Talaash Box Office: The answer lies within

TalaashA superstar’s film (Ghajini) becomes the first in the industry to net Rs 100 cr and sets a new benchmark at the box office. A year later his next release (3 Idiots) completely changes the rules of the game by collecting over 200 crores. What is more noteworthy a fact is that, till this point, no other actor in the industry has a 100 crore film. Quite unconventionally the actor has his next release after 3 years and thus the question of the hour develops: WHAT’S NEXT IN STORE – Another 200 crore film?

Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Aamir Khan and his current release TALAASH. With this write up we analyse the extreme reactions (both positive and negative) to Talaash and also its box office performance. The film has collected 46 crore and 67 crore nett over the first weekend and first week respectively. Looking at the drop it has shown over the weekdays and the dent that Khiladi 786 will make into its business from second week onwards, one may speculate that the lifetime business will be in the range of 90-95 crores.

For a film belonging to the suspense-drama genre, these are very good figures and more importantly there is nothing surprising about it either. Talaash was never expected to be record-breaking, and it was quite obvious before release that the film will completely rely on word-of-mouth publicity to cross 100 crores.

But, this is only one side of the coin. A section of the industry and the media has been speculating Talaash as Brand Aamir Khan’s comeback film after 3 Idiots as if Talaash was a born successor to 3 Idiots at the relay of ticket window. And that’s where we’ve gone wrong because it is such overhyped expectations that kill a film. It’s indeed facetious that trade pundits started predicting Talaash’s lifetime numbers to be above 150cr or 200cr as soon it was announced (forget about the first look). The release of Talaash’s trailer 10 months before its release only added fuel to this fire of anticipations.

The table below showcases what I’m trying to convey and how these vaunted prospects actually developed prior to the release of Talaash.

Last 3 films of Aamir Khan

Unfortunately, most of us are only interested in figures (rather records) without understanding the vitality of the last two columns in the above table. Frankly speaking, I don’t consider it correct to make comparisons between the above films because of the variance in genres. Superstars are god-worshipped in India but we must not overburden a good script with false outlooks.

Talaash’s performance at the ticket window also proves that every new film has its own capabilities and is disconnected with all previously released films in terms of trade. Yes, a Super Hit success increases the prospects of the star’s next release but only to an extent. In terms of acceptance, Talaash has done very well but its WOM is certainly below Barfi! & Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, two films in the recent past, which had a similar target audience. Thus, the drops will be more. At the end of the day, irrespective of the genre, star, promotions there is one Golden Rule that stays true always: “Audience acceptance is directly propotional to the moolah a movie rakes in at the box office”

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  • Fehmida. . . K786 has al item no. flyin actions, cars n al. . . Y its collection is lesser than talaash huh. . Dnt give excuses . . Good films are good films irrespect of genre. .

  • Don’t kid yourselves. Talaash has underperformed and how. Regardless of the genre, it was always supposed to take a good opening because of Aamir Khan. And it did. The opening weekend of 46.51cr is not bad at all. But the steep fall in the weekdays is what has brought about the disappointment. If it was a good film, like Barfi or ZNMD, it would have certainly earned more than Barfi. Even Barfi was released on a non-holiday friday and so did ZNMD. These films had the same target audience and were better films.

    And, why would anyone bring up MNIK is beyond me. It’s a 3 year old film, for fuck’s sake. The trade now is very different now than it was then. Earning 72cr so long ago is a better performance than earning 85cr now when the prices of tickets and no. of screens are so much more. Also, let’s not forget that MNIK lost a lot of money thanks to the Shiv Sena. So, MNIK was/is a better accepted film that Talaash. MNIK’s fantastic overseas performance also proves that.

    Please get new excuses, Aamir fans. Don’t bring SRK into everything. It’s not fair to anyone.

  • Cmon guys, we are talking about movies here. so hold your emotions at bay. we all are fans of the three biggest khans the Indian Film industry has ever produced. I have seen ETT, Talaash & JTHJ as well. I like ETT for the action sequences, I liked JTHJ for directorial skills of Yashji & Anushka’s acting calibre…and when it comes to Talaash, though I’m a big fan of Aamir, I somehow dint like the climax & the way such a beautiful movie script crashed introducing the underwater sequence with a ghost rescuing the cop character. Except that I have no complaints. Everytime a star creates magic with a 100cr or a 200 cr gross, his next movie will have too much hype. As fans even each of our personal likes/dislikes do matter. So lets accept that & love watching these great actors for now. Lucky to have them all in Bollywood. what say?

  • Talaash is an average film,but no one is comparable to sallu,he will always be on top!ek tha tiger earned 199 crore,not a joke althoug it was an average film!so now compare it with talaash!sallu will always gr8 due to his humanity!

  • Talaash was also inspired from many different films! The Sixth Sense, What Lies Beneath & whatnot. An offbeat film & non holiday release like Barfi did so well, crossed 100 crore nett. Whereas Talaash with all hype & biggest stars failed to get critical appreciation or good WOM. No matter how much people defend it, it is a disappointment. Even a Ranbir Kapoor film outshone an Aamir film?

  • Aamir is the biggest hypocrite. He is always changing his statements. While doing SMJ, he became an angel & during release of TALAASH he is demon.

  • So finally indicine estimates the lifetime of talaash as 100 – 110 crores in this kind of bad scenario i.e indicines wants to prove that talaash does a better business than diwali released old crap film.

  • @ whoever is ditching the movie..It is quite evident that the movie is crime noir genre and is/was meant for a select audience just like Kahaani was intended to (Multiplex audience)…Of course Kahaani proved this wrong with their theatre occupancy showing that public loves a well told mystery.. and I see the same trend with Talaash. It was always known that the seat occupancy will only be due to WOM or star power pull. And in both the cases, it achieved its mark . I just saw this movie yesterday and it was housefull. As usual Aamir’s acting is top notch. The movie had its flaws….yes but then again, name one move with no flaws.

    @ghajini…”Talaash was a horror movie” I want to laugh at youad your comment…Were you really horrified after seeing Talaash? maybe you should watch it again to understand what kind of movie it is? Actually no…go watch Ghajini again instead..maybe that will calm you down.

  • I think the story of Kahaani was such that it managed to keep me glued to the seat and look forward to what will happen in the next scene,like in Kahaani suddenly in one scene you see Bob pushing Vidya onto the tracks and right the next scene holding her hand back.But I felt this was missing in Talaash.Moreover in Kahaani,I felt it showed everything that was necessary to the story of Vidya Bagchi which was missing in Talaash.They could have easily cut out some parts of supernatural elements..But when it comes to acting both the films are at par because both the movies had a excellent ensemble of cast and realistic locations.The only similarity I found in both the movies is the opening scene…”shotti bolchi” showing glimpses of Kolkata and “Muskaanein” showing glimpses of Mumbai.I think these two cities were a character in itself in both the movies.But yes,the twist in Kahaani drew more of my attention that Talaash. But yes these two are very good films of 2012 in that genre.

  • nO oNe CrOsS 100 cRoReS In PuRe RoMaNtIc MoViE……………..


    cZ sRk Is D kINg OF rOmAnCe…………………….:)

  • if u consider zmnd is a hit film..budget 60cr..more mass appeling coz of youth oriented..den why u ppl dnt accept dat talaash is also hit..limited mass appel still it’s gonna beat zmnd in india..in overseas it also gonna beat jthj.budget of talaash less dan both znmd n jthj.

  • Fact: I’m not making any excuses. Aamir is a far better actor than Akshay who only acts in mindless comedies. Aamir is the best! Love him.

  • Talaash is FINISHED too just like Khiladi786.

    Talaash is around 77 crores Total BO collection so far.

    Talaash budget is 40-45 crores. It has to collect over 90 crores to be called a HIT. It has to collect over 105+ crores to call it SUPER HIT.

    Not happening. It will collect around 85 crores lifetime BO. it will be AVERAGE & wont be a FLOP.

    Right now its is still a FLOP.

  • @khan u some box office trade pundit or guru….75 crores + revenues that it has already earned plus overseas box office makes it a BLockbuster…… Aamir is champion and let me assure you his next release will make box office records not only in India but overseas as well….let Salman and Srk give a hit movie in this genre then i will accept aamir is nothing…i remember Suryavanhsam or Suryavanshi (salmans talaash or sort of hatke movie which bombed long time ago) and srk’s i dont remember has done talaash kind of film so first let them cross Talaash den i will call them KIng…..for now Kahaani has been overtaken in this suspense Genre by Aamir Khan which proves be it any Genre Aamir rules!

  • Fehmida. . .aamir is ma fav actor i love him very much. . But i didnt ask u abt acting skill of aamir and aki . . I quest u abt collection that u gave reason that if talaash had flying action item no. Etc etc then collection would be high . . Ans to respected quest. .

  • Kahani n talaash r in same gene,the former worked wt vidya n the latter wt amir nt so good.so amir’s fans dnt mak excuse.talaash a mastrpiece according to u lost to a crap ra.1 nw compair ur self the starpowr of amir n srk

  • INDICINE u have totally lost the freaking plot!!! wat is this article suppose to prove? and your comparisons amongst Ghajni and 3 Idiots does not prove F all!!! Why are you so up Aamir’s a$$$ so much!!!! I am not sayin the film is crap but it has a mixed reaction just like JTHJ, so why didnt u guys make an article for that film!!! to top it up u r promoting Dabanng2 so much especially in ur music review page? U guys of all people promoting a brainless film? Rang De Basanti had a moto A NEW GENERATION AWAKES i think but with these bakwas releases coming up HELL NO!! India will never move forward and thats a freaking fact!!!!

  • guys common,im from LA ,all my foreign friends loved talaash,they didn’t believed that its a bollywood release , its a film for wise peoples, cause it needs to be understand properly.. talaash may not cross the 100crore mark in india, but it has already done a better business overseas, it breaks the record of ETT and Barfi already

  • maisha you from LA but your english seems to be from gorakhpur (no offence) it needs to be understood properly not understand and peoples or people lol…and wat do u mean your friends loved it so its great…we in India are loving it to doesnt it make it great or do we need people of America to first like hindi movies or bollywood as you say in your country then only it will be accepted worldwide?

  • Movies such as Lamhe, Mujse Dosti Karoogi, did not do well at the box office. These were excellent movies. I would rather watch an artist at work.

  • Hahahaha ……….. I can see here few frustrated aamir fans , but i have one advice for all of them ” don’t compare THE LAASH to ETT nor JTHJ” ………….. Aamir cereer ended in 2009 , after that he give two disasters (DG & TALAASH) ……… Some peaple including indicine stuff r trying to cover the failure of talaash & they are telling many excuses , but they are forgetten that DON2 with same audiance of talaash & also released after the much negativity of RA.ONE crossed 100cr it was non holiday release like talaash ………….. JTHJ with huge compotition from SOS death of BALT managed to cross 100 cr ……… All in all srk & sallu are the only 2 actors which have three back to back 100cr grossers …………. The last thing that i’m willing to say to aamir fans is that TALAASH will not be hit whether they insult srk & his movies or not , so they must sleep long time to forget this awkward film.

  • @indicine this is my first visit & comment for long time , coz u become biased nowadays but i’m willing that u will be back to your previous situation & u will not delete my comment any more.


  • it is fair to say that Talaash was not completely a main stream film…..it is also fair to say that Talaash isnt an offbeat film…..however for the suspense genre it belongs to collections of more than 90 cr in India and around 50 cr overseas is very good indeed!!

    Yes, having seen the collections of Barfi, one expected a film like Talaash t cross 100 crores in India being an Aamir Khan film…..As Farhan Akhtar pointed out officially that the film has suffered due to its suspense being leaked online, audiences lost interest…..yes being an Aamir fan even I expected the film to cross 100 cr easily but maybe it becomes difficult for a suspense film to do so…..an apt comparison would be a dark suspense film from a superstar in near future…..remember Barfi was not a main stream film but was not really a dark film of suspense genre either……though its fair to say that Barfi did really really well…..more than expectations…

    Talaash is below expectations which r so huge from Aamir that infact it has dented Talaash because of its genre….as far as overseas is concerned, all three khans are very popular…..ofcourse srk is leading but its not as if he doesnt have cometition there…..if u see all three ETT, JTHJ and Talaash have done great business but it not as if JTHJ is miles ahead of ETT or Talaash…..remeber genre plays an imp role in overseas collections as well……so its not 3I goodwill but brand aamir that helped Talaash overseas…..anyway Talaash is a very good film ….

  • Talaash was a disappointment on all accounts. As a film it was at least supposed to cross 100 crore but it did not. Whereas an offbeat Barfi crossed 100. The film was not even the best film of the year, Kahani, OMG, English Vinglish, GOW, Barfi were all better than it and also rated higher on IMDb. It is a shame that Aamir came with this after 3 Idiots. Back to depend on Raju Hirani now!

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