30 cr
    3400 screens 33cr

  • Fabulous collection for this type of film. Should sustain in the metros right up until Dabangg2 so every chance of crossing 100cr despite Khiladi 786 release next week.

  • Indicine i don’t understand you guys….

    you wrote

    The word-of-mouth isn’t quite the same as 3 Idiots or Ghajini, as both were universally accepted films. But given the genre of Talaash and the unrealistically high expectations that each Aamir Khan release carries, the response was expected to be mixed.

    ( well i hv seen the movie…& liked it …but again i accept your above statement…..bcz people may vary with the opinion….either they ll like it or they ll not…as no one was ready for that much surprise ending…)
    so ,it ll definitely effect the movie & response ll vary too…
    now coming to your predictions?????

    IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

    Weekend (3 day) – 48 crores

    but the talaash ll hv approx 46-48 cr weekend
    i.e your net figures
    Talaash has collected Rs 30 cr nett (approx).2 days…
    today is Sunday & film ll collect better…

    so, if we go by your prediction than Talaash had positive word-of-mouth….
    but i hv seen the movie…it doesn’t hv positive word-of-mouth…
    i liked it very much….but there are people who are not accepting that ending…
    so for me it’s a masterpiece ( in suspense terms + direction+acting)……..

    so my question is why do you guys predict when all your predictions goes flat…..
    Same was the case with JTHJ….
    though i didn’t like rather was disappointed by the movie but movie is super-hit…

    you guys should rather make sensible predictions or plz do not predict……..

    • NKS.. It is IMPOSSIBLE to accurately predict box office. We can only give figures based on pre-release hype, popularity of music, genre etc and after release it depends on a lot of factors. Trying to judge the overall ‘Word of mouth’ based on the pre-release predictions we make, doesn’t make sense.

  • Word of mouth of mouth of Talaash is extremely positive. I am going theater to theater as of now I have watched Talaash 5 times. Everyone is really loving the movie.. as d day progress it will sustain well. film is perfect except climax becoz some are really liking the climax some not no excuse . First Half is mind boggling and second half is just good .

  • talaash not able to touch collaction of jthj so srk is bigger then aamir
    so here the position chart
    7-imran hasmi

  • Aamir had given such great films in past that expectations were bound to be high. As Aamir fan it feels bad that today we’re ourselves feeling maybe we expected too much & even guys like you are saying expectations are unrealistically high from an Aamir film.

    Box office for this kind of film is pretty fine till now but as a fan I am disappointed more on the quality front. There was a time when an AK film would be THE best film of the year…infact even rated among the best films of all times! Unbelievable that this is the same guy who gave Lagaan, DCH, TZP, RDB, 3I in same decade & is now down to this! :(

    Talaash isn’t bad. Just a hugely lost opportunity! Hard to believe they took 3 years & still came up with this. Anyway the only thing I’ll always be proud of is that Aamir gave one of the best performances ever as an actor. I wish he’d given it all as a co-producer as well. It’s co-produced by AKP & by Jove it’s not the standard what AKP stands for!!

  • It is better than so hyped jab tak hain jan,talaash isn’t a mass movie,but it is amir 4 whom d movie will gonna b a blockbaster..AMIR KHAN ROCKS

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