SRK-Yash Chopra’s Darr: Title was suggested by Hrithik!

While watching a few videos of Yash Chopra on Youtube, I stumbled upon a video where Uday Chopra is in conversation with Yashji. The topic of discussion is Darr starring Shahrukh Khan, Sunny Deol and Juhi Chawla.

Towards the end of the video (5:18 mins), Uday reveals a little known fact about the film’s title and inspiration. Apparently, it was Hrithik Roshan who suggested the title ‘Darr’ to the Chopra’s.

In Uday’s words…

Hrithik and me were seeing a movie, a less known movie called Dead Calm (Starring Nicole Kidman). We saw the video of the film and we decided to make Adi (Aditya Chopra) see it.  Just to show a very good film. Adi saw the film and he loved it instantly. That is the inspiration for Darr. Infact, the title Darr, is the title Hrithik had kept for a movie that he had actually made. An amateur film which he had shot. It was Hrithik’s title and when Adi decided on making this film, he told Hrithik that he will use this title, because it suits the subject.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Darr is one of Yash Chopra’s best films and was a major break-through in Shahrukh Khan’s career. How many of you were aware that ‘Dead Calm’ was the inspiration behind the classic and Hrithik’s amateur film was titled Darr?

Watch the video below (after 5:18)




  • That’s indeed very interesting. I never knew Hrithik had a passion for making films in the early 90s (i think he was a teenager then). He’ll be a good director one day.

    Thanks indicine :)

  • And Aamir was removed from the movie bcoz he wanted joint narration with sunny deol which yash chopra didnt like anyways yrf is now working with Aamir they did fanaa also so in d end Aamir won n they lost

  • Sunny deol hated yash copra bcoz that time sunny was king at box office and darr was insult to his star power and srk’s super manupilation then these srk fans call him god and baadshah in reality he is a living snake who insulted everybody during 90’s everywhere

  • Aamir has already done more meaningful and classier roles then that living snake called srk Lagaan DCH RDB 3Idiots JJWS DIL QSQT Dhkmn list is endless classy actor we love him numero uno khan !

  • Yash ji was great he respected woman give them significant roles just look at #jthj there is #jiyare for anushkasharma & #heer dedicated to katrinakaif otherwise we all know what others do there is a munni &a sheela &a anarkali .YASH SIR GAVE WOMEN THERE DUE THATS WHY WE All respect him so much

  • All khans are better than sunny deol .sunny deol was anti muslim .always made movies related to haterdness towards us

  • Sunny deol is and will always be a star Ghayal gaddar damini he was great and we have more muslims in India so stop this religious blabber He never insulted muslims

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  • Srk did outstanding acting in Darr.!

    I think his acting is outstanding in only Chak De & MNIK.

    But in Darr he looks outstanding.Because a common or a outstanding actor unable to reach that hight.

    Because Srk did natural acting in it.
    Yes it was his natural acting.

    If you can’t believe then watch the drama he did at Wankhede last year.

    You can found many similarities in it & his character in Darr.

  • @Vilap

    yes Salman is nothing before 2 years..!

    Maine Pyar Kiya,HAKHK,HSSH,Pyar Kiya to Darna kya,Tere Naan etc are Tushar Kapur’s film…?

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