Talaash HIT or FLOP – Box Office Predictions

Aamir Khan’s last commercial failure was way back in 2005 when his much-hyped comeback film Mangal Pandey released in theatres. Although the film opened to a bumper response and eventually recovered it’s investment, a few distributors lost money. Since then, the superstar has delivered films that have not only been hugely successful commercially, but also left the critics impressed.

In 2008, Aamir’s Ghajini started the trend of South Indian remakes and was the first film to cross 100 crores. His last release 3 Idiots, had the most footfalls for any film in the last decade (in the post-Gadar era).

So with huge expectations, Aamir Khan returns with a suspense thriller titled ‘Talaash’ from the makers of Dil Chahta Hai. Considering the genre of the film, pre-release hype, screen count and release timing (non-holiday), records are unlikely to be smashed this time around. Instead, Talaash is more likely to open well and then grow on word-of-mouth publicity.

The advance booking for the opening day has been good, so we expect the first day collections to be around 14 crores. If the WOM is good, Sunday business could be 18-19 or more!

Below is our detailed HIT or FLOP Box Office Prediction for Talaash

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend (3 day) – 48 crores
  • Weekdays (Mon-Thu) – 38 crores
  • Week 1 –  86 crores
  • Final – 140 crores+ (Superhit / Blockbuster)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Weekend (3 day) – 44 crores
  • Weekdays (Mon-Thu) – 27 crores
  • Week 1 –  71 crores
  • Final – 105-110 crores (HIT)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Weekend (3 day) – 40 crores
  • Weekdays (Mon-Thu) – 17 crores
  • Week 1 –  57 crores
  • Final – < 75 crores (Below Average / Flop)

Amongst the recently released multiplex films – the response to Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (90 cr) and Barfi (106 cr) was very positive, while Don 2 (106 cr) and Cocktail (76 cr) were mixed. So Talaash with higher screen count should easily manage business in excess of 135-140 crore with a similar response.

If Talaash clicks with the audience, then the film could go from strength-to-strength after the first weekend, much like 3 Idiots. It might also affect the multiplex business of Khiladi 786 which releases a week later on December 7th. Else, the Akshay Kumar starrer will get more shows at plexes and will be the first choice for movie goers.

What do you think? Will Talaash work at the box office? HIT or FLOP? Post your predictions below.



  • 90-100cr

    u also says other predictions wrong.
    I think k 786 badly affect talaash so even in extremely good conditions like barfee it can only manage 20cr because week 2 will completely dominated by k786 in especially single screens n then some multiplex
    weekend arround 45cr
    week 1 65cr
    week 2 20cr
    lifetime 90cr above avg

    note:no one can give best suspense thriller movie in bollywood except bhatts ..

  • Some ppl here are under-estimating the power of Aamir. Once again those ppl will be proved wrong. Talaash will not do less than 125-130 crs in any situation, while its maximum range can’t be predicted.
    if liked as much as barfi & kahaani, it can do 160crs+

  • my prediction:

    1st weekend: 50crs
    1st week : 88 crs
    2nd week : 35crs
    3rd week : 18crs

    lifetime: 150-155crs *nett* in india
    worldwide *gross*: 275crs

  • Going with the latest trend here is my prediction:-

    1st weekend:40-50 cr(may go lower if script been rejected,single screens collects low)
    4 days(mon-thursday):20-25 cr(again may go higher or worst depends entirely on script)
    First week total: 70-75 (max) or 55-60 (average) or below 50 (worst)

    second weekend: 15-20 cr ( kiladi 786 will definitely affect it in single screens all over even maltiplex)

    total 10 days: 90 cr max and 70 cr ( avg/worst)
    rest weeks(till 21st means more 11 days and no chance of surviving further becoz Dabaang 2 is very huge to compete at this moment of masala movie trend) :20 cr max and 10-15 avg/worst.
    Total: 21 days:– 105-110 cr max or 80-90 cr average or below 80 cr in worst senario.

    so,Lifetime will be not more then 110-120 cr in any circumstances and worst senario if khiladi 786 is accepted by people then way below 100 cr. Note: the budget with publicity and print is 50 cr so movie will be profitable in any condition. thank you :)

  • i still remember the jthj prediction of this site. Pls go check guys. U wl get some interesting facts.thank u

  • most of the people who are saying 90crore and 100 crore, they are simply srk fans and taking their frustration out but they know very well that aamir khan’s movie run till third week. last time when ghajini released everybody said there is no buzz for it and the movie is too dark and lokk what happened it became the highest grosser of the year. specially to akki fan, no offense akki is not salman who can aamir khan’s movie badly. the only film that will struggle for long run is khiladi cause remember rowdy rathore took almost three week to reach hundred crore on solo release. other bad thing khiladi say phelay bhi khan movie aur baad may bhi khan movie. khiladi 786 is gone. srk fans will show their insecurities and support akki in this.

  • Just watched the movie in Dubai. Kareena is a spirit and will only visible to Aamir khan!!!. I challange this movie to cross 100 crores…it will never happen..

  • 1st day 15 to 16 cr
    1st weekend 52 to 55 cr
    1st week- 90cr plus
    2nd week- 40 cr
    3rd week- 25 cr
    lifetime- 165 cr plus

  • KHILADI 786 ll rock. and also TALAASH.

  • Talaash suspense- Aamir is assigned
    to solve a case.. He is married to
    Rani.. Aamir n Rani lost their son in
    an accident.. So Aamir is disturbed..
    Kareena helps Aamir to solve the
    case.. Later he finds that Kareena is
    a ghost (bhoot).. Kareena was a call
    girl who was killed by 3 guys.. N
    only Aamir could see Kareena..
    Aamir himself killed her murderers
    but forgot because of his illness.. So
    Talaash = Karthik calling Karthik +
    Kahaani.. Wd horror effects

  • wah bhi wah king khan salman khan….aamir lied to his fans about the movie to be a suspense movieee…talash to bhoootiya movie hai bhai log

  • plz guys do not go by the predictions of indicine…
    it all goes flat after a while….
    plus Talaash ld be a gr8 movie ( hope so)
    bcz i was disappointed by JTHJ ( as i didn’t like it…)
    but has gud expextations from this one….

  • TALAASH Is Unoriginal Boring Film Pluses: Aamir Khan delivers fantastic performance as always, direction is tight and background score is super, Kareena Kapoor at her best and so is Rani, Nawazuddin and Rajkumar are good in supporting roles Minuses: 3rd rate copied script from Hollywood classics, bad screenplay and even worse lighting, songs does not add anything to the film Critic Rating: 3/5 Business Rating: 2/5 Verdict: Watch it for only and only for super performance for all 3 lead stars Detail Analysis: First of all tomake things clear, I just read couple of reviewsby some leading critic saying that it is not a copy of “KahaanI” or it is not based on the book and this is best suspense thriller made in India. Sorry, it is shamelessly copied from Hollywood, not from one but few of them. Aamir’s character can not sleep and he is a cop, so does Al Pacino in “Insomnia” directed by master Christopher Nolan. Aamir talks to someone and sees someone whom no one else can see, so does Bruce Wills in highly acclaimed blockbuster “The Sixth Sense” directed by M. Night Shyamlan. And undercurrent of the films including lighting and background score are lifted from Leonardo starrer “Shutter Island” directed by great Martin Scorsese. Plus you can see clear influence of earlier Farhan starrer “Karthik Calling Karthik”, an accident with a child and its haunting memory. So this was about the originality of the film. 2nd film does not offer any entertainment. It does not mean that film should had the item number or cheap jokes but film lacks any effort to offer anything new in a rather rosy style. Story is all all about a murder of one bollywood hero Armaan Kapoor and our Inspector Shekawat (played by Aamir) trying to solve the puzzle. In terms of performance, Aamir Khan is top notch as always and he gets into the skin of the character like anything. Actually he is the one who makes you sit for two hours. He lights up every shot with his genuine effort and intensity. Rani plays the character of Roshni perfectly in de- glam look. She tells us again that no one can act like her in a role which demands only performance. Kareena Kapoor as Rosy looks dreamy and fits the bill. Supporting cast is here awesome. Rajkumar Yadav as Aamir’s assistant and Nawazudding as Taimur lift every scene they are in. Nawazuddin deserves special mention for being consistent throughout his career until now. Background score is super but has clear impression of Hollywood inspiration and lighting irritates you not once but several times. Music is complete unnecessary and songs do not add anything to the film. But the real blame goes to writers, Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti who make a bad copy cat product which can’t be saved by even exceptional performances or good direction. Story never rises above the average and in the end you keep gasping for more. Director Reema Kagti shows her command over the medium but the script is so uninspiring that it does not matter beyond a point. She gives some amazing scenes to Kareena and Aamir but beyond a point it gives you good sleeping time in cinema. Overall film is saved by Aamir, Kareena and Rani but will find it tough at box office. Multiplexes might do favor to the film for few days but masses will reject it out rightly. It is not sad but bad film though that is also a sad fact! Go for this one if you do not watch Hollywood films often or an Aamir Khan fan!

  • Here ma prediction.
    If word of mouth is good in both multiplex and single screen
    opening -13 to 17cr
    weekend -50 to 55cr
    weekdays -40cr lifetime -130 to 145cr (Bcoz of competition )
    if good in multiplex and bad in single screen
    opening :13 -17cr weekend :40 -48cr weekdays :30cr lifetime :105 to 120cr if bad in both
    opening :13cr -15cr
    weekend :35 to 40cr
    weekdays :22cr
    lifetime :85cr to 105cr indi cine y didnt u post ma dis article in fo rum. .

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