Talaash Movie Review

It’s been a long wait for an Aamir Khan film.. 35 months after the release of 3 Idiots, Khan returns with Reema Kagti’s Talaash, co-written by the writers of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (Reema and Zoya Akhtar). The film also features two of the most talented leading ladies in the industry, Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherji.

Story: Talaash revolves around a mysterious accident of a popular film actor. Police officer Surjan Singh Shekhawat (Aamir Khan) heads the investigation team. Devrath (Raj Kumar Yadav) a junior police officer and a stunningly gorgeous sex worker Rosy (Kareena Kapoor), help him solve the mystery.

Talaash is also about Shekhawat’s personal life. He is yet to get over his son’s tragic death. Blaming himself for the accident, Shekhawat suffers from Insomnia. Leaving his wife Roshni (Rani Mukherji) back home, he spends his nights driving through isolated streets.

Talaash Review

First Half: Talaash begins well, director Reema Kagti takes her own sweet time in establishing the characters and the mystery. The narrative is gripping and absorbing enough to keep you hooked throughout the first half, even though the pace tends to slacken at times. No screen-time is wasted on forced comedy, action or unnecessary item numbers. Every shot has a meaning and takes the story forward. At interval, you don’t really know what to expect next.

Second Half: The mystery begins to unfold and from here on, expect the unexpected. The ending is outrageous, something that Indian audience wouldn’t expect from a big budget commercial film. While the writers convincingly explain the mystery, you will either end up loving it or walk away ridiculing the climax.

Performances: As a hardened cop who struggles with his own personal issues, Aamir Khan delivers a nuanced performance. Watch out for the scene in the second half when Rani Mukherji confronts him, the pain in his eyes of a father who holds himself responsible for the death of his son and the sea-side sequence with Kareena Kapoor when he breaks down – Aamir is brilliant. Rani Mukherji does her bit as a pained mother. Kareena Kapoor’s performance reminds you of her Chameli act. Both actresses don’t get enough scope to showcase their acting talent. Nawazuddin Siddiqui makes an impact. Raj Kumar Yadav does well.

Mohanan’s camera work is excellent, he captures the Mumbai night in all it’s glory. Dialogues by Farhan Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap are good. Ram Sampath’s music isn’t very catchy, but is situational and well-placed in the film. Jee Le Zaraa is a gem.

Overall, Talaash is a well-directed film with good performances. Most of the film will be loved by the urban audience, but it’s the unconventional ending that may not be liked by all.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Cast: Aamir Khan, Rani Mukherji, Kareena Kapoor
Director: Reema Kagti
Producers: Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani
Writers: Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti
Censor Board Rating: U/A
Runtime: 2 hours 14 minutes



  • Talaash is a movie which will completely jolt u. Aamir khan is terrific as always, Rani gives her best best performance after Black, while Kareena was just perfect in the film.
    According to me it deserves 4.5 stars, but still i completely agree with ur review @INDICINE

  • talaash is really a very good movie. and it has no similarities whatsoever with any hollywood flicks either.
    don’t know whether masses will accept the movie, but in plexes it’ll be a huge hit.

  • Khiladi 786:
    abey khiladi k bacchhe…u know talaash being a suspense drama has collected around 16 crores.If this is not crowd puller then what is???If aamir khan had released Masala movie.It would have crossed 25 crores on 1st day.Let dhoom 3 release..Multiplexes are doing extra ordinary compared to single screens..14-16 crores on 1st day to a suspense drama at non holiday is the real achievement.

  • @sunil 1 year promotion and 2500 screen and 13 cr opening is it great for talaash. Srk don2 was released on non-holiday with negativity of ra.one without any promotion on tv without any song in movie multiplex oriented movie it collect 15.50cr this is called crowd puller. Akshay kumar rowdy was single screen oriented film collect 15 cr.

  • A brrrrrrrilliant mivie- was not expecting this but I should never have doubted Aamirs abilities. Aamir Sir you are a genius. After 3 idiots you didnt stay in a comfortable space but went back to what you did before Ghajini 2008, Talaash is on a par with TZP and RDB. Well done team Excel- after Don 2 and ZNMD in 2011 you guys are excelling as a production house.

  • Critics always give good report for all movie, end of the day public only will know the movie is good or not. so mixed review from the audience so it will take time to cross 100 crore.

  • har movie gajini or 3 idiots jesi nahi hoti…mene pehle hi kaha tha….fir bhi talash is only one time watch due to aamir……3 out of 5…….not so good….means not best of aamir…..many hollywood biggies are like this for many years…….it was not expected from aamir….

  • Wat wa aamie thnkng wen he signs up da movie.. Does he wants us to beluv in supernatural forces.. To a certain xtnt it was okay, bt wat sense does it make when a dead boy snds letter to his father sayng not to blame himself fr his death.. The frst half is gripping nd keeps u hooked up.. Bt aftr da interval da film tests ur patience nd gets on to ur nerves.. I feel lyk punchng da director asking her to take da stor frward.. A few of da scenes r noteworthy nd aptly ececuted.. Even da final suspense is shocking wen da suspense unfolds.. The rest of the mivie sucks.. Moreovr the film instead of strsdng more on the accident case nd whosunit plot, focusses mire on da drama btwn aamir nd rani nd their child accident.. The movie cud hve been better had it been made in a more interesting nd entertaining way.. All in all jst a beliw avg movie frm aamir.. This tym he disappoints md gvs u a vry strictly beliw avg product

  • Thank you akshay fan,we ‘ll try our best to grow up & meet u on 21:12:12 evening.

  • But it’s Kareena that the film belongs to,
    even though sometimes she looks and acts
    overly sophisticated for the kind of life her
    character is leading. At the same time, she is a high-society sex-worker, but speaks like her Chameli avatar. As far as acting goes though, rather than Heroine, it’s Talaash that will eventually earn Kareena greater respect
    – she delivers an ace. — A critic!

  • The real mystery is why Kareena Kapoor couldn’t be this good in all her films? Where was she hiding this talent? She’s as good as Aamir in their joint scenes and dare I say it, actually overshadows him in some. — FILMFARE Review!

  • But its Kareena Kapoor, who is the show stealer of ‘Talaash’, she looks like a million bucks and delivers one of the best performances of her career; You don’t call her ‘Heroine #1’ for nothing. — Prerrna Seth! — SD

  • I believe in Indicine and yes masses are not gonna like it.

  • Finally, Kareena Kapoor gets to end the year with a bang. This is a role of a lifetime andshe has essays it with ease. She can now wake up from the bad dream called
    HEROINE. Kudos to Kagti for using her so
    intelligently. There’s a mention of CHAMELI
    (just for laughs, I guess) drawing parallel to the similar role she plays here. — Glamsham.com

    Aamir’s character is copied from different Hollywood movies..
    Yes it was unexpected that Kareena would be ghost but still the suspense is lame…
    And Kareena in this movie takes revenge and kills the people who killed her in accident with the help of aamir khan so that’s it. I guess the story was average..
    I was really expecting more but sadly it could not reach my expectations. After such a awesome movie like 3idiots this movie is a disappointment.
    I would give 2.5/5
    Khiladi is sure to give entertainment so I am waiting for it.

  • Why so many negative reviews about this film ..?
    I’m sure its amazing, although I haven’t watched it.. Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow =D

  • @sunil lama what do u wanna say talaash is only good movie in world.
    out of 100 comments u posted 60coments .why r u forcing people to waste their money and time. instead they going to watch sos

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