SRK: They misbehaved with children, I am extremely disturbed

Shahrukh Khan organized a press conference after the ugly incident that took place last night. Apparently, SRK abused the MCA officials, which lead to the actor being banned from the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Here’s Shahrukh Khan’s version of what transpired after the IPL match late last night.

“There were a few IPL official who misbehaved and said they will call the head here. I said, please call them here and tell them not to speak to me like this.”

Asked if he has apologized to the officials, the actor said “I think they should apologize to me, for behaving the way they did. There were several people who were rushing at me, I am extremely disturbed that they should man handle children in the name of security. There were little kids, who were leaving the stadium. They have no right to touch little girls, who are not even 13 years old, physically. I think it’s completely unpardonable. We were not on the pitch, we were on the sidelines. You can check the pictures.”

On being banned from the Wankhede stadium, SRK said “Personally, if this is the kind of behavior that is meted out to people at this stadium, I wouldn’t want to go there myself.”

When one journalist asked if he was drunk “I was not drunk! I had gone there to pick my children. The officials were extremely extremely aggressive. I just got angry, but I left after that. I said a few things in anger.”

Stay tuned, pictures from the Wankhede Stadium and the press conference coming up.



  • Every father should do what SRK did..he is completely can’t push little children down in the name of security..well done SRK!

  • And SRK haters..he was defending his children..he has feelings..not like your favourite who hasn’t even married..

  • Srk has done absloutly right , he should have given a tight slap to security official for his behavior with the kids.
    And he was insulting srk that he was drunk. WHAT THE FISH !!! IS HE BLIND OR WHAT.
    and i 10000% agree with deepak. sallu doesn’t have feelings for others and that’s why every girl ran away and he remained unmarried

  • I think what Srk did was right. He just trying to defend his children and that what all parents should do. We are proud of you Srk you are the best father.

  • uski filme nahi chal rahi hai iss liye vo paglo ki tarah logo se pesh aa raha hai.aur logo ko pit raha hai

  • I disagree with vinay u shouldn’t say he was just protecting his children and I am sure your dad would do the same and those girls who left salman they don’t deserve his

  • Its all BCCI trying to divert attention from its corruption and spot fixing by accusing an actor.Loosers. well done srk u have done what every fathers have to do to protect their child..god bless u

  • It is only an idiot who will believve that cock and bull shrish kundars case he used WIFE excuse now he is using his children for sympathy ..i wonder who his family he will use next maybe his dead father

  • @vinay, why the heck are u feeling jealous of srk? don’t u have any sense?
    don’t u feel what srk has done is right?
    just to support ur idol u say something stupid?
    well the whole world knows sallu was a criminal and he was sent to jail.
    srsly shame on sallu fans.
    Say are all the stupid stuff u want, but srk has done right and he is the king of hearts and bollywood :)

  • SRK was correct. I would abuse anyone when it comes to my kids or my parents. I would have thrashed them , if they had behaved with my kids or parents. Family is important, and being celebrity you cant stop your emotions when it comes to Family. Proud of a Great Father I saw in SRK.

  • @marz plz do not come salman to this topic and also it is not necessary to answer bad peaple like @vinay .

    I think he does not know any thing except bad language

  • @indicine you also owe apologize to srk and his fans , becouse your first aricle about the accident hurts us very much.

  • vinay’s mom ran away wid sallu from that day he loves sallu he is in serious shock plz ignore him

  • If SRK’S story is true den what he did was crrct, bt u all will b sad 2 knw dat he is lying,
    as in his interview he said many officials charged towards him
    bt in d pic we can see only 1 official & d rest of dem r d members of KKR’S security,
    he said officials pushing around d kids girls of age less dan 13 years
    in dis pic dere are no kids except his so it proves dat SRK IS A BIG LIAR

  • Hi… I’m a big fan of salman khan…but in this case I support srk because a star can’t do this kind of mistake what media described b4…@ all the salman haters pls… Don’t push salman in a wrong way… He is a man of golden heart…what is right just support that…u did’t support when media misguided about salman… Still now u blaming salman…love u friends.

  • I really think no one should talk bad about both the actors after all they are both people with feelings and have families whose feelings could get hurt with unnecessary comments . Just because they are actors and public figure does not give any one the right to belittle them.
    What he did was right but should not have used abusive language after all this will only show him in bad light. He was defending children but should not abusive in front of them. But again as I said he too is human and no one is perfect he lost his cool which is acceptable. Well, fans or haters stop being nasty and look at things and people in a positive way. Live and let live.

  • SRK always does that!its a very very creepy explaination,he was definetely drunk n he was abusive,he has always attitude problem n also a great liar…why r u giving sympathy 2 Srk?..he isn’t atleast a good family guy nor a human being.

  • he is just a human being.he also has emotions.and sometimes its difficult control tese emotions.and tose who r saying he was drunk and lying,well u r saying it out of hatred.we all can see tat in ur posts.

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