SRK, Gauri, Aryan and AbRam at the Airport: Exclusive Photos

Shahrukh Khan, his wife Gauri and his children Aryan and Abram were spotted at the International Airport in Mumbai on Thursday, as they returned from New York after celebrating New Year’s in the US.

It was also the first time that Shahrukh’s third son Abram was spotted in the public.

SRK will resume shooting for his upcoming film Happy New Year, the poster of which was launched on January 1st.

Gauri, SRK and AbRam

Gauri, SRK and AbRam

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan and AbRam

Gauri Khan, Shahrukh Khan and AbRam

Aryan Khan

Aryan Khan

SRK, Gauri and AbRam snapped as they return after new year celebration

SRK, Gauri and AbRam snapped as they return after new year celebration

SRK with wife Gauri Khan and kid AbRam

SRK with wife Gauri Khan and kid AbRam

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • Don’t show Abram to anyone bcoz “HNY” release is still more than 9 months away.No need of publicity

  • Actor’s With Most Number of Blockbusters Worldwide in Bollywood :-
    1) Shah Rukh Khan :-
    India – 8 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 17 Blockbusters
    TOTAL :- 25
    2) Salman Khan :-
    India – 9 Blockbusters
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 11 Blockbusters
    3) Hrithik Roshan :-
    India – 5
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 6
    4) Aamir Khan :-
    India – 3
    Overseas – 2
    TOTAL :- 5
    5) Akshay Kumar & Ranbir Kapoor :-
    India – 2
    Overseas – 1
    TOTAL :- 3 for each.
    If we take only India its Salman who leads but overseas and worldwide SRK leads by Distance. Dhoom 3 gonna be another Blockbuster for Aamir ??? Lets wait and see

  • who cares about srk @indicine what about 2nd week boxoffice collection of dhoom 3 it breaks the 4year old record of 3 idiots. by collecting 65crore .d3 also breaks many records in overseas post article on that.

  • indicine is a biased website. They dont post the article of Salman khan. Where Salman tops an online search.. They only post about srk.

  • 2008 Biggest Hit Gajni
    2009 Biggest Hit 3 Idiots
    2010 Biggest Hit Dabang
    2011 Biggest Hit Body Guard
    2012 Biggest Hit Ek tha Tiger
    2013 Biggest Hit Dhoom 3………….

    Where is SRK………..Ha Ha ………..

  • SRK k Chote Bete Ka Namm Bahot Mast hai….AbRam….it’s really cool yaar….bada hoke jarur SRK se bhi bada Star Banega…

  • Buddha will be shocked to come back and see the lukewarm response his remake of ‘Players’ has got….!

    So shocked that he will insist on another crappy fraternity song title ‘come on Players lets play the musical chair game’ and drag out industry stalwarts like Manoj Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Shashi Kapoor and Waheeda Rehman ji to strut their stuff… Atleast it will be better than Thakurs signature step of arms wide apart, back arched and head tilted back…

    Players 2 will shock all

  • Sachin 11,u don’t like srk,it’s’s completely your personal choice but don’t be too sure what u don’t like is actually bad.nobody know u here,that doesn’t mean u can speak whatever u want.AbRam is just 8th month old kid. Do u think what u said is justified? Do u know how hurtful ur comment is for a parent?why I asked those ques ?because
    I see here u are attack a father without any u know our knowledge towards everything atfirst grow from our parents? We learnt to look at everything the way our parents introduce I have the bestest papa in the world,I thought everybody’s papa is the same. I don’t know where from u get idea that parent use child’s name for the publicity. Don’t tell srk’s name because u don’t know him well,to know anyone at first u have to give space .Alas!u have given that space to ur hatred soul.
    Most important I know u like salman a lot,hating srk is not the best way to love salman.instead of writing those lame comments,why don’t u write some lovely thing on salman.

  • @DSF + @Prince Dont worry guys as I personally welcome many more articles on Thakur of Chennai as it gives a welcome break to his fans from searching for their lungis which were blown away recently due to Tsunami Dhoom eminating from Chicago…! ;-)

    @lungiwalas No offence but seriosly where is Suhana…? Has she run away after seeing papa make another ‘photocopy’ of Abhisheks flop movie- Players…? Maybe like me she knows that despite buddha unofficially photo copying scenes- that formulae doesnt work in Bollywood if you are copying disaster bollypop films and not southern superhits…! ;-)

    Salman bhai roxXxXx by remaking southern hits into northern ATBB’s but Thakur shoxXxXx all by photocopying disaster bollywood films like Raavan and Players…! :-P

  • @IAmTheVastUniverse lol Thakur is hiding his face because he cannot believe Shirish Kunder has photocopied Abhisheks ‘Players’ poster….! Lol

    Joker Shirish you Sir are a genius- keep rocking yaar

  • News about 2nd week collection of Dhoom 3:

    Top All Time Second Week Collections: DHOOM 3 Number One
    Friday 3rd January 2014 11.00 IST
    BOI Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 set a new record for second week collections. The top approx figures for all India second week collections are as follows.
    1. Dhoom 3 -65 crore
    2. 3 Idiots – 56 crore
    3. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – 45 crore
    4. Krrish 3 – 43 crore
    5. Chennai Express- 38 crore 6. Dabangg 2 – 36.50 crore
    7. Dabangg – 36 crore
    8. Rowdy Rathore – 33 crore
    9. Ready – 32.50 crore
    10. Golmaal 3 – 32 crore

  • haven’t shown any glimpse of ABRAM yet, btw Aaryan got charms from SRK and good looks from Gauri, agree with Nipun somehow looks like srk, basically i feel better than srk.
    in last pic don’t know its camera flashing or else, looks white beard and mustache of SRK.

  • Dhoom 3 Grosses Has 65 Crore Second Week
    Friday 3rd January 2014 10.30 IST
    BOI Trade Network

    Dhoom 3 grossed 65 crore nett approx in week two taking its two week total to 239 crore nett. The second week collections were a record and is one of the more significant records of Dhoom 3 as the second week record of Three Idiots was a long standing record. The initial records are always there for the taking for an event film and they change every 6-12 months but the second week record had stood for four years and finally Dhoom 3 beat and by a decent margin of 9 crore nett approx. The film has chances of a 275 crore nett final nett gross. The film will also dominate the market this week as there is no strong competition.

  • Lol Boi again reduced ce collection
    There estimation figure was 40 cr
    Territorial breakdown was 38.50 cr
    Now 38 cr. this us again proved that they was anti ce.
    Srk don’t care about these biased bo sites as long as his movies does well at Bo and he will keep producing it on high scale.

  • all SRK fans dont u think @Navin is a pain in the a## in all SRK pages. common lets throw him out of here . that Son of smeagol deserves that

  • Sachin11 , who the hell are you people ??? r all indians like you , Gosh it will be a disaster if that is true
    Oh my God , what kind of person you are ?? Who the hell r u to judge someone ? he is a father and Srk is always known as a very caring and loving father and that is smthg will never evvver change
    Get that u idiot
    and plz Give us a break , ok we got the point that you hate srk fine then why bother commenting on his news
    I hate Sal man very much however I don’t know any latest news abt him bcause I don’t give a fuck
    Give us a break and do smthg else other than creating some words makes u think u r funny when u r the most idiot person on earth
    Fuck , poor srk look what he has to deal with in that dirty country
    No wonder u r not his fan , dude find an idol you can look up to

  • @navin this much hatred is not good for u.agree that u dont like srk.that doesnot give u any right to write any nonsense.u can talk about boxoffice but abuse somone is different.did srk do anything to u or ur family?

  • @Laila or majnu whatever ok so now u tell me whose name will Srk use for publicity during the release of “HNY” if not Abram ? bcoz he will surely use somebody’s name as usual.

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