Sultan Teaser crosses 3 million views and 50,000 likes in 24 hours

The teaser of Salman Khan’s Sultan has crossed 3 million views and 50,000 likes in 24 hours after it was first released on Youtube. Additionally, the teaser has also received about half a million views on Yash Raj Films’ official Facebook face, where it currently has 541,879 views.

The trailer of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo had also achieved 3 million views in 24 hours, but the likes were lower at 44,270 likes against 4,837 dislikes. The Sultan teaser has 50,741 likes against 4,598 dislikes.

Meanwhile, the top stars in the industry have also praised the teaser.

Aamir Khan tweeted “Outstanding teaser! Can’t wait to see it! Love. a.”

Shah Rukh Khan “Kya baat hai…Haryana ka Sher aa gaya…Sultan Bhaijaan”

Hrithik Roshan “Matlab ke Mindblowing. Salman Khan”

If you haven’t watched the teaser already, do check it out below.



  • Its a ok teaser not great….i admire salman doing meaningfull movies now nd will watch both raees nd sultan if they clash…but watch raees twice being a srk fan

  • Raees trailer in 10 months (300 days) : 62,000 likes
    Sultan trailer in just 24 hours (1 day) : 50,000+ likes

    Only Sultan this EID! No wonder why Raees ran away from clash in fear.

  • FAN trailer has 163,627 likes.. doesn’t matter. All we want is film to be liked by audience and if it does well at BO, it’s icing on cake.

    Can’t wait to watch FAN. About 40-42 hours to go before I watch the film. Huge excitement.

  • Usually Bhai is known as box office ka SULTAN rather than YouTube king. But this time he is rulling YouTube too. This is a clear indication that Eid ko TSUNAMI aane wala hain!!!


  • Srk ,aamir and hrithik all have radiculed the teaser …. !!
    It is not praise when hrithik say ” Matlab ki mind blowing ”
    I want the clash to happen for certainty !!!
    Raees vs sultan on this Eid too much fun !!!

  • Fan is releasing day after tomorrow. Sultan will release after 3 months. Still fan’s buzz is nothing compared to SULTAN.

    #Difference between Megastar and tiny star!!!

  • Even if they reveal the teaser featuring Bhai snorting and killing mosquitoes the views and likes would have been the same flooded with comments how nobody could kill mosquitoes as Bhai as how young he looked while snorting.

    Anyways waiting for Fan.Just 2 days to go for the moment we all have been for so many months.

  • Baaghi Trailer also got Huge Response after its release & also got Huge Number Likes but The Response is Mixed.
    The same thing Happened with DILWALE,
    HS 3 & PRDP Trailer but Response was Mixed.

    Here is the same thing is happening it is getting Strong Response in You Tube but everybody knows that The initial Response For the Teaser is Mixed\Slightly Positive not Hugely Positive or Terrific.

  • Congrats SALMAN and SULTAN team

    Biggest Fan Basses in The WORLD



    I’m a BIG fan of FC Barcelona

  • Nobody wants to see a criminal smuggling drugs, selling wine, romancing sunny leone on holy Eid.

    #Only SULTAN on Eid!!!

  • haters are afraid of Sultan after watching the teaser…Admit it or not,all haters are scared from inside… #SultanKaPunchOnEID

  • Look at these hypocrites.
    When trailer/teaser of an SRK movie creates record, they say online views don’t matter.
    And now, they are jumping like monkeys.

  • /*
    The trailer of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo had also achieved 3 million views in 24 hours.

    Indicine themselves have answered. Prem Bartan Dho ke aayo , too, created records, but at end of the day, we all know what kind of shit it was. Wait and watch. Sultana will also drive the same fate.

  • After seeing superb teaser of SULTAN Mr srk has decided to postpone his raeesa. Akhir BAAP baap hota hai aur beta beta hota hai…. Aur beta hamesha Baap se darta hain!!!

  • @Indicine : FAN is releasing in two days. No article on that. No article on advanced booking report etc. But you seem to be quite busy promoting a crap which is scheduled to be released after 2 months.
    Come on guys.

  • @Sweet heart srk movies and word Acting can’t stand together ! Samjhi Over Actor ki frustrated Fan .

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