SRK takes a Twitter break after Dilwale

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has taken a Twitter break after the release of his much-hyped Christmas release ‘Dilwale’. His absence has been felt as ‘Miss You SRK’ has been trending on Twitter throughout the day.

The actor, who was one of the most active top stars on social media website Twitter, hasn’t updated his page after December 27.

The reason for his Twitter break could be his disappointment over the average performance of ‘Dilwale’ in India. After all, the film was touted to be one of the biggest releases of the year and expected to ‘easily’ cross the 200 crore mark even in the worst case scenario. SRK was probably banking on ‘Dilwale’ performing strongly because his next release is the slightly off-beat ‘FAN’, followed by yet another big clash between ‘Raees’ and ‘Sultan’.

Dilwale performing strongly against Bajirao Mastani would have given Shah Rukh a upper-hand in the much-hyped Eid clash. But now, ‘Sultan’ is the trade favourite and there are calls within the trade to avert the clash.

There is also talk within the industry that all is not well between Shah Rukh and his ‘Dilwale’ director Rohit Shetty, which is in complete contrast to the two celebrating after the release and blockbuster success of their last film ‘Chennai Express’.

‘Dilwale’ hasn’t really performed badly at the box office, but trade expectations from a Shah Rukh Khan film are so high, that even a 150 crore India / 380 crore worldwide grosser is perceived to be a under-performer. Especially Dilwale, which fetched excellent prices because it was considered a safe film.

Meanwhile, the actor has been shooting for ‘Raees’, which is one of his two big releases this year along with Yash Raj Films’ FAN.



  • *Salman fans*
    Before #FilmfareAwards – Ranveer rocks. Bajirao did more business than Dilwale.
    After – Ranveer sucks. Bajirao Mastani sucks.

    Salman Khan fans were promoting Bajirao Mastani the last 2 months.
    Now they are mad on Filmfare for giving it the best film award.

  • Inspite of clash, SRK’s underperformer does 150 cr n 204 cr.. Which are higher than Sallu’s underperformer Jai Ho n Aamir’s underperformer Talaash..

  • with solid clash and
    lots of negative Dilwale managed to cross Solo release and
    so called the exceptional word of mouth movie PK in overseas first phase…

  • And those who are saying SRK cannot cross 200 cr without Deepika, Deepika too hasn’t crossed 200 cr without SRK! :p

    So stop this nonsense

  • The last line of the article says it all, the kind of Stardom SRK commands .. Anyways I hope all is well between King Khan & Rohit Shetty !!
    Their combo is terrific, after SRK does some performance oriented movies, would like to see SRK do a Rohit Shetty movie, better he stays away from Farah Khan.
    I’m sure that FAN & Raees would be hugely successful, come back on Twitter soon, Miss You SRK !

  • Dont worry guys. Kung will be back. #Fanbreaksavatarrecord will trend for many years. Fan the best film made ever in the history of world cinema.

  • EVEN SALMAN KHAN got beaten by a newcomer Ranbir in a clash between God Tussi Great Ho & Bachna Ae Haseeno

    If u r saying that was Sallu’s bad phase, this too is a bad phase for SRK..

    But the difference is SRK’s bad phase is better than many people’s good phase..
    SALLU’s bad phase was disastrous

  • Man i am so worried about sultans director. The more i see “Gunday” or “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”. The more i find mistakes and the more i am worried about SULTAN! DON’T F THIS UPP ALI!!!

  • Dnt get so badly hurt yar.. we are not going to loose or win a penny from them.

    Entertainment must start n end up with entertainment

  • @pokemon, bro forget 200 cr, Deepika without SRK is nothing more than disasters like Finding Fanny, Tamasha (PS – I personally loved Tamasha, just talking about the box office prospect) etc.
    These smugs keep forgetting that it’s SRK who had launched Deepika, he launches talented actresses unlike Bhai who launches actresses like Daisy Shah & Zarine Khan who later work in movies like Hate Story 3 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Many others also have not been activate in few days and month……………..What is the need of such melodrama articles????????

  • My predictions for upcoming movies.
    * Airlift : 70 to 110 crore.
    * Great grand masti : 90 to 130+ crore
    * houseful 3 : 100 crore to 150 crore
    * Fan : 200 to 330+ crore ( it should have wide release and it should have a wide appeal then it will do wonders at bo )
    * Raees : 260 to 360+ crore ( solo release )
    * mohenjo daro : 300 crore to 380 crore – well It seems quite improbable but if has strong content like bahabali then it will beat pk’s record … don’t underestimate it!
    * shivaay : 160 crore to 220 crore. If it gets solo release then it will cross 200 crore
    some people underestimate ajay ..remember he gave his biggest opening with singham returns 32 crore. So no one should undermind it .
    * Dangal : 200 crore to 250 crore.
    * Sultan : 200 crore to 260 crore.
    * Adhm : 100 crore to 140 crore.
    Overseas predictions .
    * Fan : $ 35+ million
    * mohenjo daro $ 28 million
    * Raees : $ 30 million
    * Dangal : $ 24 million if it is released in china then I can’t say .
    * Sultan: $ 16 million .
    * shivaay : $ 10 million.
    This was my predictions thanks .

  • @indicine mark my word blah blah blah. …. bt one thing is 100% sure that only raees will be showcase that eid bcoz for srk nothing is worst than this Christmas clash if he managed to placed dilwale in to top 8 worldwide grosser of all time with below average content with less screen protest & clash with a tremendously word of mouth movie bajirao so it only srk who still ahead in term of world wide business with worst case of scenerio so this Christmas result is good sign for raees bcoz we all know salman previous track record of clash and not everytime bajrngi is going to be happened nor he is talented enough to dileverd award winning performance like Ranveer Singh who snatch Filmfare from him this year and don’t forgot srk return a gern which he is known for acting acting so in oversease still there will be no competition and in India everybody will be see a masterpiece from srk

  • sooo what????? there’s no big deal….this stupid media always writing rubbish….that make SRK do not active on Twitter.
    see even indicine also write rubbish about SRK snd rohit shety…
    if you don’t know anything just silent don’t make up stories… is really disgusting behavior…….

  • I don’t understand when salman was thrashed by a two film old Ranbir, no one bats an eye and when the same thing happened to SRK, Who lost to Ranvir becoz of the highly acclaimed director SLB everyone starts losing their mind.
    Do I need to say more about who is the bigger star between the two??
    #KingKhanRules not just bollywood, but in fact the heart of his lovers & the mind of his haters.

  • Whats the big deal in taking a twitter break? Shahrukh has been in the industry for such a long period that one movie under performance is not going to affect him. Yes his ego might have been hurt as BM outscored Dilwale in domestic market but this is life and even greats at times lose out but they still remain great. I say it not just for Shahrukh but for all the three Khans that from today onwards even if all of their movies turn out to be flops they will still be considered as legends in the industry.

  • @rew1 don’t know about breaking Avatar record, but Bhai’s record of most number of flops/disaster & lowest grosser ever (Marigold) will stay intact forever, would never be broken πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Post this comment indicine .. Its a tit for tat reply & I’m sure bhai fans (especially Navin) make some really pathetic comments, mine has no puns/abusives.
    Thank You.

  • @javed……Keep living in your dream brother………that will definitely suit you……… to your favourite star movies collection in future…………..

    say 200 and 300 million $ worldwide Fan ,Raees, Mohanjodaro etc……….still laughing over poor joke?????

  • Dear indicine let me remind you sth !!!!
    before dilwale release everyone was hoping that dilwale would easily cross 200 crore that’s right . Not everyone knew that before it’s release the movie would suffer alot becoz of protests.!!!!
    U said the movie suffered only 5 crore lol
    the protests did the big dent to dilwale’s collections in its significant weekend which is every movie’s fate then after that content comes into play ….!!!!
    Dilwale was expected to perform well at single screens but Eros grabbed maximum ss from dilwale, also, multiplex audience chose bm over dilwale which is actually a big dent …. !!!
    and coming to ur next statement, why on earth should Raees be postponed no matter how big sultan is !!!!! If you or any one of think that Srk will postpone Raees becoz of dilwale’s underperformance then you are dead wrong !!!!!!!!
    this time I don’t want to see any controversies as well as protests against Raees….!!!
    indicine you know it well that bm has excellent wom …even if it clashed with bajrangi bhaijaan then it could give a tough competition to it and forget automatic flop prdp ………!!!!!!!!!

  • now srk should retire from bollywood as salman is way way ahead of him now and there is no comparison between them now.

  • I don’t buy that a penny! That can never be the excuse for his inactivity. Check the Forbes top 10 biggest Hollywood celebs and when last their tweeter account was active and their interaction and fan followers. He is just taking things easy period…while the other reason you gave should never be a reason for Raees Buzz to be limited. Content beat Dilwale. It happened to all the big stars in the industries some time in their career despite their stardom. For me both Raees and Sultan are carrying a huge Buzz …both are movies of 2/3 India cinema current legends. As much as I love Salman I for once can’t bet against an upcoming content oriented movie
    Of Srk. like Salman and Aamir he still makes up the 3 pillars of Current bollywood face both in india and worldwide.

  • @javed
    Wow is it really you an Srk fan that normally hated Ajay giving all those praises? Nice of you and yeah that’s a fact…still waiting to see the 5th celeb to give a record 30+ crores opening. Be it EDX or not…if you wanna do it…do IT!!(their fans know themselves).
    Personally I would love a week gap for Raees and Sultan clash so that at minimum both can do 250 business. And both can individually open between 35-50 crs! It will be a treat.

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