SRK, Salman, Hrithik, Akshay wish everyone ‘Ramadan Mubarak’

At the beginning of the auspicious month of Ramadan, Bollywood superstars Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar wished their fans.

SRK: “…to look inwards & challenge the self, the ego, in our own eyes & as others see us.” Ramadan Mubarak to everyone

Akshay Kumar: #RamadanMubarak to all my Muslim friends and followers. Have a blessed month :)

Salman Khan: Ramadan mubarakh ho

Hrithik Roshan: May this Ramadan bring in you the brightest happiness n love you have ever wished for. Ramadan Mubarak everyone!

Shahrukh also posted the picture below with the words “As much as I understand Rain…Romance….Love….during a shoot one needs Light more than Love. ”

Shahrukh Khan shared Bulgaria picture on Twitter

Shahrukh Khan shared Bulgaria picture on Twitter



  • Aamir bhai is the real king khan of Bollywood. Even though he has no release this yr, I cant ignore his name in most of my comments. That’s how insecurity he keeps giving to me foreverm

  • Ramdan teaches us to remember how poor feels when they are hungry. If some one skips a roza he can feed 60 people to compensate

  • First of all Eid mubarak to all!
    Wonder from where did our barbie
    queen srk copy his line from? (like
    how he does in his movies, now
    his illiterate fans will furiously
    shout that salman is a remake
    king but they will never accept the
    fact that srk is a ‘copy king’, right
    from his acting style , to his
    mannerisms, to his movies he has
    copied someone or from
    somewhere or the other, there is
    nothing original or genuine about
    srk, he will always remain the
    same fake person and perhaps the
    only star who carries his onscreen
    over-acting in real life too, u can
    see from his eyes that he is still
    that overacting fake person trying
    too hard to be genuine) .
    Hope our Barbie queen srk ” looks
    inwards & challenges his self, his
    bloated ego, sees his real inner
    self and changes himself” , Eid
    mubarak to all once again! :)

  • @NVS I was missing you for a long time. I still remember the epic war between you and SSS in one of the articles of dilwale and gabbar is back’s article in which you trolled SSS to death wad damn good and funny as well. I just loved how SSS was too much frustrated by your comments and wad crying like cry baby. Epic.<<p

  • @eric,this is closed an old user @indicine restricted me.come to open field then you will cry to death like hell.

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