SRK’s grand entry on Sabse Shaana Kaun: Photos

Shahrukh Khan made a grand entry on his latest television show ‘India Poochega – Sabse Shaana Kaun?’. The concept of the show was simple and Khan was at his charming best, especially with the ladies on the show.

His entry on the show was choreographed byShiamak Davar and it included some of his most popular songs in recent times like ‘1234 – get on the dance floor’ and ‘Indiawaale’.

We have a few pictures from his performance. Have a look.

SRK's Shaana dance moves on India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun

SRK’sgrand entry on the launch episode of Sabse Shaana Kaun

SRK performs at India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun

SRK performs at India Poochega Sabse Shaana Kaun

Shahrukh Khan's performs

Shahrukh Khan’s performs

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • Salman as a guest in IPSSK –

    1st question – Stalin ki remake mein aisa konsa scene tha jo ki Terminator and Avatar ki watt laga di – (a) Sunil Shetty with a tank in road.
    (b) Sallu’s robotic expressions.

  • Our Global King aka Youtube King should only do shows for Youtube coz thats where his billions of fans hide….

  • What the hell?
    How many posts will there be related to SRK on this site?
    It is really becoming a pain.
    What’s so special in this entry?
    The show is so mediocre, I had a headache half hour into the show. It was boring, slow and poorly presented.
    And the stupid antics of Sarook and specially contestants made it even worse.
    Just like his movies, Sarook’s TV shows are also a pain in the arse.
    God save India.

  • Be it SRK’s entry or his performance or his show, everything was King Sized except one of those 2 male contestants !!

  • luv u king.waiting for ur dilwale…!

    my fav akki film is heyy babyy bcz it was shot in my country Australia and had king in a special appearance..!

  • thanks INDICINE for posting SRK-articles daily . Otherwise we Bhai-fans would have left your site . Our only aim in life is to bash SRK . So keep up your good work .

  • I think lifetime collection of ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun’ will be 10 crores .
    oops … did not know ‘Sabse Shaana Kaun’ is a TV show , not a film .
    As I am a ‘real’ Bhai-fan , so my comments are always sensible !

  • we srk fans r feeling very hot nd wants fan to release this month only ,we hv also taken out our lungi to do dance like srk it makes us feel gud nd comfortable in this hot weather nd if fan will release then we will feel cool also as it will give fresh air inside our lungi when we dance nd then we will hv more reason to luv srk nd our lungi as he is the only 1 to start this lungi trends in india nd made us realise how important this lungi is in a life of a common man nd now we r waiting for fan to do something great like this again.
    Dont underestimate the power of a common man , mind it.

  • Sabse Shana kaun is very much entertaining but not as like KBC.ti be honest this show is litlle boring if it could have been hosted by some one else.but it is hosting by KING KHAN ,so I just felt wow at each moment of the show.even though it’s a game show still KING KHAN couldn’t stop HIMSELF being romance by all the beautiful ladies.such a pleasure giving show I’ll watch daily .very much entertaining.

  • Aamir sir on IPSSK –

    1ST QUESTION – Hum chair pe baith te hey…Lekin Aamir sir chair pe khare kyu rehete hey – (a) Suicide karne ke lie jump marenge.
    (b) Apne bathtub pe scuba diving ke lie jump marenge.

  • @sarook ka fan
    That mean you watched the show….I didnt watch because I dont have time because of my schedule but even being a hater you watched for haf hour…I dont like salman and even change channel when his promos come on Tv….Means King Charisma made you to sit half hour….It was expected as king is king.

  • And another thing if you dont like Srk articles just skip them ..there are many other but I know you cant skip it as King Phobia is everywhere

  • Wow what a chemistry between me and the person trolling me(sambuddha) ..Both commented at 3:20PM exact!!!

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