Suhail Tatari shifts focus from small to big screen

Suhail Tatari debut film titled Summer of 2007 is expected to release in october. Sikandar and Gul Panag will play the lead roles along with Yuvika, Deepak Bajwa, Ashutosh Rana, Sachin Khedekar and Diya Dutta,

Suhail Tatari is a known name on the small screen circuit. He directed features for Surabhi (Doordarshan), and subsequently worked for many television soaps including Reporter (DD), Kanyadaan (Sony TV), Kashmeer (Star TV) and Don (Star One). The director now plans to make his full-length feature film titled Summer of 2007. ?It?s been quite a long journey. I wasn?t doing much of TV for the last 2-3 years. I wasn?t really excited about doing the saas-bahu saga?, confesses Suhail about the current scene on the idiot box. ?The last serial I did was Kashmir which was a political socio serial on Star Plus. After that I wasn?t doing much. I was kind of waiting to get into the right place, for things to happen and materialize?.

After a long wait the talented director has put on his hat and is all rearing to go. So what is his debut film going to deal with? The director explains, ?Summer of 2007 is about today?s youth. It?s about India which on one hand is very progressive and is moving very fast and living in the metro. And on the other hand it looks at life outside the metros. So it?s basically looking at the two faces of India through the eyes of the youth?.

The film will star Gul Panag along with Sikandar Kher, son of Kiron and Anupam Kher. Interestingly Sikandar and Gul were dating each other at one point of time. Incidentally Gul Panag made her acting debut with Suhail Tatari?s tele-serial ?Kashmeer?. So what will their character sketch in the film be like? ?I can?t reveal too much but the film is actually about five youngsters and each one has a different character. These five carefree friends have never faced an inkling of misery, courtesy a very hunky-dory childhood backed up by the fat, insulated pockets of their affluent folks. The friends represent today what is called Urban, Progressive India who are either indifferent to the ?Not so lucky? segment of the public or just simply don?t know that beyond their world lies a vast strata of misery and poverty. The film also has a love story but it is most unusual. Actually the love story has ended before the start of the film, but it converges into a more stable and mature love relationship by the time the film ends.?

With a youth-oriented theme is the film going to be another Rang De Basanti? The director quickly defends his stand ?Not really on those lines. Every two years there is a film which is youth-based whether it is Yuva or Rang De Basanti. So I guess they are grammatically in the same area that we are talking about. But each one has its own journey and own experiences.?

The film is written by Bijesh Jayarajan and Ritesh Shah and will be shot in Pune and Wai. Suhail plans to release Summer of 2007 post monsoons in October. Apart from Sikandar and Gul Panag who else stars in the film? ?I have Yuvika, Deepak Bajwa, Ashutosh Rana, Sachin Khedekar and Diya Dutta. We have a fairly talented lot. I have worked with quite a few of them on television too. The characters depicted are as real as the Metro Youth we encounter, their lingo, their sensibilities, their aspirations are all absolutely today?s. The young audience will identify with these characters in entirety.?

source: indiafm


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