SRK Cricket Controversy (Pictures)

Exclusive pictures of Shahrukh Khan with his kids and Kolkata Knight Riders support staff, as they argue with the security official of the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

The ugly incident took place soon after the match against Mumbai Indians, which they won quite convincingly.

At a press conference after the controversy, SRK blamed the security for their high-handedness and aggressive behavior “I think they should apologize to me, for behaving the way they did. There were several people who were rushing at me, I am extremely disturbed that they should man handle children in the name of security.”

Check out the pictures..

Shahrukh Khan with daughter - Cricket Controversy

Shahrukh Khan with daughter - Wankhede Stadium controversy

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

Shahrukh Khan arguing with the security

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

KKR support staff with Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

Shahrukh Khan seen arguing with the Wankhede Stadium security

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

An angry SRK after the cricket match between KKR and Mumbai Indians

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

The pictures were taken soon after the match concluded in Mumbai

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

Aryan (sitting) and Suhana (left) watch as SRK argues with security officials

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy

Shahrukh Khan Cricket Controversy



  • SRK says several people were rushing at him.. but it looks completely different from the pictures.. There was just one security guard there.. atleast from the pictures.. poor guy..

  • Srk has done absloutly right , he should have given a tight slap to security official for his behavior with the kids.
    And he was insulting srk hat he was drunk. WHAT THE FISH !!! IS HE BLIND OR WHAT?

  • Why the hell the whole media is doin negative reporting including u Indicine Team.its shameful.everybody has made it a battle b/w SRK and Salman.o come on! his daughter was pushed by security personnel and his reaction was absolutely just. i think uski jagah koi bhi ghairat wala hota to asa hi karta.stop spreding negative words against the superstar. atleast i request u Indicine Team to plz grow up and tell the people wht is truth.thnx!

  • All haters..SRK is a dedicated father..he couldn’t see his kids being he got angry..he has it?

  • From the pictures it looks like SRK is a liar. He said people were rushing to him and its actually SRk who is rushing onto the guard with 20 other people. The MCA officials told the truth that SRK was bringing in 20 other people in the field. These are few things SRk should learn.
    1) Teach his children to obey rules and regulations rather than breaking the rules and regulations right in front of them.
    2) Not to drink in the presence of childeren
    3) Not to use f, BC, MC words in front oh his own children.
    4) Tell the truth. he was taking 20 people into the field as can be seen in the pics.
    5) He should learn to respect people.

  • I think both side r making it from themself for defending them.
    First srk should not think that if he is the the owner then he can go wherever he want toin ground there r some rules.
    Second security gaurd should not push childrens at any cost.

  • You idiots..haters..only these pictures can’t reveal was an hour long it fools?

  • And he wasn’t going on the pitch..he was around the boundary ropes..he just wanted to celebrate

  • the stadium security have not any right to stop and push srk and his kids becouse every IPL owner can celebrate when his team won.

  • hahahahahaha
    I think srk haters are mad , in pics who look like lier SRK or MI officialls????

    MI officialls are complete lying becouse of these reasons.

    1) first it is obvious that srk was not drunk

    2) they srkwas with his bodygaurds , but we can not see any srk bodygaurd taking part in the urgument.

    3) also as we all know , fighting with srk is the best way to become famous , so as we see in the pics above srk is only defending his kids while security and many other persons trying to answer to him.


  • SRK was correct. I would abuse anyone when it comes to my kids or my parents. I would have thrashed them , if they had behaved with my kids or parents. Family is important, and being celebrity you cant stop your emotions when it comes to Family. Proud of a Great Father I saw in SRK.

  • sallu was a lier and a criminal thats why he was sent to jail and these stupid haters can’t digest the fact and say something rubbish only to support their lame idol.
    Can’t u understand the situation u dumb haters?
    Every fathers would feel the same thing if their children were pushed or misbehaved by someone.
    SRK has done absloutly right and he is the king of hearts.

  • when u r a srk fan wrong things done by srk looks right to u .. come on face the truth.. srk is a haraaaaa………..mi

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