SRK’s performance at Apsara Awards 2012

The 7th Chevrolet Apsara Awards was held at the Yashraj Studios in Mumbai on the 25th of January 2012. Several stars performed at the awards ceremony, but Shahrukh Khan’s performance was easily the most anticipated.

SRK donned a Chicago style gangster avatar as he rolled out a fantastic performance complete with stunning girls and a criminal theme. Shahrukh then pulled out all the stops as he took the stage with an act that was fashioned around his character in Don 2!

Do watch Shahrukh Khan’s performance at the Apsara Awards and tell us what you think in the comments section below

Part 2 – SRK’s performance at Apsara Awards 2012



  • Can’t fault his performance. It is effortless as usual! SRK is the’ Master of Cool’. His charisma appeals to both sexes as is evident in the audience reaction. Only wish I could have been there!!!!! Could watch this video over and over…..

  • @aashkaran you say rest do p.t on stage? First watch their screen presence on stage. Especially salman, just search on you tube his performance is most searched on it. Think before saying anything. And stop praising your so called king like blind.

  • haha…you can also check king khan(shahrukh khan performance)….in youtube…poooonit…:D…den com to tlk…if salman khan had stage presence den y olways srk is choosen for the most of stage or award shows….srk is intellegent wid charm…nt only smart n also wise….
    sallu has only heroismm nthin much..n this is truth…

  • Bakri jada stage perpermance isiliye karta hai kyonki usko pise k badle award chahiye.wo ghamandi hai.isiliye uske fans kam ho rahe hai.raone aur don2 flop hone k baad bakqi ki izzat nahi rahi.bollywood me karan johar k alawa bakri ka koi dort nahi hai.yashraj ab salman k sath hai.bakri to khud ko kos raha hoga ki ku wo actor bana.salman ki tarah tere naam wanted jaise role to nahi kar sakta. BAKRI KO CHULLU BHAR PANI ME DUB KAR MAR JANA CHAHIYE.

  • @zicmuzic i agree that srk deserves awards..but performance wise salman is best. although srk is good, but salman always brings some thing new in his act. he may not best in dance but he surely knows how to rule on stage. If you are little bit sensible then you’ll accept that.

  • @zicmuzic and let me tell you one more thing. Salman always get main event performance, when he’s performing. Even if your king is there. Eg star screen awards 2010,2011 and many more. Just check on you tube. Then talk.

  • @puneet jara youtube pe check kar ki kaise srk ne zee cine award 98 mein apna award sallu ko bheek mein diya tha then talk

  • @ srk they were just having fun and making fun of award speech. Yr un dono ke expression se saaf pata lagta hai. Mere khene ka bas ye matlab hai ki there’s no doubt srk deserve awards because he works hard but salman definetely performs better. That’s it . You can’t say other actors do p.t on stage. Salman may not be the best actor or best dancer but he surely knows how to overcome his weakness. That’s really a great quality. And by the way srk is best,

  • mon srk je t adore tu et sublime mon king dans tout ce que tu fait ! tu et trop beau mon amour !! je taime tres fort ! aplus !

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