Manoj Bajpayee in Hansal Mehta’s Aligarh: First Look

The first look of Manoj Bajpayee in Hansal Mehta’s ‘Aligarh’ has been released. There are reports that Bajpayee will be seen playing the role of a gay professor, along with acclaimed actor Rajkummar Rao who plays a journalist.

The image (below) has Manoj dressed like a professor with grey hair,  overgrown beard..  seated on a chair, deep in thought.

“We wanted the first look of Manoj’s character to be impactful and create just the right amount of curiosity amongst the audience. Manoj is a fantastic actor and he embodies the trials and tribulations that his character in the film goes through. I’m extremely happy for the way the film is turning out” Hansal Mehta said.

Producer Sandeep Singh added that the film is based on a true life incident, one that has left a deep impact on people.

“This film is based on a true life incident. One that has left a deep impact on people and we wanted to achieve the same with the first look of Manoj’s character. The film is turning out wonderfully and we really hope that with this look, audiences can see what we’ve been seeing. This is just one of the many aspects of the film and we are eager to give the audience more glimpses into our film gradually.”

Check out the first look of Manoj Bajpayee in Aligarh.

Manoj Bajpai's look in Aligarh

Manoj Bajpai’s look in Aligarh



  • Looks great!! Manoj is a fantastic actor and he should work in films like this instead of wasting his energy in crap films like Tevar with talentless actors like Motarjun kapoor.

  • Manoj Bajrapayee did great work in tevar ……….!!! ……. Wow ……

    But it flopped due to only one man ……. Who is just a let down …… The most flop…… actor arjun kapoor …!! …… Haha

  • He probably gets a lot more money from doing films like tevar which is why he does them – nothing wrong in that…

  • @indicine, is it a remake or original script? coz it sounds similar to Colin Firth’s a single man

  • Manoj is a great actor who shouldnt get criticised for taking easy money to star in crap films like a Tevar coz our King has made a career of charging extortionate fees to star in crap movies one after the other…

  • No doubts some buddha is gutted Arjun is not starring as the pupil in this movie as Arjun knows very well how to ‘give’ n ‘take’ after his inglorious stint at the AIB roast…. Role was tailor made for him…!

  • @Ajay rocks…I think u ryt I have d same feeling.. May b little amendments n inceptions but I think d main theme wild b of.. CF s Single MAN.

  • What can I say about manoj bajpayee….excellent actor so vertslile intense…..same level with Irfan Khan Club members(though very few).
    1971 partision movie most underated Manoj movie!!

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