Hot! Soha Ali Khan on Maxim Magazine

Her career in films hasn’t taken off, but Soha Ali Khan continues to sizzle on the cover of magazines. For the month of June 2014, Saif Ali Khan’s little sister is seen wearing a cleavage-revealing bikini.

The magazine claims that the photoshoot is Soha’s hottest ever! 

Soha Ali Khan on Maxim Magazine Cover

Soha Ali Khan on Maxim Magazine Cover



  • this is ok but i will appreciate more if she does an unwanted item number in a south remake done by our bhai and helps in the collection at box office!

  • i find this offending, only our sallu bhaijaan and perfectionist aamir can look ‘HOT !’ in a bikini.

  • @indicine team, please post this. this is an honour for indian cinema


    Zoya Akhtar’s ZNMD starring Hrithik Roshan,Farhan Akhtar,Abhay Deol and Katrina Kaif has been successful worldwide. Now it has added yet another feather to its illustrous cap.

    The film, we now hear, has been included in a marketing management course in Spain. Since the film was based on a road trip that three friends take across Spain, the fantastic cinematography in the film proved to be a great impetus to the Spanish tourism industry.

    The marketing management syllabus will include Zoya’s film as an example to elucidate how a movie venture helped in increasing the tourism of the country by a hefty margin of nearly 65%. The film’s release gave a good boost to Spanish tourism as a whole by creating a visual travel diary of the country’s exquisite and picturesque locales.

    ZNMD that released 2011 is still one of India’s most watched and critically acclaimed films.

  • @sumeet So whats the big deal? Lol. Even movies like Rajni starrer Robots financial success was studied by IIM.
    You Hr fans feel overexcited by a small thing like that? Hrithik was responsible for increase in tourism? Lol

  • @Lauki ki sabzi, you are still running your nasty mouth here ?? go celebrate with srk and get lathicharged. you deserve it.

  • The Greek god of B-Town, Hrithik Roshan is rumoured to star in a Hollywood ACTION PACKED ENTERTAINER directed by Rob Cohen! Rob Cohen who is known for directing blockbusters like Fast & Furious and XXX, is very much impressed with Hrithik’s work and is very keen on getting him for his next flick. He has met with him several times and the rumours have only stregthened.

    Incidentally, `Krrish 3` actor`s good looks have been talked about in the past as well. `Twilight` fame Kristen Stewart had once reportedly confessed that if ever she had a baby boy, she would want him to look like Hrithik Roshan but with Robert Pattinson`s eyes.

    The actor is all set to become the true Global Icon from India!

    Meanwhile slaves like lauki are still in the illusion of fake global stardom of srk lol.
    @Lauki, don’t worry, Hrithik is generous, he might arrange some job for him in the movie if he does it like spotboy or drink carrying boy. LOL

  • whatever she does.. it won’t work for her career, she doesn’t have the charisma as a heroine, she can’t be (A) category, only (B). just don’t know why she doesn’t do a plastic surgery for her face!! she really needs it for the nose and the chin ( but the fact says that she’s over confident!!!!!). she must work hard on her look otherwise it won’t work.

  • Yawn!!

    Hypocrites here too. They cry when their star is critisied, but they would bring up Salman in every other post which is not even related to him.

    Losers. Pathetic Losers.

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