Backless Scene from the Nude controversy!

Its been nearly a year since the nude scene controversy happened between Rukhsaar – the director and producers but she is still upset with them and refuses to talk about it, even on the eve of the release of the film on Friday the 13th of February.

The whole story started when Rukhsaar shot a backless scene for the film. In an interview the director and the production house Vistaar Religare referred to this scene as a nude scene instead of a backless scene. This caused a lot of discomfort between Rukhsaar and her family. When the interview got printed her family believed that Rukhsaar had done an actual nude scene and not a backless scene. However, since the interview gave the impression that she shot the scene nude, it has left Rukhsaar cold. Not only this, her family is believed to have instructed her to leave Bollywood forever and come back to her native place in Uttar Pradesh after this incident.

To this date Rukhsaar refuses to discuss the matter with anyone and steadfastly refuses to speak to the director Manish Gupta.


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