SRK, Katrina with Amitabh Bachchan on KBC!

Watch Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif with Amitabh Bachchan on Kaun Banega Crorepati 6 – right now (show will be aired at 8:30PM Indian Standard time).

SRK and Katrina are on KBC to promote their upcoming film Jab Tak Hai Jaan which releases November 13th.

A few pictures and videos below.

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif dancing with Big B on KBC

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif dancing with Big B on KBC

SRK Katrina Bachchan on KBC

SRK Katrina Bachchan on KBC



  • srk sure win 5 crore ruppes.and jthj collact 500 crore world wide.
    jthj is biggest hit ever.

  • Katrina should not such intense with Shahrukh . Because she should remind salman’s contribution

  • Mr. Ajay Devgn & Miss Sonakshi Sinha will come on KBC next week & donate the money they win to Mr. Salman Khan’s charity BEING HUMAN.

  • good news 4 srkians jthj beat agneepath in terms of most viewed bollywood film trailer on youtube
    current views 1.jab tak hai jaan-5.57 million views
    2.agneepath-5.55 million views
    gud to see srk rocks n hrithik sucks

  • @srk-kat electrifying chemistry will rock the nation on 13th nov for d film jab tak hain jaan….

    Srk rule d world…

  • This “phle
    1lakh 24hazar 980 so I can kill
    them” dialogue in ‘Son Sardaar’ is
    the number of Muslim prophets.
    How is this ok …just kick ass of ajay who
    first made fun of sikhs n now muslims to
    get publicity …pathetic

  • Srk totally rockd so did amitji. . Katrina however is just a pretty face with no brains. . No offence 2 kat fans!

  • OMG! What a show….!!!!!!! I’m waiting to see the whole episode. SRK is great! Katrina is super gorgeous as usual!

  • A condition was imposed on us, on each theatre, at the time of the release of Ek Tha Tiger, that they will only supply that film if we also screened Jab Tak Hai Jaan exclusively at Diwali. There was a single agreement for both films. We said that there will be other films also releasing at that time, but they said it had to be exclusively this film if we wanted Ek Tha Tiger. In Hyderabad, big films get about 20-25 single screens and about 10 multiplexes. Now, JTHJ has 15-18 single screens out of these. I have only two single screens left because at the time of ETT, YRF didn’t want them, even though I’d offered them; they didn’t release ETT there. Those are the only two single screens where I can run SOS.

    The same pattern has been followed in Aurangabad, which is also in the Nizam territory. Out of five single screens there, YRF has taken four. Of these, two are mine, two they negotiated directly, and the one they left is only because it is one of two theatres in the same compound! In Bidar, Karnataka, out of three single screens, I gave them one, they got the second also, and the third only screens Kannada movies – so Son Of Sardaar will see no release there! This is definitely unfair practice. It completely kills the business of the distributors of Son Of Sardaar, and fortunately or unfortunately, I’m both a distributor of SOS and an exhibitor. The aim of this practice by YRF was to corner any film releasing around this time – agar doosri film ko screens milenge hi nahin, toh woh release kaise hogi?
    – Dilip Tandon of Hyderabad,distributor of SOS in the Nizam and Andhra territory, which includes Marathwada