Agent Vinod in Pakistan: Banned

With just two days for its release, Agent Vinod has been banned in Pakistan by the Islamabad censor board. The board feels that certain references to the ISI (Pakistan spy agency), may hurt the sentiments of its citizens.

While Saif does confess that there are some negative aspects shown about the country, it was not done to offend the viewers, as they do constitute a large chunk of audience.

On the other hand the decision by the board has not gone well with the audiences in Pakistan, who are quite disappointed that the film wouldn’t be releasing in their country. Multiplexes have stopped issuing tickets, and the posters have been removed too.

Agent Vinod faced another controversy as an Iranian band ‘Barobax’ sent a legal notice, for copyright violation of the song Pyaar Ki Pungi. Dinesh Vijan, the co-producer claims the track is original.

Directed by Sri Ram Raghavan, Agent Vinod will be releasing this weekend, all over the world except Pakistan.



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