SRK on Salman: I don’t want to give any explanation

At a press conference to launch the Chennai Express game, the media asked Shahrukh Khan on his much-discussed ‘hug’ with Salman Khan at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftar party last weekend.

Shahrukh said “Whether it is my relationships, friendships or any other personal aspect, I have never dignified them by talking about them in public. I’d like to keep it that way. With due respect, people have already analysed the whole situation. So much has been said and written about it. I don’t want to give any explanation or talk about it”

Shahrukh and Rohit Shetty also launched the Chennai Express game (read more)

Shahrukh Khan playing Chennai Express Game

Shahrukh Khan playing Chennai Express Game

Shahrukh Khan launches Chennai Express Game

Shahrukh Khan launches Chennai Express Game

SRK, Rohit Shetty playing Chennai Express Game

SRK, Rohit Shetty playing Chennai Express Game



  • Good comment SRK. Relationship status should not be brought at public. It is their personal matter and should be confined within them

  • great buzz for c.e records wil be broken…but am not sure abt content….i hope it goes g-3 way and ouatimd goes action reply type….

  • @karizma, records! not a chance that c.e will achieve what ranbir did with yjhd…in fact, srk movies will never achieve collections in excess of 150 crores

  • that is so humble of srk…..he has never said anything abt sallu and his cold war into public…..but its media , who used to cook too many stories and targetting him on a regular basis…..

  • @bollywoodfan yeah we wait for besaram, how much col it as its not a lucky like yjhd, ppnh release before 1week of besaram after 1week boss is releasing, so thaugt 1st then comment, don’t compare ranbir with srk before the release of yjhd where is ranbir and srk rule more than 20year and ultimate king of oversease. Wait till 9th aug then you saw ce won’t break record, it will create record

  • SRK is the only king khan of bollywood. I think the patch up initiated from Salman khan to SRK as he realizes that he has very little time before he sentenced to 10 years jail term… Just remembering the old friendship days…they were so close friends earlier that SRK gave his award to salman khan by calling him on stage..(you can search for this video in youtube).

    Now Salman’s time is expired from the time he comes back from Jail then he would be competing with SRK’s son in the movies. :)

  • I think srk doesn’t want to discuss about it because he doesn’t want any kind of controversy about this relationship. After 5 year their relationship looking good now. In this time if he discuss it with media than they will make another controversial story. I request to srk & salman forgot 5 year war and make bollywood bigger than hollywood with unity.

  • @syed True. Salman bhai after 10 yrs in jail will return to Bollywood with Dabangg 3 and reprise his role of Chulbul Pandey. The films lead antagonist will be Aryan Rukh Khan…! Bhai jaan being bade dilwale will launch Thakurs son in Bollywood just to show haters like you there is no animosity between them. Bhai roxXxXx

  • Srk nd salman both r living legends. Great statement by srk. I agree with him. I hope they will be close friends again.

  • He dosnt wanna giv an explanation Coz he has nthng to Say…….SRK……Why all Dis Needy Media Hype…..Wont do any Good….God Give him Some Sense……!!

  • Sharukh did right thing by not talking about this hug incident, if he did then idiotic jealous ppl will say he did for chennai express promotion. It make me laugh when people say that srk set these all up for chennai express publicity. As a matter of fact, Salman initiated this hug and it’s him who is going through a trouble for his court cases now. And it’s salman brother, sohail khan and his father, Salim khan who is talking to media of this whole “hug” issue. Still people accusing SRK!!, I am surprised to say the least. Sympathetic publcity is salman wants badly at this point of time and he is getting now from all bollywood fans including SRK fans. Leave SRK alone bcuz neither he initiated the hug nor he is talking abt it. His only mistake was he hugged salman when he came to him and later thanked in twitter. So now people shud leave SRK alone and forget about this so called HUG

  • SRK sure is not a big hearted like salman! Salman has really shown maturity & that he is man with big heart by taking the first step that to in public which srk says that he doesn’t do which shows he is a man with big ego problem!

  • I don’t care about either of them. It all started when Salman Khan’s film career was not going so well, while Sharukh Khan was still making super hits and blockbusters. On the other hand, Shahrukh Khan’s TV show was flopping and Salman Khans 10 ka dum was a huge hit. Salman felt insecure and threatened because he might have felt he was finished as a movie star (several of his films flopped).

    Someone made a comment about Salman’s career compared to SRK’s career at Katrina’s birthday party. This made Salman go viral, and he got all defensive about it. After some back and forth of what started as mild jokes, he started to hurl insults at SRK. Thats when shit hit the fan.

    Clock forward five years, and the situation is not the same anymore. Salman has been the undisputed king of box office for good 3-4 years, while SRK has not been on the same level (in India). Therefore Salman does not have the same insecurity anymore, and had no qualms about “patching up” with SRK when he got the chance. Obviously they are just mere human beings, and having to ignore one another like they have had to for the past five years has been awkward.

    Once again, don’t care about Salman, nor SRK. But thats the whole story. Salman instigated it, and he finished it.

  • that’s the best thing Shahrukh did.. not to talk about his personal life or his relationship with his friends.. why ppl do care about these stuff?!!! it’s personal and ppl should NOT interfere in their personal life.

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