Best Bollywood Movie – November 2012 (Vote)

From now onwards, we will conduct a poll every month to pick the month’s best film. 5 big films released last month – Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, 1920 Evil Returns, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Son Of Sardar and Talaash.

JTHJ SOS Talaash

Jab Tak Hai Jaan – Son Of Sardar – Talaash

Biggest Grosser: The late Yash Chopra’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan starring Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif was the month’s biggest grosser. The film collected Rs 120 crores at the Indian box office. Son Of Sardar, the other Diwali release, also collected more than 100 crores. Aamir Khan’s Talaash is likely to end it’s run at Rs 90 crore nett.

Critical acclaim: With 23 positive reviews, 3 average and 0 negative, Talaash was the best reviewed movie of November 2012. The film scored 69/100 on our review scale. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (Review score: 62/100) was well-received by the critics too.

Vote now for the best Hindi movie of November 2012! Vote now. Results will be announced next week.

Best Bollywood Movie - November 2012

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  • obiviously its talaash and i feel sorry for srk fans who knows that JTHJ was ridiculous script which does not exist in real life, and still they are saying oh it was really great movie. even critics give those points out of sympathy for late yashji. reason why talaash didnt get higher collections because, lot people already spent money on watching two crap movies sos, and JTHJ and lost intrest. no.2 talaash was less promoted. no. 3 it was still releasing with other two big releases. talaash is the best movie of the year

  • undoubtly talaash.1920 was also good others are crap specially that biggest crap jthj.because after that movie i was need to take 2 disprins for my headache

  • best movies in november:-
    3)1920 er
    4)luv shuv tey chicken khurana

    worst movie in 2012:-

    100)jthj!!!! lol!!

  • sallu fans aaj tumain critics ki bht yaad aa rhai hai q k tumaray beloved ki talaash audence k saamnay pit jo gai hai sallu k waqat tumain critics nazr nhi aatay shame on you doubl minded peopls

  • @ ahmed tel me one suspense genre film in india which has grossed more than talaash…even inflation adjusted….don’t speak rubbish….put srk in talaash & its lifetime collection will be 50 crore!!! hahahaha!

  • @ amjad tel me one suspense genre film in india which has grossed more than talaash…even inflation adjusted….don’t speak rubbish….put srk in talaash & its lifetime collection will be 50 crore!!! hahahaha!

  • @karan your brain may not be functioning properly. read my earlier comment and than tell me where did I mention talaash was realistic story. i said JTHJ was unrealistic story and as far as love story movies are concerend they should have atleast a story which exist in todays world like khabi alvida na khena or DDLJ but I know that even if it is the worst movie of srk you would call it a land mark movie. everybody knows that aamir acted really and talaash is best mocie of the year but still they will say JTHJ is a land mark movie

  • @tejas or teja what ever you are I am not srk fan. I am salman fan and i like aamir and his movies also. just hit your head in the wall and read my comment again one more time

  • To be honest, talash was a unoriginal boring movie..
    I was really expecting a awesome suspence but it failed, it just a ghost?? Come on man!! A ghost which only aamir can see and that ghost can do stuffs like a human being like taking things etc.. If she is having such abilities even when being a ghost why could’nt she kill all those three fools by her self who killed her?? I understand aamir’s part, he just lost in his sin’s death but that ghost thing was seriously lame..
    JTHJ was a beautiful movie while 1920 was the best horror movie India after raaz..
    SOS was good too..

  • @ akshay kumar..murder 2 is a thriller film idiot..also it is a franchise film!!!!

    u know difference between suspense & thriller??? first know that & then comment like foolish people!

  • @tejas put salman in talaash then u say it will earn 200cr ?
    how many money salman pays to u to write nonsense .
    talaash is bb but u only comment crap yaar grw up

  • Indicine are u kidding?i am a proud n diehard king khan fan but honestly Jthj is not only THE WORST MOVIE OF THIS YEAR but it is also THE WORST ROMANTIC MOVIE EVER made in bollywood history. Shame on u indicine to include a stinking garbage like jthj in this list and talaash is by far the best movie of last month and possibly one of the best movies of this year along with OMG & barfi but other movies like agneepath,rr,sos,ett, k786 are the craps of this year.

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