SRK, Gauri, Aryan and AbRam at the Airport: Exclusive Photos

Shahrukh Khan, his wife Gauri and his children Aryan and Abram were spotted at the International Airport in Mumbai on Thursday, as they returned from New York after celebrating New Year’s in the US.

It was also the first time that Shahrukh’s third son Abram was spotted in the public.

SRK will resume shooting for his upcoming film Happy New Year, the poster of which was launched on January 1st.

Gauri, SRK and AbRam

Gauri, SRK and AbRam

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan and AbRam

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan and AbRam

Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan

SRK, Gauri and AbRam snapped as they return after new year celebration

SRK, Gauri and AbRam snapped as they return after new year celebration

SRK with wife Gauri Khan and kid AbRam

SRK with wife Gauri Khan and kid AbRam

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • srk losing confidence on himself he is really dependent on deepika this thing haters saying and srk is proving tht way

    Shah Rukh wants Deepika to lead Happy New Year
    By Joginder Tuteja, Jan 4, 2014 – 12:33 IST

    Shah Rukh Khan is keeping his promise and it has to do nothing with Deepika Padukone being the Number One superstar of 2013 after delivering four super-successes worth over Rs. 600 crores. For his upcoming film Happy New Year, it is yet again his leading lady who is enjoying the top billing in the whole publicity material and promotional campaign.

    “It is going to be Deepika’s name coming before Shah Rukh’s. This is in line with Shah Rukh’s declaration during the days of Chennai Express. At that time he had surprised many in the industry by insisting that Deepika gets a top billing over him,” informs a source.

    Though it had seemed like an aberration to many, considering the fact that even the film as a whole was being promoted more as a Rohit Shetty entertainer than a quintessential Shah Rukh Khan starrer, it is crystal clear that for Baadshah Khan, the decision was for the keeps.

    Confirms the film’s director, Farah Khan saying, “Shah Rukh wants it this way and we are happy to comply with the same for Happy New Year as well.”

    The film has been announced for Diwali 2014 release and rest assured, Deepika is all set to sparkle this year as well and that too, from the top. Pun intended!

  • @srkfan1234 Mother India is not a dirty country- a dirty country is one which has the grave misfortune of your presence….! :-P

    I live abroad but Mother India is everything to me- keep your pro srk rhetoric within limits- your self proclaimed Sarkar/ Thakur of Chennai lives in an imaginery Paglapur but it was in India where Indians later regrettabley made him Baadshah of Bandra before he thought himself of being equal to god like stature among his subjects…! Jai Ho

  • When Shah Rukh Khan got arrested
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    June 12, 2013

    The Shah Rukh Khan in front of a camera and Shah Rukh in front of friends are two different people.SRK slap

    The Shah Rukh Khan in front of a camera usually cannot stop talking. It doesn’t matter whether it is a television camera or a movie camera, Shah Rukh always has a lot to say. When he is not shooting, the motor-mouth SRK is usually selling Brand Shah Rukh or a film or a product in front of the TV channels. In his public life, he is talking and acting all the time.

    Ask anybody who has been close to the star and been a part of his inner circle, they will tell you that Shah Rukh at home is diametrically opposite to the person you see on your screens. In his lair, he is an unusually quiet person.

    He is usually stuck to his laptop — scribbling something on his Mac Book or just reading a book with a cup of coffee and a cigarette in hand. The person, who’s usually so prompt and flirtatious in front of journalists, fumbles at times in front of his friends, even scurrying for answers once in a while. He keeps to himself, keeps his friends close to his heart and likes to listen to them than talk when they are around.

    An insomniac, Shah Rukh is known to keep late hours. He is usually writing his memoirs, listening to music and sometimes, finishing his long pending office work.

    In this post I will go back to the days when Shah Rukh Khan had started to get a taste of super-stardom. During those days, Bollywood stars didn’t have image managers who used to coach them how to romance the press.

    But before that, let’s have a slide-show of some candid pictures of Shah Rukh when he was a rising star in Bollywood. All these pictures are shot between 1991 and 1997.

    Shah Rukh while shooting for Karan Arjun

    SRK ko gussa kyun aata hai?

    The last two years has seen the usually witty Shah Rukh getting angry when provoked. His close friends tell me that getting him agitated over anything is actually very tough and hurting him is comparatively easy. If you criticize him on his face, he is more likely to get hurt than angry; he will sulk than swear at you.

    But when Shah Rukh Khan gets angry, he gets very angry. At that point, he can even try to intimidate you physically, say his close friends. It tallies a lot with the actor’s own observation in an interview, where he once famously said that he’s still a Dilli ka goonda at heart.

    Over the last couple of years we have heard a few stories of Shah Rukh Khan physically intimidating the person he is having an argument with — his famous brawl with Salman Khan where the two apparently came to blows, another incident where he slapped film editor-turned-director Shirish Kunder and of course, the much discussed brawl with a security guard at the Wankhede stadium which led to a ban on his entry to the stadium. In all the cases, he was held back by his friends or family before it went out of hand.

    Over the last couple of years, there have been numerous articles that said that SRK is going through a mid-life crisis and hence, has changed as a person. Some have also inferred that the intense pressure that he has gone through in the last couple of years has turned him into an angry young man. According to me these are far from the truth.

    It’s time to jog one’s memory about an incident that has faded with time, but highlights this aspect of him of losing himself in a fit of rage.

    But before that let me present a rare interview of Shah Rukh by Rajiv Shukla. Shukla was a television anchor and a journalist before he became a politician. Shukla has just resigned as the chairman of the IPL after the fixing scandal broke out. He is also the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Planning.

    The article continues after the video clip

    Shah Rukh Khan slapped a journalist and got jailed

    Place: Khar, Date: Mid January 1994, Time: 11 pm
    An early photograph of Shah Rukh and Gauri

    An early photograph of Shah Rukh and Gauri

    Shah Rukh was shooting for a film called Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa when he came across an article in a film gossip magazine, which said that he’s more than just friends with his co-star of Oh Darling, Yeh Hai India. It hinted that the actor was cheating on his wife Gauri with a much older Deepa Sahi, with whom he had done a near-nude scene. This was the first article that linked SRK with any actress. He dismissed the article at first, joking about it with his co-stars, but Gauri casually referred to the article during a conversation.

    That put him in a rage.

    He decided to teach the journalist a lesson of his life, but got taught one instead.

    First, he tried to call the reporter, who never came on the line. This made him even more furious. He called one his friends from the media and asked him to find the address of the gossip reporter. Within an hour Shah Rukh landed at the doorstep of the journalist.

    Some say that Shah Rukh went alone that night, while others say that he went there with one of his friends and his driver. The journalist opened the door to find Shah Rukh in a mutinous mood.

    There are two versions of what followed when they came face-to-face:

    Version One: Shah Rukh hit the journalist, rained blows on him and abused him. He kept screaming on top of his lungs and left only after the journalist apologised to him profusely.

    Version Two: Shah Rukh abused the journalist, but didn’t hit him.

    But that night the journalist lodged a police complaint with the Khar police station, which stated that Shah Rukh had hit and injured him. On the basis of the complaint, SRK was picked up by the cops that night and locked up at the thana. Even then, his friends recall, the actor was unrepentant and kept fuming that the journalist deserved to be bashed up for what he has done.

    A couple of hours later, the police allowed the star to make a phone call to his family to arrange for his bail. Instead he called the journalist from the police station once again and threatened him! The word about his arrest soon got out and his friends arranged for his bail the next day. But his friends recount that after a day of the incident, Shah Rukh continued to swear at the journalist.

    With time, SRK and the journalist would graduate to being good friends.

    Shah Rukh was let off the next day on bail from the police station and was not produced in court. In the case of minor offences, the police station can give bail to an accused and as far as I could gather, a minor charge of ‘disturbing peace’ was slapped on him before letting him off.

    To this day, this remains Shah Rukh’s only tryst with the law.

    Here is the video where Shah Rukh Khan admitted to hitting the journalist in the popular show Aap Ki Adalat. He didn’t give out the details of the incident but admitted that his actions were wrong

  • @kailash nath- but when Thakur needs media spotlight then its okay for him to arrive 4-5 hrs late and not even say SORRY…

    Media persons have life too and respecting them is vitally important too…

    Thakur gives no respect so he deserves little sympathy in return IMO

  • @dev d (D for drunkard) my earlier response to you has been thwarted by Indicine but I just want to say I respect thakur and his family deeply- its just his loser demented lungiwala fans like you I hold ZERO respect for so if it annoys you then Mission Accomplished…! :-P

    PS Aryan looks like Thakur- now you lungiwalas decide if I meant that in a good nature way or tongue in cheek way…! Peace out


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