Guddu Dhanoa denies working on Gadar 2

Guddu Dhanoa denies woking on the sequel to Gadar. It’s true that he is working with Sunny but it is for a movie titled ‘Victory’ with Zee. The female lead could be played by Vidya Balan, Bipasha or may be Kangana Ranaut.

Guddu Dhanoa is mocked by the insinuations that he has been signed for ‘Gadar 2’, sequel to one of the biggest blockbusters of all times, ‘Gadar ? Ek Prem Katha’! “But did anyone even bother to verify facts with me?” asks a rather amused film maker who just saw his ‘Big Brother’ releasing at the theaters.

“To say that I am making the film is absurd to say the least”, comments Guddu, “And especially surprising is the fact when news like this is beamed by reputed TV channels and newspapers without even speaking to me once.”

But there would have been some spark that would have ignited this fiery news? “None of that”, he says, “I have absolutely no idea that where did this baseless rumor originate from. The fact is that I am making another film with Sunny Deol with Zee and it has nothing to do with ‘Gadar’.”

Now this sounds interesting. So what is this film about? “It is actually a love story which I plan to name ‘Victory’, though I am still waiting to catch hold of this title.”

‘Victory’? Doesn’t it sound more like a name for an action film rather than a love story? “No no, that’s not the case,” he is quick to retort, “We are toying with different permutations and combinations and one of them could be ‘Victory Of Love’, as in ‘pyaar ki jeet’. I definitely wish to bring the emotion of a heartfelt love story in the title.”

Beyond Sunny, what else comprises of the film’s starcast? “It is only Sunny who has been signed so far though I just met Vidya Balan for the lead role. The female lead in my film gets to play a very powerful character and hence I need an actress of substance”, says Guddu who has so far been most famous for his action/drama/thrillers.

What if Vidya doesn’t fit into the scheme of things? Does he have a backup for a heroine? “I am also looking at Bipasha Basu and even Kangna Ranaut. In fact I am even open to a new girl as long she has that definite spark and shows promise.”

Errr, Kangana Ranaut? Doesn’t it seem like a mismatch of a pairing with Sunny Deol? “See, the only criteria of selecting a lead heroine for this film is that she should be a very good actor. It’s an extremely performance oriented role and it is inevitable to have someone who can pull off this character seamlessly. I would go to the extent of saying that this is a woman-centric role and all depends upon how the leading lady in my film acts. One slip from her and it would be a crash,” he says rapidly.

Sunny Deol has mostly been trapped in an image. Is this film a move towards proving his detractors wrong? “Nothing of that sorts”, he defends, “Sunny and me always wanted to do a film like this. This is when I narrated the script of this film to him and he said why not? Also the subject is such that either corporate houses would come forward to back it or it would be me. So I said that let me make this film and it was as simple as that.?

Most of his films so far have seen a Mumbai setting. Will this love story be any different? “No, it is Mumbai again for the setting of the film.”

So when do we see the film coming to floors and eventually arriving at theaters? “As I said, we are just waiting for the right girl in the project”, he explains, “Once that is done we can formalize rest of the things and get started with the shooting. But one thing that I can assure is that this will be a film that would turn out to be a new experience for all those who have been following Sunny-Guddu cinema.”

One can’t help but ask him about ‘Big Brother’ before wrapping up this conversation. Majority of trade has been calling this Sunny Deol film flop. “Ask them do they know about the film’s selling price”, he shoots back. “The film has earned for everyone involved and no one has lost money. Yes, it didn’t do well in Mumbai but in rest of the country it has earned, especially the North belt where it has done very good business. States like Rajasthan, UP, Gujarat etc. have seen very good collections. I would suggest that people check their facts before coming up with the report card of a film.”

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