Sultan Television Ratings

Salman Khan’s Sultan has set records on television, beating all other films that released this year. The Ali Abbas Zafar directed film has received about 15% more viewership as compared to the second highest of 2016 – which was Dishoom with 95.44 lakh television viewers.

While the ratings are lower than expected, Sultan was aired in the night on Saturday. It was also competing against other Salman films like Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun that were aired on rival television channels at the same time.

Sultan, which was premiered on Sony Max, is also the first film of 2016 to get more than 1 crore viewership. The film has helped Sony Max retain its top position as the most watched Hindi Movie channel.

Check out the Top 10 list this year:

  • Sultan – 1,13,10,000
  • Dishoom - 95,44,000
  • Housefull 3 - 78,16,000
  • Baaghi - 69,88,000
  • Sanam Re - 56,66,000
  • Mohenjo Daro - 49,43,000
  • Ghayal Once Again - 38,61,000
  • Sanam Teri Kasam - 37,01,000
  • Fan - 34,18,000
  • Neerja - 19,73,000
  • Airlift - 19,01,000


  • let’s have a overall career comparison between salman and srk according to For mpk, saajan , saanam beewafe, baazigar ,deewana i have followed old boi as they are yet to be updated.
    1 blockbusters
    salman – 12
    srk -10
    2 all time blockbusters
    3 highest grosser of the year
    4 hits
    5 all time grosser
    salman -1(all time top 3 11)
    srk-1(all time top 3 7)
    6 2crore plus footfall films
    7 3 crore plus footfall films
    8 200 crore plus adjusted net grossers
    salman- 11
    9 300 crore plus adjusted nett grossers
    10 highest opening day
    salman -6( solo-5)
    srk -6 ( solo-3)
    11 highest opening weekend

    this data proves all. Except hits and all time grossers salman leads srk in each and everything. Even in terms of all time grossers salman has 11 films in his carrer which has enterd top 3 grossers of all time while srk has 7. this list proves that in terms of giving huge blockbusters, huge grossers, generating big footfalls, giving solo record openers salman is miles ahead of srk. this is what i am not saying, statistics says that. you can go and check Who follows indicine later i will make a comparison according to that.

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan is a classic.You can watch it again and again and get teary eyed.
    Sultan is simply a one time watch.It was good but nothing extraordinary

  • comparison between salman and srk overall career according to indicine
    1 blockbusters
    2 all time blockbusters
    3 highest grosser of the year
    4 hits
    5 all time grosser
    salman-1(all time top 3 11)
    srk-1( all time top 3 7)
    6 total earning of all films
    salman-2950 crore
    srk-2099 crore
    7 average earning per film
    salman-2950/74=39.86 crore
    srk-2099/57=36.82 crore
    8 highest first day( available for 7 or 8 years)
    salman-3( dabangg, bg ,ett)
    9 highest first weekend( last 7 or 8 years)
    srk-3(ra one,ce,hny)
    10 highest single day
    salman-5(dabangg day1, dabangg day2, dabangg day3, ett day1 , bg day1)
    srk-3( ra one day2,ce day1 hny day2)
    more informations about initials are not available in indicine

    so the bottom line is you can follow indiicne or salman is not only ahead of srk currently but also in overall career. agar kisi me dum hain to meri ye datas galat prove karke dikhain.

  • Initial comparison between salman and srk .
    Srk has 6 record breaking opening day collections in his overall career. They are karan arjun, trimurti, koyla, main hoon na, k3g and hny. Salman has also 6 record breaking opening day collections. They are karan arjun, biwi no 1, dabangg, bodyguard, ett and prdp. These dats are according to because no one knows producer’s figures of 90’s films. Now if i talk about solo starrers salman has 5 record openers. I am not considering karan arjun. In case of biwi no 1, dabangg, ett, bodyguard, ett and prdp i am seeing no stars in the film who matches salman in terms of initial. If srkians say about biwi no 1 then karishma and anil kapoor’s solo starrers in 1999 failed to take initial even close to salman’s flop films like hello brother and janam samjha karo. Then why i will give them credit for biwi no 1’s opening. For srk i can’t consider ka, trimurti and k3g as solo starrers. In 1995 veergati, ddlj and raam jaane all opened in the similar range(55 ,57 and 62 lacks) and then suddenly ka opened to 80 lacks. Then why will i give srk the whole credit for ka’s opening. During the release of trimurti anil kapoor’s solo starrers used to take better opening than srk’s solo starrers. At the time of k3g hr was a bigger star , no doubt in that. Mission kashmir took a better opening than mohabbatein in clash. Not only that it took better opening than srk’s josh and pbdhh. IN 2001 ( release year of k3g) yaadein took a better opening than asoka and one two ka four.Now tell me in which logic srk deserves credit for k3g’s opening. But in salman’s five record openers there are no stars who matched salman in terms of initial. Now tell me can any srkian prove these data’s wrong. No. So shut your mouth. Salman has 5 record solo openers in his career and srk has only 3. That’s fact. You can shout the whole day but you can’t change this fact. Now you will say ce was a record opener and prdp was not but then i have to limit my discussions for the last 7 or 8 years. And even in that salman leads. Salman has 3 record openers according to producer’s( dabanng , bg and ett) and srk has only 2( ce and hny). Now if you ask me about mhn, k3g , koyla then please give me tha name of the website who knows the producer figures of those films.



  • Haha indicine don’t give excuses.. U said it was supposed to beat prdp viewership of 2.5cr.. The film was utter crap..It ran coz of Eid n 5day holiday weekend n every1 knew he won’t ve release till Nxt eid so may b ppl ve watchd it.
    Without eid movie ld ve grossed between 120-150 range.

  • @honest man
    OMG box office LOL
    Acc to same box office India:
    SRK was the top star of 90s.
    Acc to same box office India:
    SRK ranks biggest in all time list
    Acc to same box office India:
    Salman’s Andaaz apna apna opened 55 percent lower than Suhaag. Akki won him in Kyun ki and Blue movie too.

    @The beast
    Madhuri Dixit’s HAHK is more popular in rural small towns. Even Sooraj Barjatyas Vivah is equally popular there. DDLJ leads in town. In town areas even Mohra and Raja Hindustaani are ahead of 14 song Shaadki ki album

  • @Oldie Era Srk : When this fluke gonna happen with Srk? I guess it will remain unfulfilled wish in his career.

    The point is Sultan scared away Raees & Miyan Bhai and some fools predicting 400 crs if Raees had released. Let Srk get a solo release on Republic Day first.

  • Only illiterate illogical Fans wasting their time for watching this crap on telovision.. Honestly sultan is crap a movie.. Same typical Non actor masala types movie.. Story is also cliched & Also gorilla Type dance.. in my views even Akki’s brothers is better boxing movie than crap Loltan…

    Any ways eagerly waiting for Raees…
    Only 90 Days Left…
    Baniya ka Dimaag Aur
    Miyaa bhai ki Daaring

    #Fasal kerala

  • Top 5 highest TRP movies on TV
    B bhaijann
    Singh is bliing

    Singh is bliing>Sultan ?

  • akshay kumar have 6 movies in top 20 television ratings I guess now or 7 if housefull 3 also got a place . King of TRP

  • Don’t give baseless reasons for less TRP.
    Just admit that Sultan is OK type movie ,not so entertaining just like admin team and others hyped.

  • @honest man,Accoeidng to




    chal bhaag yahan se Bhojpuri.koi aukat nahi lallu ki,now he is a simply a recordless star,ha ha ha ha,rofl.

  • @ sss and feesal u both always make your fun

    Neither people are watching it useless srk in cinema or neither watching in small screen but still you both running your mouth like moron

    Aur kitna apni udvoge

    Had hai

  • This is because videocon d2h was showing Sultan from 7th october onwards continuously on their d2h cinema channel.Most of the people have already seen it from there

  • Too many bhai films that night but thats still a record so proud of bhai.


    Any data on what the other bhai movies tv numbers were????

  • I saw HAHK then Sultan at a later time. I reckon many ppl may have seen Sultan at a later time also as there were 2 showtimes here, 3pm n again at 9pm.

  • @Rishant :

    LOL Are u kidding me ? Go compare footfalls of both #HAHK and Paanwale Lungiya Le Jayenge you himself will get the Answer. #HAHK was declared as the biggest hit of ‘Modern’ Era, it was equally popular in Small centers as well as Towns, If it was only liked by the audience at small centres then it will never able to become the 2nd most watched movie of Bollywood (just behind SHOLAY) and don’t forget it was a Non-holiday release unlike some Paanwale Lungiya Le Jayenge ?…

    And if Madhuri was such a big factor in success of #HAHK as you are claiming then why the hell Hakla toh pagal hai and Devdas failed to get same type impression as of #HAHK ? I can’t see those ‘Madhuri’ starrers were even 10% successful as of #HAHK ?, Devdas barely recovered cost Inspite of having 2 brilliant actresses and Remake factor… And talking about Music factor FYI, Hakla toh pagal hai had ACE director plus the 2nd most sold album of 90’s (Behind Aashique), Kya jhaat ukhaad liya ??

  • It’s depend on gern and entertainment value people who botherd about fan rattings don’t forget marigold rating which was same gern like fan also dhoom3 kick and other movie didn’t got average rating in television some serial which is nowhere in term of content taking top spot so first you have to understand the criteria i think dishoom is doing far better score compare to sultan without doing any shor sharaba and when dishoom aired that time also lot’s of other programmes aired on tv same time which is not mentioned by indicine now it’s clear sultan take full advantage of eid and 5day extended weekend otherwise bajarangi is real actul grosser with wom or not other advantage like sultan

  • @rishant Those ranking are not made on the basis of boxofficecollections. Otherwise in 2013 no way srk could have been ahead of aamir as dhoom3 released on non holiday( first day) went on to beat ce’s opening day collections which was an eid release. My concern is only about boxofficecollections not the other things. If thinks srk is the biggest star let them think, but number’s don’t prove it.. According to salman has achieved much more than srk in the overall career. And last thing, if you don’t folllow there is no problem i have also made a comparison between salman and srk according to indicine. Even according to that salman is miles ahead. Problem for you srkians is that you stay in your own world and whenever somebody gives true datas you get afraid because you know very well you don’t have any facts to prove srk ahead so you can only bark like a dog. Salman has more blockbusters , all time blockbusters, hgoty, 2cr 3 cr plus footfalls, hits than srk in overall career, this is a fact. You can shout whole day but you can’t change it. Aur agar dum hain to tu jis website ko follow karta hain uske hisab se comparison kar , tab bhi tujhe salman hi aage dikhega , it’s an open challenge.

  • LOL 34 lacs phanka…. I’m laughing out of burst.

    Still the shamless idiots says he is global king, out of his last 5 movies only chennai express was a box office hit.

    ra-1 flop, phanka -disaster, ra-1 mahaflop, dilwale- flop,,,,

    Salman 10 back 2 back blockbusters another 2 waiting…

  • @Indicine I beg u pls publish this
    @honest man
    Wah abhi solo non solo ki baat karta hai. After Biwi no. 1 Wanted was his first solo clean hit, 10 years later
    Acc to Same BOI
    Your Bhais biggest hit HAHK had a disastrous 9 lakhs opening. (Acc to same Boi)

    SRKs flop Trimurti Koyla were record openers overall for more than 2 years combined. Ur bhais record opener Biwi no. 1 only 3 months.

    And if non solo movies dont matter, Saajan, HSSH, Jeet, Andaaz apna apna, HDDS and no entry too dont matter
    Overall careeraise dikhaya jaata hai
    Head to Head clash
    Don vs Jaaneman

    Weekend clash
    Chamatkaar vs Jaagruti
    CDI vs Marigold
    Shaadi karke phas gaya(Kyunki kartus nahi hai) vs Kavi alvidaa na kehna

    Openings of biggest hit
    DTPH(3rd biggest hit)-98 lakhs

    Acc to producers figure: OSO and Veer Zaara were also record openers.

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • @ Each comment of urs show ur immaturity .Where has BOI.COM give the rating of alltime and 90’s .It is partial till 1996 .Dont u know the meaning of 20 years i.e. till 1996 without Prdp and Sultan .Wait for total updation and comment

  • @honest @Sayar And i want to add some more in ur comments
    -Salmans Biggest hit HAHK came with A class heroine, Saman’s stardom after MPK=Aaditya Roy Kapoors after Aashiqi 2
    Salman role in No entry was only cameo(acc to Indicine) See botoom

    11 yrs tak Salman had no solo hit(Since honest man thinks only solo are important)

    SRK’s movies will be remembered forever. Salmans never

    Madhuri>>>>>Salman(Item dancer in 14 songs)
    Sunny deol>>>>>SRK(as honest doesnt like non solo)
    Whole last decade except 1-2 yrs
    Ab in data ko wrong dikha

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