Shahrukh Khan now has 6 million followers on Twitter

Shahrukh KhanShahrukh Khan now has 6 million followers on micro-blogging website Twitter. The actor, who has been active on the social networking platform in the last few months, says the love of his fans goes beyond numbers.

“Thanks for the six million. Our love goes beyond numbers. Wish you all happiness beyond count and love beyond measure,” SRK tweeted on Tuesday.

The superstar tweets under the @iamsrk handle. He current has 6,002,972 followers.





  • Akshay is better than shahrukh. He does better movies than him and akshay is better actor as well. Shahrukh looks too old now and looks like uncle with ugly face. Akshay looks handsome and rocks with his four-five movies every year.

  • Salman has 63% fake followers.
    Amir has 57% fake followers.
    Shahrukh Khan has 42% fake followers.
    Result by -TwitAudit-

  • Srk twitter fans 6 million
    salman twitter follower 5.6 million just behind from srk
    in facebook srk just 5.5 million fans and salman have 11 million it,s double from srk

  • immediately… one less opting out….hes not interesting.. writes only about sleep and how much he misses it

  • BIG DEAL!!!!!!!! Akshay kumar has 4.8 million followers…very close. he’ll break this record in 2014. any bet???

  • I am just praying he doesn’t stop tweeting that’s it.after a few week,I thinkhe will cross big b ‘s number.problem is he takes 3-4 month of in every year.

  • Week One

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 105.37 crore

    Chennai Express – 139.70 crore

    Krrish 3 – 122.11 crore

    Week Two

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 44.75 crore

    Chennai Express – 38.15 crore

    Krrish 3 – 42.86 crore

    Week Three

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 19.60 crore

    Chennai Express – 16.14 crore

    Krrish 3 – 8.67 crore

    Week Four

    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 6.60 crore

    Chennai Express – 5.73 crore

    Krrish 3 – 2.54 crore


    Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 178.84 crore

    Chennai Express – 207.72 crore

    Krrish 3 – 176.18 crore (4 weeks)

  • krisshh figure mavbe there??????!! not realyy maybe around 150 .. cos it was a bad film and universally disliked.. only the curiosity factor took people there but after watching the movie the reply always was that it is a bad film

  • @megha For your kind information,Krrish-3 is the most watched trailer…That’s why,Krrish-3 received ATBB..If u have emotion then krrish-3 became ur best film..But unfortunately,u have no emotion..

  • I guess you know that count is only for Twitter followers. Shah Rukh Khan’s following goes far far beyond 6 million around the world. But, as he said, the numbers are not as important as the love (which comes from all who love him and from him to all who love him). It’s for certain that, because of the depth of the type of faith he has, there is a divine entity supporting his endeavors to fulfill his determination to be the Mega Superstar, rich, & powerful man that he has become. Still it’s fascinating that one imperfect human’s need for love generates so much of it from sources all around the earth. (He may not believe that has anything to do with it, but the theory is too delightful to think about for me to quibble about it’s validity.) Let me just say, it’s as endearing to watch all the love being transferred to and from him as it is intriguing and awe-inspiring. It’s a thrill when he is happy because he makes so many other people hopeful and happy as well. Peace and Love to all!

  • @ vivek.. Yup, most viewed trailer… and probably that is the reason why it crossed 150 (hype).. apart from that movie is just ok…. Rakeshji badly wanted some big figures so as to match up wit Trailer views … So he started manipulating… but the fact remains k3 is the 5th highest grossing movie – domesticaly

  • @srk haters SRK has only 1 social networking account..i.e, twitter account and all other on fb are fake accounts…haters need to understand that….SRK IS THE MOST POPULAR MOVIE STAR ON PLANET EARTH…ahead of tom cruise,brad pitt etc as per BBC poll….

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