Star Screen Awards Winners 2009 – 2010

3 Idiots and Paa have swept the Star Screen Awards 2009 – 2010. 3 Idiots won theBest film award, Best Director (Rajkumar Hirani), Best Actor Negative (Boman Irani), Best Actor in a comic role (Omi Vaidya) along with several others for Best Story and Screenplay. Amitabh Bachchan and Vidya Balan received the top acting honors winning the Best Actor and Actress awards. Check out the full list of award winners.

Best Film
3 Idiots (Vidhu Vinod Chopra – Producer)

Best Director
Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)

Best Actor
Amitabh Bachchan (Paa)

Best Actress
Vidya Balan (Paa)

Best Actor (popular)
Shahid Kapoor (Kaminey)

Best Actress (popular)
Kareena Kapoor (both 3 Idiots and Kurbaan)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role
Rishi Kapoor (Love Aaj Kal)

Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Arundhati Naag (Paa)

Best Actor in a Negative Role
Boman Irani (3 Idiots)

Best Actor in a Comic Role
Omi Vaidya (3 Idiots)

Best Child Actor
Pratik Katare (Paa)

Best Music
AR Rahman (Delhi 6)

Best Playback Singer Male
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Aaj Din Chadya – Love Aaj Kal)

Best Playback Singer (Female)
Kavita Seth (Iktara – Wake Up Sid)

Best Lyrics
Irshad Kamil (Chor Bazari – Love Aaj Kal)

Best Story
Imtiaz Ali (Love Aaj Kal)

Best Screenplay
Rajkumar Hirani, Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi (3 Idiots)

Best Dialogue
Rajkumar Hirani and Abhijat Joshi(3 Idiots)

Best Editing
Rajkumar Hirani (3 Idiots)

Best Special Effects
Charles Darby (Aladin)

Best Cinematography
Rajeev Ravi (Dev D)

Best Choreography
Bosco Caesar (Zoobi Doobi – 3 Idiots)

Best Action
Vijayan Master (Wanted)

Best Debut Male
Omi Vaidya (3 Idiots)

Best Debut Female
Mahie Gill (Dev D)

Best Debut Director
Nandita Das (Firaaq)

Best Entertainer of the year
Katrina Kaif

Lifetime Achievement Award
Javed Akhtar

Best Cast
Luck By Chance

Best Jodi (Star Plus)
Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan

Best Jodi (Decade)
Shahrukh Khan and Kajol



  • one more thing 4got to tell
    best jodi ( decade) SRk – Kajol
    have u seen any movie after K3G
    then how come they ???????
    shud be Katrina – Akshay or priyanka – Akshay
    come on grow up yaar ( star screen )

  • SRK AND SALLU BHAI both were present for this award but not together surprisingly both were seen praising each other others movie SALLU BHAI praised MNIK and called up karan johar to tell him promo were looking nice and on other hand SRK said he loved the VEER promo which he caught in london and said it’s a film on huge canvas last week

  • I am not an akhshay fan,But best Jodi of decade is Akhshay Katrina\Priyanka.Even though Salman n Ash were nominated but the best should have recieved 4 this decade.Listen all actors fans,this is what we salman fans have been pointing out always dat awards are biased to SRK n Bachan Family.What a joke Shahid kapoor got Popular Choice Award,Dil Bole Haddipa and Wanted were realeased same day and Box Office showed who is more popular.I know its for kamineey,but even Wanted overcomed Kaminey in business and then where is Aamir Khan of 3idiots.
    –Shahid Kapoor does deserve n he is my favourite after Salman,but few things don’t make sense at all.

    I will watch Screen Awards only for Salman’s Performance,else i dun care now who wins or not.

    @Adhideb ..Loved ‘Taali Maar’ Song 4m Veer

  • I think These awards really suck as Amir always used to say for them………And Now these guys don’t give away awards to Amir intentionally as He is the only one who has been more deserving for the awards this decade for his movies like Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Ghajini, 3-Idiots and the list goes on but he didn’t get any for any of these movies. That really shows the hatred for him by these judges. Now 3-Idiots winning most of the awards couldn’t get Amir best actor award…..Hard to Digest…….

  • waiting for another joke called FILMFAIR.i think they will give the best actor award to srk(billu),amitabh(alladin) or hrithik(nothing)………..:)

  • most popular shahid kapoor, what the hell yar is there any other than Aamir who is more popular, he deserves best actor for his outstanding performance in 3 I.

  • I’m sorry, but these awards were really bad.
    Best Actor
    Amitabh Bachchan (Paa) – he was good in this movie, but.. you have enough. let the new gen get them now, seriously. AAMIR KHAN was amazing! Salman Khan, wanted was phenomenal !

    Best Actress
    Vidya Balan (Paa) – are you kidding me? she didnt do ANYTHING, sat there, ignored Abishek, cried and hugged Amitabh. Well deserved there.. should’ve gone to Priyanka for Kaminey/WYR or Kareena for Kurbaan

    Best Entertainer of the year
    Katrina Kaif – this is by far THE BIGGEST JOKE. This girl cannot act if her life depended on it. In her 4 years in Bollywood, she hasn’t learned to act, dance or.. even do SOMETHING with her career. She’s only in movies to add glamour and beauty. Akshay brings her up, that’s IT.

    Shah rukh & Kajol, even though they are one of the BEST couples of all time in Bollywood, it’s not their time to shine. That was last decade. This decade should’ve been Preity Zinta & Saif Ali Khan, or Priyanka Chopra & Akshay …

    Best Jodi (Star Plus)
    Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan – ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW ?! To my knowledge , jodis are supposed to be like.. not father & son in real life ? (John & Abishek are different they were a gay jodi LOL)

    But this year .. Ranbir & Katrina, Saif & Deepika, Priyanka & Shahid, Saif & Kareena, Akshay & Kareena, AKshay and Katrina – there are MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY MANY better choices.

  • some awards are okay but amitab shuold not have got it for paa, like he is already established in the industry they should give it to others he had his time.

    shahid kapoor -best actor (acting in kaminey was superb charlie and guddu seemed like two different charecters)

    Salman khan/ abhay deol/big b: critics best actor
    salman knhan was really good,so waas abhay and big byou know if they want to give then criticxs but he acted really good.

  • heyyy
    wot a surprise aamir didnt get nothing???lollz do we care about these joke awards????wot the hell goin on man,i think kacch kaliya magazine should start givin awares and so maya puri!!wot a joke is screen??i think aamir should make film on awards and thier joker jury!!its obvious to audience that these awards does not have any credibility!!!!is there???the only positive thing was that sajid khan and her sister wasnt hostin!!!and salamans performance cant wait!!!

  • FROM TWITTER OF LARA DUTTA: The new promo for HOUSEFULL looks fantastic and funny! Akshay Kumar presented in a never seen before light! Movie comes out in May ’10!

    FROM SAJID KHAN:another very long day guys….final touches on the trailor….u guys will see it soooooon…have a gr8 day….b nice,only if u have to.

    But Is lara confuse when Housefull gonna released????haha

  • Nomaan:
    hru ? r u also in australia because u use a word ” mate ” which normally aussie poeple use instead of buddy or dude.
    another thing could u plz use ur sir name as well because it could be confusion between u n me and i saw some days ago another nauman as well.
    i put my sir name , which is sheikh but i dont know indicine didnt post that comment , so plz now u try i will appriciate.
    guys if u will see ‘ Nauman Sheikh’ then it means it is me and every one here know me .

  • It is pathetic to see the Bachchans crowing about “Paa” which is not even a hit. Box office India lists it as only a semi-hit. The sole survival strategy of Bachchans for the last 20 years (1990 onwards in fact) revolves around somehow being in the news – that is, ever since the senior Bachchan’s films started flopping right, left and centre (remember Lal Badshah; Khuda Gawah -which was touted by the way as his last film so as to make it run; Boom; Waqt; Ab Kya Hoga; Nishabd; Khakee; Cheeni Kum, Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Viruddh, Aladin,etc etc etc except a Chopra film here and there which happened to have other big heroes as well in the wake of Kaun Banega Crorepati. This is absolutely vital for them as Abhishek by all accounts is a flop and so being in the news somehow is imperative for getting him ad assignments at least. The same motive explains Bachchan lurching from one political party to another – the breathtaking switches from Congress to Samajwadi to Narendra Modi now!!! The Aishwarya connection provides the glam quotient necessary for being in the media. Sorry to say Amitabh Bachchan is no Bollywood Badshah despite a section of the media tring to project it as such. It is as false a claim as the bogus title of King Khan for Shahrukh!! Dilip Kumar who is aged 86 or 87 is the real Badshah – the all time great of Hindi cinema who was giving hits till as late as 1992-93 (recall Saudagar) without having the benefit of media hype or 24*7 channels which are the tools for creating false hype. He never chased the media to be in the news, never believed in plants to remain in the public eye, never appeared in ads and never indulged in political manouevres for self-promotion. Dilip Kumar is the ultimate in dignity and grace – something that today’s stars need to remember and emulate. Aamir Khan admitted as much when he recently cited Dilip Kumar as his idol. Madame Tussaud has done a grave injustice by ignoring someone like Dilip Kumar, who should, in fact, have been their first choice. Not that Dilip Kumar cares. The point is that he has shown tremendous tolerance and greatness in the face of such crass falsehood all these decades. No doubt about it – Screen awards are fake awards because it has a jury that is biased or worse, is it paid??!! It is ludicrous to claim – as one Mr. Anonymous has claimed on behalf of Screen obviously – that it is an award decided solely by the jury and not the “God damned audience or the public”. This is the height of arrogance.

  • unknown
    January 11th, 2010 at 9:27 pm
    waiting for another joke called FILMFAIR.i think they will give the best actor award to srk(billu),amitabh(alladin) or hrithik(nothing)………..:)

    hahahahahaha that was trufully funny since Hrithik did nothing maybe they will create something and called it star icon of the year

  • Great news, guys. The mystery of lopsided Screen awards has been solved. The awards and nominations were decided by the following 7-member jury: Jeetendra (actor); Abhishek Kapoor ( director – Rock On); Anurag Basu (director); Kunal Kohli (director); Nishikant Kamat (director); Sanjay Gadhvi (director); and Siddharth Anand (director). The point to be noted is that 3 members of the jury belong to the Yash Chopra/Karan Johar camp – Kunal Kohli, Sanjay Gadhvi and Sidharth Anand. Kunal Kohli has been rabidly anti-Salman Khan all through. This was clear from the way he used to review Salman’s films way bach when he was a film critic for some television channels. The fourth member Abhishek Kapoor is close to Farhan Akhtar, son of Javed Akhtar, who is not on the best of terms with Salman’s father. Clearly, the views of these four gentlemen prevailed. They would have given the award to Shahrukh Khan but they could’nt this year – he could’nt have got for Billu, could he? That would have been a scandal. So they did the next predictable thing – that is, giving the award to Amitabh. So much for the Screen awards and its credibility. Now you know why Salman was not even nominated. That is why Prakash Raj was not even nominated in the best villain category despite his fantastic performance in Wanted just because Wanted was a Salman film!!! He could’nt have with people like Kunal Kohli in the jury!! We know what we are saying will not be liked – but for God’s sake, this is the truth. So, Indicine please go ahead and publish our comments. Let the people of India know how awards are manipulated.

  • Masa:
    from 2010 Filmfare is starting a new Catagory which is
    Best Absent Actor of the Year.
    and award Goes to
    Mr. Hrithik Roshan……………..

  • masa you are absolute right

    sallu aur aamir joh kahi baar deserved karte tthe yaa hai unhe to nominate bhi nahi karte

    and this

    abhi…….k paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hooo hho

    kuch naa kuch new category bannakar inhe awards dilaate hai

    and srk ……to hai hi aissaaa ……….woh toh perform kiyaaa yaani ki usse koi naa koi awards de dengaa

    new category banaake

    the humare hrithik k paapaa roshanji bhi ………koi naa koi awards …banaakar dilayenge ,
    but altlest he deserved some time

    last one … javed akhtar ………every time a jury member …..

    he also make new category for farhaan baabaa

    and he even not have to purchased b’coz he is jury ……

    so, all above people are every year ready for purchasing or being a jury for the awards …other is more yash uncle and karan cofee

    always ready for srk………my name is publicity kaa baadshaah but i am not he box office kaa king


    but ek chance toh bantaa hai boss?

    kabhi rishiji,
    salim khan,
    naaser hussain
    ko toh jury banaaeeyae

    then see changes in these awards …

    but , when amitji ko pataa chalengaa k yeh bhetrin shaksiyat jury hai then what he is going to say

    paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………hoooooo hhhoooooooooooooooo


    abhi betaa……..

    what an idea sirji…..?

    but apnaa sallu bhai will say………

    ek chance toh bantaa hai bosss?

  • Scrap these awards. That is the only answer. The fraud in the guise of awards must be stopped. Why not give them to the highest bidder instead? At least that will be more honest. Screen awards have sunk to an all-time low this year, thanks to a most mediocre jury, that was clearly dominated by a biased gang of 4 whose affiliations to a particular lobby are well-known. It is truly shocking.

  • We have noticed that you are deleting messages that expose the truth and are critical !!! This is most unethical. Pl restore all messages sent in the last one hour or so. Were you pressured to withdraw the messages?

  • OMG!
    how can abhi and amit win the best jodi award? man how can they?
    i agree with nazeer katrina and akshay should get the best jodi award this year.
    and i’m sick of this BACHAN FAMILY. i just can’t stand them anymore.

  • Which were the messages you deleted today? We believe they were telling the truth!! We are dying to read them – please restore urgently. Otherwise, Indicine will lose all credibility as the Screen award already has.

  • I agree with Aruj that we all are sick of this flop Bachchan family which wants to be in the limelight by hook or by crook just to keep the flop Abhishek afloat. There is no other explanation for the awards being bestowed on them at this juncture. Pl stop this farce, Screen. You have already lost all credibility at one stroke. And please don’t call them the first family – they are not. It is really sad that the media has become a purchaseable commodity today.

  • I think these awards are nothing but purely biasness for every big star. Abhay Deol was superb in Dev D as compar to Amitabh in PAA. This is only shit happened in screen award and it will continue in others awards.

  • agree with most of the awards except the jodi award..the chemistry b/w the bachchans wasnt the crackling one like the sarkar,cmin to the best actor big b deserved more than anybody else and im happy he got it..i come to this site occasionally and see bachchans being thrashed by everyone and the sallubhai being praised by evryone ,,i dint get.. it is it an antibachchan site could one compare the acting skills of salman and bigb..itz insane..guyz grow up ..paa is one of the best movie of the last yr to be released and bollywood is blessed to have a genuine actor who can slip into any role with top5 movies of the last yr
    1)dev d
    2)3 idiots
    5)wake up sid

  • I forgot to add best film of the century – dulha mil gaya(kyuki isko dekhkar amritsar se amrica hil gaya)…….:-)

  • Wow what a award ceremony I am not at all disappointed, they have did it once again what they did from years, money spinners, political, influencial always get awards if there were true awards then how can actor like Dharmendra never get a single best actor award in 50 years carrer after giving more than 50 silver jubilees including golden and platinum jubilees as well, as a main lead. Remember he was a lead hero and not Amitabh in sholay he reccomended Amitabh.
    Jodi of the decade Shahrukh – Kajol a big joke Its all the way Akshy kumar either with Katrina Or Priyanka.
    I think this is the reason why Big names like Aamir Khan, Sunny Deol and Ajay Devgan not like to come 2 these fixed award ceremonys.
    Best music every time cannot be A R Rahman, I was surprised in 2007 when in almost every popular awards went to guru, Now i am not able 2 remember any song from guru that year Om shanti om and jab we met, welcome songs were super super super hits but nothing new dint happend. If they judge by different or extra ordinary work then this year it should be Dev d’s Amit trivedi or popularity wise Ajab prem ki gazab kahani or love aaj kal. I too like A r rahmans work no dubt but there r others also yaar. As far as best actors Aamitabh won it for his brilliant performance but I think Abhay deol should have won something for Dev D come on yaar.

  • @Hina- it’s nice dat u lyked d video… hav u chckd out d latest dialogue promos, they r just awsum!!!!

    Personally i thnk shahid deserves an award, but i cdnt believe he won d popular choice award, not salman…. what funny is shahid is more popular dan salman, n we hv 2 blv dis…. bullshit!!!!

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