Taare Zameen Par Movie Review

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Aamir Khan’s directorial debut is reason enough to get excited and watch Taare Zameen Par. The movie sees Aamir in 3 roles Actor – Director – Producer.

Taare Zameen Par Story

The movie is about an 8 year old boy Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) who finds it difficult to match his world of colors, kites and animals to that of the others in his age group, who are more into studies and homework. When complaints start to pour in, Ishaan’s parents decide to set him off to a boarding school. His life is no different at the boarding school, oppressed and insulted by his teachers, he remains the laugh stock of the class. Now that he is away from home, he feels even more dejected, inferior and finds it tough to cope up with his inabilities.

Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan) gets appointed as a temporary art teacher of the boarding school. Unlike other teachers who follow definite norms in educating children, Ram makes them think out of books, outside the four walls of the classroom and paint their imaginations. Every child in class responds with immense enthusiasm except Ishaan. Ram takes effort to understand Ishaan and his problems. He makes Ishaan’s parents and other teachers realize that he is not abnormal but a very special child with talents of his own. With time, patience and care Ram succeeds in boosting the confidence level of Ishaan. He helps Ishaan in overcoming his inabilities and re-discover his lost confidence.

Taare Zameen Par Review

The story is unusual but not unknown. The message that the story tries to convey is already known to us, but most of us just remain ignorant to it. Aamir Khan, the director, has handled the delicate theme with dexterity and precision. He has not just succeeded in making every child a hero but actually helped us see a child in ourselves. Just like no man is perfect no matter what position he commands in the society, every child with both their ability and inabilities is special and talented in their own way. The movie isn’t just about a child suffering from dyslexia and his challenges, it’s also about how parents get carried away by today’s competitive world and fail to understand their child’s dreams and nurture their inborn talents.

Unlike any other enlightening entertainer which focuses more on the hero, Aamir has given the child more footage and captured every emotion deftly thereby focusing on its root cause and maintaining its significance throughout the movie. A number of sequences leave you moist eyed and you feel deeply attached to the child. At the end of the movie you are left speechless and spellbound. Music by Shanker – Ehsaan – Loy is great and lyrics by Prasoon Joshi are brilliant, they blend well with the movie.

However the movie is not without its share of flaws. The editing could have been tighter; it tends to drag a bit while being repetitive at times. A few cinematic liberties have been taken too, like how can the child venture out of the boarding school at night?

Taare Zameen Par Peformances

Darsheel Safary, the kiddo, delivers a knockout performance. His expressions, body language, eyes, dialogue delivery – absolutely perfect. The best lead performance of the year, deserves the best actor award. Aamir Khan as usual is excellent in a supporting role. Aamir fans could be disappointed to see him missing in the first half. Tisca Chopra is good. Vipin Sharma overacts a bit.

Indicine Verdict

Overall, Taare Zameen Par is a good emotional story with a message for the parents. The kids and parents will completely enjoy it. It was also pleasant to see the movie receiving a standing ovation while the credits rolled. At the all important box-office, the clash against another biggie Welcome would affect collections, but with strong word of mouth and Aamir Khan’s star power, the movie should be a winner commercially.

Rating: ★★★★½ MUST WATCH!!!




  • Hi
    taarein Zameen par what a movie really truely very good buetiful movie.That 3.5 hrs i dnt knw how i spent.Compltely involved in movie.Hats off to that little boy.Thanks Aamir for a buetoful movie.

  • Mind-blowing direction.
    Mind-blowing performance of the Darshan Safari and even Amir Khan too.
    Amir relaly proved himself a “Genius” and “A Dimond” from such a wonderful tasks.
    When there are so many movies full of “bollywood masalas”, seeing such a pure “art-centered” movie really gives a great pleasant.
    Even non-movie goers would be standing on que to watch it at the cinema hall.
    This is really so influencial that i request and am insting every one to watch this out.

  • hi,
    myself debanjan a photographer from kolkata.i have just spend the memorable three hour’s with amir’s Tara’s which actually landed in my heart.apart from that i think amir directed very well because every minute details regarding continuity he didn’t overlooked that is a sign of great director.
    the little champ acted so confidently that at one point of time i am convinced that he is suffering,which is something beyond good acting.
    best wishes for amir and his whole unit to give us a wonderful film and honestly i am looking forward for their next film.


  • Mind blowing story

    Superb performance by Amir and the little champ .

    first time in my life i was in tears after watching the movie it really touched me.

    Thank you Amir and God bless you..

  • I like the little boy very much . My best film ever watched.
    Im gonna watch again and again 100 times.

  • I want to say this again.
    I really want to meet the little champ.
    Hes so cute.
    Hes done great acting

  • Nothing like it…… hats off to Amir Khan….. He doesn’t know what he has done….. Wish you all the best….. ur at the pinnacle of ur ur best…. this movie beats all ur movies.

  • Aamir has never let us down & he has proved again in TZP. Aamir u r GREAT. Thank u from bottom of my heart 4 this masterpiece

  • i undersatnd that TZP is a good movie (not greatest, as someone said).. but why bash SRK. SRK has given wider range like OSO (biggest hit), CDI .. and all are hit. I am a big SRK fan, and though amir is OK, he is no way close to SRK. SRK is a phenomena. All ages love him.. Amir is more of serious…but even SRK was serious in swadesh.
    so my advice, just praise the movie he made, dont bark against other actors. i personally think it was good but not good finish and loose editing, 6.8/10.

  • i undersatnd that TZP is a good movie (not greatest, as someone said).. but why bash SRK. SRK has given wider range like OSO (biggest hit), CDI .. and all are hit. I am a big SRK fan, and though amir is OK, he is no way close to SRK. SRK is a phenomena. All ages love him.. Amir is more of serious…but even SRK was serious in swadesh.
    so my advice, just praise the movie he made, dont bark against other actors. i personally think it was good but not good finish and loose editing, 6.8/10.

  • TZP explains the genius work of Aamir khan..Aamir, a brilliant actor and now a classic director..He always took the road less travelled but proved those to be the successful paths..Hats off to Aamir…

  • this is the best movie of 2007 and best movie i ever seen in my life. thank to amir khan…u can not compare this movie because this movie is best .

  • Hi Aamir,
    It’s an tremendous movie,the child’s (darsheel)thoughts were very nice.
    his comparision that he gets with the calculation 3*9 to planets was very much interesting.
    ur role in boosting confidence to him was brilliant when he was on his way to baording school
    it really made me cry.

    TZP,a mixture of humour and emotionality was the blast of the year 2007.
    ishaan was gr8 wid excellent expressions.the script was good,
    also all the songs were good.
    “meri maa” was the best.very very emotional.i cried the whole film…jus could’nt stop.
    esp,when ishaan was sent to the boarding skool.
    aamir’s supporting role in the movie was awesum though he appeared in the 2nd half.the way he instilled confidence in ishaan was rocking!!this movie deserves a 4.5 stars.brilliant!!

  • My roya dharein maar maar kay during the movie,,,poora cleanex kaa daa dabba khatam hoo gaya sline water pooch pooch kay ….Aamir tusee great hoo …Biryani dee plate hoo ……Duniya mein anay kaa bohat bohat shukriya Aamir…..Kiya bhais badaltay hoo harr movie mein ….TZP mein mohak hair style bhai wah …
    Aamir aap gyani hein, daani hain, antar yami hein ,,bohat barey swami hein ,,,aap porosh nahin hain ….maha porosh hein ….mahan ……..Khuda kay wastey logon yeh movie dekh loo by God bohat achee movie hai ……Aamir aur Darsheel nay tou hadd hee kardee acting kee …..

  • once again aamir , u r the best , no one can be compared to u , u rock always , hats off to u loverboy , u r bets among all khans n u hav proved it , love u forever

  • superb,mind-blowing,fantastic……….
    truely speaking i m speechless after watching dis movie…………..
    aamir is just superstar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • to call this movie stupendous, amazing, brilliant is all an understatement.!! this movie goes beyond all this.

    Aamir Khan has lived up to his standards as n actor and has come up with a masterpiece!!

    every emotion was so relatable, every scene shot brilliantly.

    I wish i could write a letter to aamir and the kid personally:)

    great cinema!!

  • hello

    i was really in shoked to see this film and also was thinking that has it made by an acter who is directing first time ever and generally i was weeping.

    i think it is a best film i have ever seen

    and darsheel will become a super star i think he gave an occar winning performance

    aamir you are absolutely genius


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