SRK endorses Frooti, competes against Katrina’s Aamsutra!

Katrina Kaif, who endorses Slice as ‘Aamsutra’, is in for some tough competition from her Jab Tak Hai Jaan co-star Shahrukh Khan. The superstar will now endorse Frooti, also made from the king of fruits – mango.

Talking about his association with the 27 year old Parle Agro sub-brand, SRK said “I’m delighted to be the face of Frooti, the mango drink that the entire nation has always been fond of. There’s hardly any brand that conjures up so much joy, so much desire and so much magic around it like Frooti does. I feel really good about this association and I hope you enjoy watching the ad as much as I enjoyed being a part of it”

Taking the battle straight to Katrina’s Slice commercials, the statement also pointed out that the new Frooti commercials is an answer to brands which are “busy wooing viewers with seductive commercials”

Shahrukh’s association with the brand has also helped Frooti gain tremendous publicity as #SRKLovesFrooti was trending on Twitter.

Here’s wishing SRK success as Frooti’s new brand ambassador!

Shahrukh Khan Ad for Frooti

Shahrukh Khan Ad for Frooti



  • Yuk yuk and yuk.
    Slice rocks and frooti now tastes bland and boring thanks to the JTHJ midas touch of SRK. This guys boring charisma has turned a sweet drink sour. :-P
    No doubt you love the above poster of SRK drinking from a straw with hand in pocket- tomorrow morning you gonna stand on a corner sucking on your straw with hand in pocket trying to look cool but to passers by you will look nothing more than just a hapless pathetic loser. :-P

  • before haters spread your hate msg here
    mind you this just an ad not a film or short film
    so go have something useful to do
    cause you ve become more sour than lemon itself

  • Only Frooti from now
    because only frooti will have the midas touch of king of romance and bollywood

  • To dear srk n his fans:


    with love from Salman n his fans. :D

  • already sold my samsung phone n bought nokia lumia .
    n now only frooti zindabaad :-D

    anything for SRK

  • @navin….i won’t reply u …instead of it …i want to make u notice something….have u seen the likes and dislikes….on other pages…there was different scenes…but wat happened at this page…were r all sallu fans??? the fact is….that moron “sachin11” has not commented yet…thats y u r facing this scenario…now i think u r clever enought to realize…y that “culprit” has no guts to talk with me…
    @hritik….so u shown ur real face….there are a number of vedios are also availbale abt sallu on web…if i wanted..then i cud ve also posted the same…but i don’t think that i need such cheap tricks to communicate with u fools…my comments are enough to teach a lession to all of u “illiterates”…

  • @hrithik Rofl out loudlyyyyyyy…
    You rock Hrithik just like your namesake. :-)

    That was so funny yet so true.
    @star Atlast srk delivers an ATBB video. :-)
    @xzone golden kela is definitely srks after this epic performance! :-)

  • @xzone : I wanna see ur face with reaction to this funny video. The important thing is not what u could have done but but u have done. & stop giving lame excuses, i am capable of teaching a lesson to ur ancestors if u talk about literates n illeterates.

  • @xzone at 9:37 comment- man will you please give it a rest and accept the harsh reality and bitter truth.
    Fact- ‘sachin11’ gets more LIKES because hes a funny guy. (try it sometimes- xzone)
    Truth: ‘xzone’ gets more DISLIKES because 100% of Salman fans and 90% of srkians absolutely wholeheartedly and begrudgingly (srkian fans here) disagree with the nonsense you are spouting out!
    I dont think theres anything more that can be said here except for requesting you to seek medical help with dealing with your paranoia and maybe ‘sachin11’ could you bro give xzone a LIKE once in a while? Not everyday ofcourse but just during the period he gets medical help so it to encourages him and keeps his spirits high?
    If you could that would be great as we all would like to see a happy ‘xzone’ like he was before JTHJ released and completely turned his rose filled, srk darde disco ceiling high poster covered bedroom world upside down.
    Cheers and god bless you all.
    @star Bhai fans rock and will always help out friends and foe alike. :-)

  • Now frooti brand value is increasing as srk deliver the taste of romance. Srk is the king of romance as well as king of endorsement

  • @Navin that xzone,yzone,zzone whatever has gone mad.i have only 1 account here and 11 is my birthdate but he thinks that i have 11 accounts and i can give 11 likes/dislikes for 1 comment.

  • As expected,srk gives tough competition to katrina by endorsing frooti against her aamsutra.
    Now beware aishwarya,deepika,anushka & priyanka he may soon give a tough competiton in near future against your loreal beauty,fiama di wills,ponds cream & garnier face & skin products.

  • can anyone tell me the meaning of this ad. ? has it something to do with the age on the kids increasing ?

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