Imran has impressed me with his sincerity: Milan Luthria

Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobaara director Milan Luthria is impressed with his lead star Imran Khan. So much so that he likened his ethic and commitment towards work with his uncle Aamir Khan!

While shooting for a action sequence in the film, Imran suffered a painful neck injury, but continued to shoot for the film without asking for a break.

“We were shooting a scene where he had to fall and tumble three-four times on the pavement and roads. No matter how you do it, itís going to hurt. It was only two-three days after shooting the scene that Sonakshi told me that Imran was in a lot of pain. Thatís when I realised that he was trying his best to hide it.Ē †said the director of films like ‘The Dirty Picture’ and ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’.

“Imran has impressed me with his dedication and sincerity. Despite multiple changes in schedules, he was co-operative and willing. He is going to surprise everyone with his exemplary performance in the film.” he added.

Imran Khan OUATIMD

Imran Khan OUATIMD



  • Why are haters comparing Imran with Ranbir…?

    Thats just being silly and highly irrelevant. Bollywood is big enough to have a multitude of heroes like the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s til present. Plenty of work out there so each to their own. Both will be huge and successful for years to come of that I have no doubts whatsoever.

  • Before Rockstar he had good hits like Delhi Belly, MBKD and if Rockstar failed then he is ahead of ranbir but backtoback hits like Rockstar,barfi,YJHD and Besharam too looks promising so Imran needs some solo hits to compete Ranbir

    But Ranbir was zoomed to Top 3 after salman sahrukh at present so it will take atleast some years to give ranbir tough competetion

  • Whatever People Say…..I know tht he has got tremendouus Potential…….JTYJN and DB were the finest example……He would wrk wonders in future……. bst of Luk Immi……And ya OUATIM 2 would Be a Huge Blockbuster…….Fingers Crossed…..And not to mention I LOVE MEGASTAR AKSHAY KUMAR…..!!

  • Imran is being tagged as the weakling of this sequel, and if he justifies his role and people like it, it is good for the movie and him too.

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