Dhoom 3 will create 300 or 400 crore club: Imran Khan

Actor Imran Khan, who was recently seen in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, feels that his uncle Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 will create the 300 crore club in Bollywood.

“I think, there will be some new club. Rs.200 crore club has already been made, and for this film there will be a Rs 300 – 400 crore club,” the actor said at a Bru coffee contest event.

Aamir is the founder of both the 100 crore (Ghajini) and 200 crore (3 Idiots) club.

The actor also said that ‘Dhoom 3’ also has some of the best action stunts ever seen in Bollywood.

“I am very impressed with the action sequences. As a guy I like action films, but till today I have not seen any Indian film with such amazing standards of action scenes. I was very impressed,” said Imran, whose latest release finished with lifetime collections of less than 15 crore.

Some photos from the Bru event below. Have a look.

Imran Khan Imran Khan

Imran Khan with the Bru Coffee contest winnersImran Khan with the Bru Coffee contest winners



  • movies never worked due to actresses that,s why gtpm do business of 15 crors because it didn,t have big director and big star and yeah d3 will do great business my money is on d3 it,s good for Bollywood that every record is not safe after every release i will be not fraustrated weather it will break ce or k3 records for me important it,s is that srk movies should do great movies and should take b town to another level iam expecting from d3 to become best movie of the year but first 2 movies of the franchise were stylish but not good movies expecting good movie and yeah i have notice some people that ak,s expressions were not good do you really know how will be his character so don,t say any thing

  • As per BOI it will be 220-230 Crs & as per other websites it will be 270 -290 Crs. 300 Cr is highly impossible…It will need another 3 years for 400 Cr club…

  • Gori tere pyar mein was a good movie, a lot of box office competition killed the movie otherwise it could have done so much more. Imran has improved a lot as an actor in his past few films. He just needs a perfect script to turn his fortune around.

  • whatever Imran said will be true as per my estimate… but what the point of mentioning “his last released collections wrapped in 15cr lifetime” Did he was talking a movie in which he is acting? he was talking about biggest brand Dhoom franchise and Founder of 100cr & 200 cr Aamir Khan, grow up indicine, this site loosing my trust again and again………

  • I don’t know whether he said it jokingly or not, but 400 crore in domestic market is not possible today, even 300 crore seems to be an uphill task, but 250 crore is certainly possible.
    Dhoom 3 has potential to collect 250 crore nett domestically, and 500 crore (gross) worldwide. Lets see if it does or not.

  • i’m repeating what i told few months back….remember..the movie’s director is Vijay krishna acharya who directed Tashan!! sanjay gadhvi directed dhoom part 1 &2….so ppl with commonsense can imagine well, the fate of D3.

  • @praveen yes the director’s first movie Tashan was flop, so what Akshay’s first movie was a flop and now he is one of the leading star of current time and Akshay was star in that movie, don’t forget D1,d2 story and screenplay was done by Vijay Krishna Acharya. @vivek did Hr and Aishwarya started dhoom series, if someone want to give and deserve more credit than It should be John,abhi and Uday when Dhoom was released no one was the popular star or crowdpular without any promotion this movie collected 30cr that time due to its content and John’s wonderful work, hritik and aish just cash on that and because of their stardom its become popular, and now Aamir and Kat are cashing those success and will make this bigger blockbuster, the moral is the biggest reason of Dhoom franchise success was forgotten, John,abhi and uday’s contribution is neglected and Hr fans comment like that their Hr started this Dhoom series, grow up moron whoever your fav actor but give the credit to the person who deserves more.

  • @rohit, not agree with you this time because if ce can collect 200cr with multiple release with each week, k3 official figures if we believe of 244cr happen with 2 open week, why there is no possibility of 300cr, if movie liked by audience than there is strong chance to collect 300 cr with 5 open week, till jan24th there is no big movie releasing in these period so if movie liked by people than sky is the limit for the movie, hope for the best.

  • If K3 could break records, i guess D3 has a chance to do even better, because comparatively Dhoom is a bigger franchise than Krrish.

    Lets see anyways, the buzz is steadily building up.

  • @ Aks, i agree, Dhoom 1 is the best of the previous two, and my favourite. Lets see what AK and KK has in store in 3rd installment.

  • @Aks – I didn’t say 300 crore is impossible, I said 400 crore in impossible and 300 crore is an uphill task (very tough) not impossible, everything will depend on the contest as you said which has to be very good like 3 Idiots.
    By the way Dhoom 3 will have 3 open weeks, because it will face some competition from Dedh Ishqiya and Yaariyaan from Jan, 10th. Though, I will be very happy if it collects over 300 crore and set a new benchmark for upcoming biggies.

  • I request Imran khan to see Vidyut Jamwals movie Commando, the action sequences in that movie are better as compared to Dhoom3, the stunts were simply outstanding and never before seen in bollywood, I had not seen that movie in cinema when it released, however I saw the movie on DVD. mark my words, vidyut jamwal is the next action hero who truly deserves his place in Bollywood.

  • Let him start getting in to 50 cr club before talking about other people…. Imran should start looking for an alternate career quickly.

    The only way Dhoom 3 can reach anywhere near 200 cr is to follow Krish 3’s path and start a master manipulation of numbers. Amir is a great actor, but as a dwarf master criminal… well!

  • Coming from Salman,Hrithik or Shahrukh,this comment would have been legible.
    But Imran dear,focus on your career first and do some good work.Make your uncle proud not the other way!!

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