SRK’s Dulha Mil Gaya sold for 25 crores!

Yet another weekend shocker! Dulha Mil Gaya which stars Shahrukh Khan in an extended special apperance, much like Billu (Barber) has been purchased by a Dubai based SRK fan for Rs 25 crores.

25 crores for a film starring Fardeen Khan and Sushmita Sen, is HUGE. Just goes to show how, Shahrukh’s mere presence has increased the value of the film substantially. Viveck Vaswani, the producer of Dulha Mil Gaya and a close friend of SRK, must be one happy man.

With My Name Is Khan now being postponed to early next year, SRK fans are eager to watch him on the big screen, hence the opening of Dulha Mil Gaya is expected to be good, if not great!

The film releases later this year.



  • SRK’s Dulha Mil Gaya ?????????????????
    that is not a Shahrukh movie
    when are you people gonna (and I don’t mean Indicine) gonna get it through your thick head that its not a Shahrukh khan film. He is just in the movie as a special appearance. using SRK name to promote this film. people always have to do this to this man. I know viveck will use SRK to promote this film and that will not be fair. Shahrukh is so nice that people just use him to gain money. He is always doing favors for friends which is good but sometimes these so call friends go too far. I hope this movie do good just because SRK hurt his shoulder for this darn film.

  • now there is a new article with Viveck saying that ‘I have not sold Dulha Mil Gaya to anyone’ and still calling it a SRK film…..Viveck is crazy man

  • They are taking SRK’S name just for publicity .Because they know it very well that nobody is going to watch their film.That’s why they are using SRK’S name……

  • Even I’m a big fan of SRK….!!!
    But i think this film would be MAHA FLOP movie….!!!
    First reason is Fardeen in starring which is BIG bad luck…!!!
    Second is, the story seems to be mixing of PARTNER and MERE YAAR KI SHADI HAI…!!!
    third is, NOT much COMEDY to waste ur MONEY…..!!!
    fourth, even ur enemies will hate this movie as a gift…which is good for u lol…..!!!
    I love SRK but hate such idiotic Stories…!!!

  • I love SRK, I agree that they are using SRK to promote their film. everyone around me thinks that it’s an SRK movie but it’s not. SRK is too nice….God Bless Him

    Love you Shahrukh

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