SRK Frooti Commercial: Making

It’s 2013..

And someone just got smitten by the magic of fresh and juicy mangoes. Can you guess who? We’ll give you some hints..

He made Simran leave home. He left a job at NASA to bring electricity to his village. He is the ultimate romantic. He is Raj, he is Rahul. You guessed it right..

It is.. none of than Shahrukh Khan! The superstar arrives in his car, as the camera zooms on the kids and other SRK fans waiting with cameras to catch a glimpse of the actor.

The video then claims that “The number one star of the country relished the number one mango drink of the country. And how.”

We then get to see SRK shooting for the Frooti Commercial that takes the audience back to the simple joys of enjoying the pure and juicy taste of mangoes on a hot summer’s day.

Sources say, the shoot was completed in less than three hours. SRK enjoyed the mango drink, sang to Frooti’s tunes and spent some time with the children on the sets.

Watch the making of SRK’s Frooti Commercial below.

Update: Full version of the video



  • Now ‘xzone’ and ‘star’ will drink a big glass of frooti mango juice every night before going to bed and dream of romacing like srk does in the Swiss Alps.
    Goodnight guys and sweet dreams.., :-)))

  • Frooti is my new fav!!!

    ANd to @hrithik I am sure that you are some crap lallu fan trying to pretend hrithik’s fan and create dispute!!!That is exactly what you are especialized in right!!!

  • That’s my son’s school football ground. We were there just moments before the shooting began. He was here a few months ago too, and the new Pepsi ad of Priyanka and Ranbir showing the football ground is the same.

  • I luv frooti….n now srk izz endorsing it…..
    Luvvv u shahrukh…
    Navneet hav some frooti buddy n relax ur mind….cozz itss constantly drained n u knw y…..!!!!

  • Srk promoting Frooti or Frooti promoting Srk bcoz Frooti is already popular from many years and was launched in 1985 and Srk was launced in 1991.

  • So it looks like Srk is a Frooti seller in “Chennai exp” who sells Frooti in train and Deepika is the only passenger who buys Frooti from

  • Srk is the king of romance.. extra romance for buying frooti drink. Love you srk and all of his fans.

  • sachin 11 ur mental condition is very critical .
    consult a doctor soon .
    for ppl like u only salman is making “mental” lolzz
    srk rocks

  • srk is the king of brand endorsement.salman khan and his fans are limited in the box office.but srk rocks the world.respect srk.

  • the badsha the king…he is eveything for bollywood….he just cmpleted another shot for another brand…he is king of brand tooo…

  • Wow… Another excellent product being endorsed by King Khan… Now the entire nation will be “Frooti thirsty” :)

    Question : How do you define the words ‘Standard’ and ‘Inferior’.

    Answer : Standard is what SRK sets, products he endorses like Hyundai, Tag Heuer, Videocon, Frooti, Asian Paints, D’Decor, Tata Tea etc

    Inferior is what Salman sets, products he endorses like Relaxo Chappal, Tiger biscuit, Hayate ( Jise koi nahi chalate), Revital. LOL hahaha.

    That is the difference between the two.

    Ghanta Bhai rocks :))

  • this is very cool we wish this drinks will in Africa so soon we like to see it. the KING KHAN did well by doing this

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