SRK’s FAN co-star Waluscha De Sousa in Shift’s SS 2015 collection

Shahrukh Khan’s FAN co-star Waluscha De Sousa still manages to look stunning at the age of 36!  The model-turned-actress, who will make her debut in Maneesh Sharma’s upcoming film ‘FAN’, is featured in designer Nimish Shah’s Shift’s SS 2015 collection.

The photoshoot was arranged by ace photographer Colston Julian.

Source say, the video was shot at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.

Watch the video and also check out the photo!

Waluscha De Sousa

Waluscha De Sousa



  • Aditya seems to be very afraid and confused about Fan. He knows about SRK’s limit. So he is not leaving any chance. God bless Aditya.

  • Eagerly waiting for Fan Raees and Dil Wale all the three movies of SRK.
    Love u Sir SRK.

  • My most awaited movie of the year….I expect 50cr opening day for dilwale…but I expect fan will far more superior product than dilwale…..I knw hny was crap….but I am die hard srk fan I will always go for day one for his movies. ….

  • 1 word HOTT… she will provide anthr dimention to FAN..manish sharma cant miscast.. so gud luck srk n his fans.. srk needs bettr films than CE n HNY he is loosing overscese audience … salman will catch him this year overscese too…

  • haha the name of the collection is ss

    now my dear friend @sss who is a king fan will definitely b happy to know this

  • well I do not find her to be stunning at all, may be my choice, but that’s how it is…. for me atleast

  • she is too damn gorgeous!
    nice yaar! this lady will make her debut opposite srk sir, mahira khan opposite srk in raees. wow ! best of luck.
    all actresses, who have made their debut opposite srk is now very famous.?

  • tsunami is coming………………cant wait………….3000 cr in india……………….

  • how long should we wait for fan’s release announcement yaar????????
    fan should release only in july, august, or sept.
    i am not hny about 2nd oct! the gap is not good man. or christmas 2016 .?

  • Fan story will be Srk will play a fan of a star called ‘Sarook’. Sarooks career is going down and down. Its then ‘fan’ Srk goes to Sarook and advices him to always do films with an actress called Deepu. Sarook takes his fans advice and signs Deepu. Sarooks career is saved.
    To thank his ‘fan’ Srk, Sarook makes him his friend. In the climax there is an Oscar-worthy twist. It is both Srk and Sarook were 1 person. He goes into depression and creates havoc at a stadium.
    Message of the film will be: “Never be a ‘fan’ of yourself”

  • fan either should release in sept or 2016 !
    let’s see yaar. i am getting upset.
    plz announce release date as soon as possible!???

  • why is it that everything srk does haters talk, i guess they know too well he is the only indian people recognises from india europe to africa, everywhere love you always from nigeria

  • Why all this people advising SRK needs better films than CE and HNY ??? Who are they ??? Do they have any experience in films ??? Ooo I got it…Actually people expectes more from SRK…They want classy acts from him…but he has responsibility towards film industry…for him 100 crs + budget and path brealking vfx is introduced in Bollywood…he showed bollywood that even without masla over the top action and with realistic actions a film can be made hit.. (DON 2)….he showed that even without typical masala like ROWDY RATHODE GAJHNI DABBANG etc a masala film can be made….that’s SRK for you…don’t advice him…he knows better than you all.

  • Fan will cross 200cr in a non holiday by beating jai ho with in 3 to 4days, mark my words.

  • excellent story @js.loved the climax gave me goosebumps.

    y don’t u mail it to ur bhai and save the audience from being tortured by his craps regularly

  • ha ha ha ha..i cant stop laughing..bcoz srk’s haters are also concentrating on srk films more than their mega super dapper shitty stars tingu and lallu… ha ha ha ha hu hu huhu….

  • @undertaker, what kind of realstic actions don2 had??? One haddio ka dhacha beats 20 pehalwan single handly….what a action!!!

  • @undertaker,@devil,you shouldn’t have tell like should respect them(lallu and tingu fans) and their opinions.KING KHAN shouldn’t have do craps like CE,HNY instead of that ahea should have do classics like mahacraps ghajini,dhoom3,dabang,ready,bg,dabang2,talash,pk,jai ho,kick.because these Oscar winning films not only attracted bhojpuri audiences but also inspired many directors how to successfully steal someone’s films.this oscar winning films has ‘message’ and ‘fresh script shows the ultimate bhojpuri acting talent of it’s respected maha oscar winning crapiest actors.

  • @satya Siba sabat lol.

    This guy needs to get a brain transplant. PK is crap, but CE is good? Talaash is shit but HNY deserves Oscar? LOL. Go home joker, you’re too lame to be taken seriously!

  • @sss, if movies like jthj, hny can get iifa, zee cine awards then ready, dabang2 etc obviously deserve oscar.

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