SRK to shoot for Anupam Kher’s ‘Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’

Anupam KherBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s rise from a common man in Delhi to one of the biggest superstars in the country, while also becoming the second richest actor in the world, makes him a perfect subject for Anupam Kher’s inspirational chat show  ‘Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’.

Shahrukh will shoot for the show with his co-star from Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge on Thursday and the show will be aired on Colors in the month of July.

“Anupam Kher has been very keen to feature SRK on the show because the story of his rise to fame is one of the most inspirational and endearing ones”. says a source.

“SRK has been busy with his cricket-related commitments, owing to which he hasn’t shot for the show yet, but he is also looking to reunite with his on-screen father from ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. They share a great rapport and the shoot promises to be a treat for audiences when they get a glimpse of it.”

The show, titled ‘Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’ (anything can happen), highlights inspirational stories of popular Bollywood celebrities, who come and share their journey – its challenges and testing times.

‘Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’ is produced by Anupam Kher himself.



  • Yes,definitely Kuch bhi ho sakta hai…
    SRK’s TV record is’nt
    Show flop bhi ho sakta hai!!!

  • @sachin11 has dedicated his whole life to SRK & his fans. That proves he is the biggest follower of SRK.

  • I find this offensive .. our sallu bhaijaan’s rise from an actor to a criminal and our perfectionist aamir’s rise from being a flop actor to giving multi starrer hits should be preferred over SRK’s success.

  • @bulli returns
    Srk’s rise from a flop actor to a criminal is more preferable to you? LOL
    BOI Top stars ranking as of March 2014:
    1. Salman
    2. Aamir
    3. SRK
    4. Ranbir
    5. Hrithik

    1. Aamir
    2. SRK
    3. Salman
    4. Hrithik
    5. Ranbir

    1. Salman
    2. Aamir
    3. SRK
    4. Ranbir
    5. Hrithik

  • Anything can happen when there is Srk. ‘Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’. Srk ke saath.Logo ki train miss hoti hai lekin Srk ka platform miss hota

  • @JS — But collection wise in INDIA — (1) AAMIR (2) SRK (3) BHAIJAAN

    Worldwide — (1) AAMIR (2) SRK (3) BHAIJAAN

    200 crs grosser — (1) AAMIR (2) SRK (3) BHAIJAAN

    Distributor share — (1) AAMIR (2) SRK (3) BHAIJAAN

  • Lol @Js, whatever the reason you burning them continuous by posting your two common comments the 25 year boxoffice grosser and Star ranking. Bhai but can someone tell me at which channel this show is airing. I don’t aware this show before this article.

  • SRKs tv show report —

    KBC — Average because of comparison and stiffness with BIG B.

    Zor Ka Jhatka — A show on a flop channel….no promotion nothing…..only reason for SRK doing it is to fund RA.1

    KAPPSTH — Though i liked the show don’t know why it flopped….failiure of SRK.

  • @JS — Actually sorry as BHAIJAAN don’t have any 200 crs earner in his name….so he doesn’t at all qualify to be in the 200 crs list.

    Also — Overseas 100 crs grosser — (1) AAMIR (2) SRK….BHAIJAAN — N/A

    Overseas top grosser — (1) AAMIR (2) SRK (3) Don’t know.

  • This Diwali ‘Kuch bhi Ho Sakta hai’ with HNY !!!!!!!!! @ Babaji : That was hilarious, show flop bhi ho sakta hai !!!!!!!

  • Atlast ColorsTV came up wid a good show dat is watchable n sensible…btw wen vl dis b shown?

  • @sky even I am havent heard of it before LOL. But indicine is giving excess importance due to Srk acting in it. But I think they dont know about Srk’s paanchvi paas and zor ka jhatka, whose TRP makes me laugh everytime.
    @kingshuk but #1 ranking in India and worldwide is Bhaijaan and Srk is always behind LOL.

  • @hrithik,don’t so worry whatever happens or not one thing confirmed HNY is going to be the HIGHEST GROSSER ATBB OF THIS YEAR.there is no such word like flop/semi hits exists in SRK’S it’s better for you to watch your bhai’s film in cinema hall rather to watch in pirated dvd,otherwise again kick will be another jai ho.another thing try whatever lallu’s film couldn’t cross hardly 140-165,this is my challenge,after all stardom matters which that 2nd most flop giving actor lallu didn’t had,he is simply a pirated south dubbing copy artist,lol.

    @babaji ka thullu,now it’s a shame on me to make conversation with shameless loser’s fan like you however I bound to do it.this show is not holiday that is going to become a big flop,remind it.SRK’S 1ST T.V SERIAL FAUJI was a BIG HIT and HE had done it 1st,your 60 crore club actor flop kumar could never do it in his life neither sallu/amir could do it,lol.

  • @js,SRK remained KING OF BO starting from 1992-2008 nad 2013(AUGUST TO JANUARY).hope you forget that,lol.also hope you’ll show BO list after OCTOBER 23RD,LOL.

    @sky,how shameless you’re being a 4bb star and 2nd most flop giving actor’s fan,lol.

  • Srk is a living legend nd an idol billions of people around the world. No doubt he is an inspirational source for many.

  • All this losers sachin11, hritikh, navin joined a pact to react negative on every SRK article hahaha.
    They are so obsessed with SRK, that even the boyfriends of them are leaving them hahaha. Burn haters burn on all the succes of the King. You jokers still don’t realise that almost everything the King touches becomes gold. So take your criminal, dwarf and 11 fingered alien and flush them in the toilet.

  • @sss That list is the latest version they will update it after new big releases. By the end of 2014 it will be the same. Salman has been the King of Box office since 25 years, having 8 highest grossers while Srk has only 5 LOL
    Lets not talk about TV, SRK was a utter flop on TV, Zor ka jhatka and paanchvi pass was rejected by everyone. Salman and Aamir have given highly successful shows.
    SRK will never reach 10% of Salman or Aamir’s success in boxoffice or TV.

  • @JS — Stardom is not like sensex that a single site can rate it…..Collection wise still SRK and AAMIR is toping… you will bring the anuall hit and BB status….in reply of which I will give you the Sallu flop list ;-)

  • And if we take BOI ratings in account then also BOI clearly mentioned that its JAI HO releasing in 2014 and crossing 100 cra took SALMAN in the top….Wait till HNY and PK….Even HRs BANG BANG will Gang Bang your BHAIs DICK…..;-)

  • @kingshuk You forgetting about the box office storm Kick? Kick can cross 300 crores and again Salman will top. HNy will struggle to cross 150 crore.
    I know Jai ho released in 2014 but Salman had no release in 2013, while Srk had CE.
    And I know about Salman’s flops. Every actor has given flops even Srk , but stardom is decided by successes not failure. And Salman has been #1 for last 25 years.

  • @JS, good info on the star status.

    BOI is a reliable site, unlike unreliable childish fans on this sites.

  • Js n jc. Are u guyzz lost brothers.??
    Ur names are quite similar.
    I alwaezz thought u wer ‘one’ . Lol

  • @js,I made this special list for you to identify the losers,the list is about 3khan’s last 10 FILM’S worldwide collection.

    SRK’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection

    CE :422cr
    JTHJ :251cr
    DON2 :220cr
    Ra One:240cr
    MNIK :201cr
    RNBDJ :158cr
    OSO :149cr
    CDI: 105cr
    DON :105cr
    KANK :115cr

    TOTAL :1954cr

    aamir khan’s last 10 film’s worldwide collection:



    salman khan’s last 10 film’s collection:

    jai ho:175cr
    london dreams:30.5cr


    rectify me if I’m wrong.I’m adding the collection of sallu/amir during golden period of their career.

    @js,another very important thing I have to say you BOI added last 5film’s of sallu,4 FILMS OF SRK and made the list that you had shown.may you believe or not,so try this

    so that’s unfair so this list clearly shows who is the loser,why BOI didn’t took SRK’S Last 5 FILM’S COLLECTION?so kindly answer this question?another question is bhai’s stardom is so weak he needed 5 films to be no.1 with 4 FILMS OF SRK?your bhai’s last 5 film only did good business.otherwise bottom 5movie’s golden numbers.only some illiterate came from jungle will rant that bhai was king of BO for last 24 years even if bhai is the 2nd most flop giving actor in bollywood,lol.because they didn’t have any remained thing is this year’s film.then come to this year release,you said after dabang2 sthe same thing,then KING KHAN BECAME NO.1 WITH ONE FILM CE.after the release of kick it will struggle to surpass 140cr-165cr,it’s a challenge,while 200cr is a dream for a south dubbing film.SO I DON’T THINK THIS js/jc whatever will not show their face after 23RD OCTOBER.AFTER ALL KING KHAN’S ONE FILM could earn more than bhai’s 2 film.that’s why HE IS THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD AND LAST 20 YEAR’S BO,LOL.

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