SRK shortens the title of Billu Barber!

Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming film was all set to be released with the title Billu Barber, but the members of the Salon and Beauty Parlour Association have found the title to be derogatory. The president of the association, Uday Takke, had written a letter requesting Shahrukh to rename the film or remove the word Barber from the title.

Over the last weekend a lot of discussions, arguements and talks took place at Mannat (SRK’s Bandra residence) and finally SRK officially decided to chop off the word ‘Barber’ from the title.

So the film starring Irrfan Khan and Lara Dutta with Shahrukh Khan in a special appearance will release worldwide on 13th February as Billu!

Do you like the new title “Billlu”? Or does it sound a bit too plain? Post your comments below!



  • I like the name “Billu Barber”. Now I’m used to that name.
    By the way, what’s big deal about the word “Barber”. Is is really offensive? I don’t think so.

  • Only those looking for attention make a mountain of a mole hill. Sometimes we need to stick to our guns and just ignore what the controversy is all about. Whats the big deal about the word barber? SKR should have just gone ahead and realeased it has Billu Barbar.

  • I don’t think adding “Barber” to “Billu” is really controversial. It just must be ignored and it really simplifies the name “Billu”. I and my friends got used to it as saying it Billu Barber. SRK should have ignored it and continued d releasing of film..””Billu Barber””

  • i completely agree wot yew all have said here…billu sounds kinda plain n wierd too..
    billu barber is perfect…oh gwd srk shud have stick up wif da same title and not listen to wot other say..neway buh..m lukin forward to see dis movie..woohoooo…

  • I am more use to the word ”Billu Barber”!!! Its a really nice and simple name! wats wrong with ”barber”? anywayz i am reli excited to see this film! i love srk soo much hes my fav. actor n he rockz!! love u srk!!


    After a long time SRK is goin to give us a ‘flopbuster’ jus by changing its interesting title ‘Billu Barber’ to a dull n hopeless title only ‘Billu’ as it sounds really odd.
    Congratulation to SRK for his upcoming flop. Audiences, just wait n see!!!

  • if there was something wrong with the word ‘barber’, then the word would not have been in the english dictionary.

    there is nothing wrong with this word.

    there is nothing wrong with ‘billu’ either. it is a name of a person.

    so the title ‘billu barber’ is fine.

    whats shah rukh khans problem ??

    i feel the film will be a flop.

    ”…bombai se aaya mera dost….dost ko salam karo……raat ko kaao piyo……deen ko aaram karo….aur shah rukh khan ko maro……dum maro dum” !!!

  • i dont think ‘barber’ is so derogatory…i dint understand wats their problem if the word barber is used. its just a title,theres nothing serious about it..anywaz,i wish sweetypie shahrukh all the best for his ‘billu’.. no matter wat the title is,i think its gonna rock coz of shahrukh….love u loads…

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